Warranties Need Warnings!

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  • Anyone played on this site? Or any experiences? I didnt find any rep here. I have cashout stuck there over a month now. I think its pure scam site and they dont pay cashouts at all. Id like to know...


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  • I requested a $2,500 withdrawal about 3 weeks ago and haven't seen a dime. Starting to think I got scammed.

  • I have had 4 withdrawals out with them since March and still haven't seen a cent. When I get them to respond I get the same answer verbatim every time!!!!!


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  • Hiya Guys and Dolls,

    Is it just me or are warranties nothing but a crock! I have had warranties and even paid for extended warranties and without fail there seems to be a clause that states it's doesn't cover this or that.

    I blew the transmission out on my car. I checked my warranty to see if it had expired and i felt like i hit the jackpot with 3 more weeks left on it! I brought the car to the dealership and  was told they would call me when car was ready.

    I wasn't home for more than an hour when my phone rings and the mechanic says "sorry but you are not covered because the warranty does not cover damage due to an accident".  I thought ok surely you called the wrong person here!

    I said i don't think you are talking about my car cuz it was not nor never has been in an accident. He say's sorry but it has been determined your trans went out due to an accident so if you want it fix'ed it's going to cost $800!

    I went flying into the dealership and demanded to talk to the manager. My car is on the lift and he looks at and says yes looks like there was some damage to this car and i'm afraid it's not covered. I said isn't that amazing with only 3 weeks left of my warranty, you found a way not to honor it!

    After protesting for over a half hour the manager decides to go ahead and fix it under the warranty like he was doing me some huge favor. And believe it or not this is the second time they did this to me with a repair that was under warranty

    I have had the same thing happen with my furnace that i paid extra for a warranty. Was told so sorry this part is not covered! I don't understand why they are so against honoring warranties when in fact the manufacture of the parts pay these companies so there is no loss to them.

    I never buy warranties anymore. I don't think they are worth the paper they are written on.

    Has anyone had their warranties not honored?

  • I remember once when I bought a 1996 Grand Am and paid $2,500 for the extended warranty. (3 years) and in the second year the engine went bad. I fought with them (even had a lawyer write) and they finally coughed up my $2,500 and so I still was out $1,300 anyway.

    Now I only buy cars that still have some life left, but fully understand that they are headed to the junkyard when I'm done with them.

  • what's just as bad is the warranties that expire and then, boom, within a week your product goes bad.  I think they know the timing of this stuff and plan it that way.  Most recently happened with the laptop battery.  called and they said, oh, so sorry, your warranty expired last week.  So now I'm hooked up to the plug all the time, which makes the portability factor pretty useless.

  • I quit buying warranties years ago.  For me, it was a waste of money.

    I got nervous about it once... I bought my husband a very expensive decked out Suburban for his 40th birthday.  As the salesman started listing a mile long list of warranties, I said "None, thank you". Only took the standard they offered for new vehicles.

    I cheesy when I buy a laptop for $349 and the salesperson asks, with a straight face, would you like the warranty for only $159.99?  Um... no, if it breaks, I'll risk it and buy a new one.

  • You know what can be another crock?  Rebates.

    We bought 5 new cell phones for Christmas 2 years ago, each with a rebate of at least $50.  I had to cut the UPC code off each dam box, fill out a form for each, write down the address and make copies of everything.  Of course each had to be mailed in a seperate envelope.

    I didn't get one back and guess what?  They tried to tell me it wouldn't be honored because they needed the ORGINAL UPC code cut from the box.  Uh, duh!  How could I mail it again?  The original was mailed.

    I griped, moaned and complained until I got it.

  • Cell phone rebates are notorious for this! When i buy a new phone they are tell me but but but you will get a $100 rebate. I sent one in a few years ago and followed the instructions exactly and never received it.

    I know i should of called but i didn't. I am the type of customer they love. I think they hope we will just forget about it or not go through the hassle.


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