What's the best security software?

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  • Since I download from the casino sites and I worry about spyware, viruses, ect. I want to make sure my computer is protected. What is the best program? I have IObit 360 along with another program. Any info will be appreciated.

  • I wish I knew, I just need to be sure I pay attention to the replies, because I am getting tired of restoring my computer back to factory settings! (YIKES)  We are REAL lucky that our members are so diverse.  I KNOW we have some computer wizards out there that will respond.  ALSO, kinda on the same subject... Can someone tell me how to delete the cookies and temp files from the Mozilla Firefox browser.  I am sure it is real easy, but I can't figure it out!  THANKS!!!

  • Deb, Im using Kaspersky Internet Security and never had any problems.


    From the top menu go to Tools=>Options=>Privacy=>Clear Now ( thats where you can choose what you want to clear )

    see the image

  • I have to agree with Zuga, KASPERSKY is the best in my opinion and experience! Good Luck!

  • Hmmm I think I posted something on this a while back but let me piut it out there again.

    For anti-virus nearly all of the over the counter stuff like Norton, Mcafee, Panda, Trend etc are decent... but. Any Antiviral loaded on your machine is going to be targeted by unsavory bits because that is the defense. Use it as a first line defense and once a month  go to Trend Micro Housecall.

    Housecall is an Online virus scan and because its viral detection DLL's are not resident on your computer it can look past your own security to see if anything has gotten through. It does take some time to run though, My laptop usually takes about 4 hours to run a complete scan, so I set it to run over night one or two times a month. This is just a double redundancy, but one learned the hard way back in the day I ran IE.

    Which segues perfectly into switching to Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is simply just another browser, just like Internet Explorer that has a few really good things going for it. From a security outlook the prime advantage with Firefox is that it is not Explorer. About 90% of all known trojans, worms, viruses etc. are designed and coded to do something specific to Internet Explorer. This is because IE is the big boy out there and the most commonly used browser world wide. If you are not using it, the trojan skips right past doing no harm.

    Next we come to Spyware/malware and other unsavory annoyances that can do everything from invade your privacy to being downright malicious (key-loggers). Their are hundreds of free tools out there, one is loaded directly into your yahoo or Google tool bar. I have been using Lavasofts AdAware program for the past 8 years and am very comfortable with them. Again, this is a free product for home users and they do realtime updates to their virus recognition DLL's two or three times a day to keep you current. here is the link to Free Download.

    Finally we come to keeping your computer clean, caches dumped, temp files removed and dead end registry items removed. Once more, this is from personal consumption over the past 7 years but for free it is almost impossible to beat Ccleaner. This free program has been reviewed by some of the most trusted names in the IT world, will find and delete files for IE, Firefox, Apple and AOL as well as nearly all add ons like messenger's, Office, Nero, Music Players atc. Each and everyone having there own "cache" and temp files. It does this automatically by detecting what is actually on your computer.

    It also has a nice registry cleaner built in that will look at your registry for dead end commands and non working strings. Your registry is kind of like a road map used by your computer to know what to do and where to go. The thing is that it has to read the entire thing each time a command is given... the more dead ends (left over from adding, removing, downloading, installing since the day your computer was first started) the slower your computer executes the commands. Run Ccleaner for the first time and I can almost guarantee you will see a marked improvement in your computers speed.

    Finally, and this is for systems diagnostics or for those wanting to upgrade their computers hardware, or even just find out who made what and where to get the drivers... this program (Again Free) Aida32 Rocks. The download I have supplied is through the Major Geeks website and is probably one of the Two best review sites for IT type stuff out there. (The other being CNet).

    Hope some find this useful.

  • Thanks everyone for the info. Jim I actually use Mozilla most of the time but I thought you had to use IE to download casino software. Good to know I can use Mozilla which I prefer anyway.

  • Hi Zuga,

    I have not heard of that program....is it a free program?


  • Deb,
    most of the time Mozilla works fine for downloading casino software or even playing the flash versions. Only occasionally will I run into the situation, and then I just open a IE window.

    (I keep IE loaded onto the computer solely for Explorer updates.)

  • is it a free program?

    No its not Lips ( unless you have cracked activation codes tongue ) But they offer 30 days trial...
  • I have a good friend thats pretty good at cracking codes....i will have to ask him. May just give it a try. I have been with AVG for so long now....though happy...its nice to have alternative programs.


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