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  • I have noticed, that casinos are constantly changeing the bonus rules and WR.At some casinos blackjack has been excluded from meeting the WR.But at some casinos they just simply increased the WR for blackjack.So i ask you lads whats the biggest WR you have played, considering the bonus and deposit amount? It seems to me too risky to play when you have to wage 40x (50x or more)  b+d.      Further more i heard that on GoldenPalace almost always ask for proof of identification for cashouts.Is that a truth?  huh

  • Hi Zuga, yes blackjack is excluded from many bonuses but that

  • Thanx 4 reply, but i have already played at bet365,(i was 150$ good).I have only posted this topic to see if any1 of You guys played  when WR is over 5000$ ( 1$ a hand) or more. Just wanned to compare experience.

  • Assuming you are given the bonus money right away to wager with, I play the cashable bonuses that are 50xB and above like stickies. I'll set a goal of either doubling up or busting out and if I reach that goal I just grind out the wagering requirements. This cuts down on the time I'd spend meeting wagering requirements by half. Ev is almost identical though the variance is far greater. For example say, I had 10 identical bonuses of $100 with 50xB. That would be a wagering requirement of $5000 per casino for a total of $50,000 in wagering to do. Quite a lot huh. But if I make a full bankroll bet ($100 deposit + $100 bonus) at each casino I will lose half and win half in theory. So, rather than having a balance of $200 at each ten casinos to complete wagering for; I have a balance of $400 at each of five casinos. So I'd only have to wager $25,000 in total to clear this money (5 casinos x $5000). I have successfully used this strategy at many casinos with high wagering requirements and I've found that long term I would've made about the same amount of money had I just completed wagering without the full bankroll bet first. But I would have spent twice as much time doing it. There is alot more risk with this strategy as you could easily go bust more than  you win...but you could also win more than you go bust!!

  • well, playing like sticky bonuses has its up and down sides.you can expect high winings or like you said Logjammin to bust out. but ,i must say, i have reserves about that kind of strategy, i will rather play safe.Maybe on the long run you could came with full bankroll, but its too risky for me to try it.Thats why i didnt play any of the sticky bonuses so far... cool and yes , i know that playing 1$ a hand is taking more time,but so far its giving results.

  • Eventually the cashables will run out and stickies will be all you have left to do. Starting out small is the best advice I could give you when you make the switch. Do a couple of small ones to get started. LIke you I was very hesitant about stickies cause of the risk but once I got the ball rolling I enjoyed doing these far more than the regular low risk cashables. You really get to have your cake and eat it too because you can experience the thrill of gambling by making big bets, but also have the comfort of knowing that the math is on your side. Good luck!!

    "A bonus whore that doesn't do stickies is like a porn star that doesn't do anal."

  • "A bonus whore that doesn't do stickies is like a porn star that doesn't do anal."
      laugh_out_loud, thats good one Logjammin. i guess you are right.probably ill give stickies a go(eventually), but for now ill trie just to maximize my bankroll doing cashable bonuses.
    Hows your bankroll doing so far friend?

  • Tallking about stickies is like Logjammin said earlier.Eventually you will run out of good cashable bonuses , so youll be forced to give a go to stickies.Its not of matter if you like or dislike certain bonus, its matter of taking advantage of it( in the best way you could). wink

  • stickies or no stickies , the main gold is to make the best of what you  are offered. cool

  • Well done. Thats the best thing about the stickies, they don't leave you hanging smiley A nice quick one after a long grind just what the doctor ordered wink

  • good job djani, have you started new one??

  • Wow was this pulled out of the archives. Interesting reading!!!

  • It was pulled up so they can spam.  I deleted the post.  wink
  • lol...no wonder...the topic and posts seemed so out-dated...and then i came to see posts from the two of you and realized to take a look at the dates - 2007...don't remember it.

  • Just a little bit of nostalgia....for old times sake!!!

  • Im closing this topic.

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