What's better: Jackpot or tournaments?

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  • Hello everybody! 

    I have a question about the owner of gaming products.

    As online casino players, what do you like best: jackpots or tournaments

    And also which prize seems best to you: cash or physical (for example, a phone / computer or any physical prize)

  • Hi NickyAtm,

    Welcome to LCB smiley

    Being of competitive spirit, I prefer tournaments, however, I don't disregard jackpots either. My choice would be cash prizes definitely, so I could determine the way of spending it whistle

  • I prefer tournaments and cash prizescool

  • Thanks to tournaments, I got much more experience which helps me to win jackpots more often. It is definitely always a pleasure to win. Lol.

  • I play tournaments, but I do it very rarely. Poker fans know that as soon as the next major tournament starts, the player no longer controls his time. His whole life revolves around the tournament. And you never know how long it will take: a couple of hours or a day. With jackpots, everything is much easier - you start playing when you have free time, without adjusting to a certain time.

  • winning a (big) jackpot is better lol grin but since they are random ill take (poker) tournaments 

  • IPhones and computers in prizes reduce the desire to play in the tournament. Better when you have a choice to take money or a thing.

  • I like tournaments, but not all of them.  I like actual tournaments, where there is a buy in and everyone has the same amount to compete with.

    Often these sites will say they have a tournament but will have no buy in, you just collect points, which obviously is won by the person who has the most money.  Or, they have a buy in but you can buy in repeatedly...which is absurd. Again, as long as the pot was big enough, the person with most money will win.  I don't join those tournaments.  They are just basically selling a lie in my opinion.

    I play with crypto, online and if I can anonymously or as close as I can get.  My work is directly adjacent to litigation and is very public facing in some regards, so I like to stay anonymous so that there is no moralizing or some other drama by others that could affect my life.

    So I would want the coin, not the object. 

    And again, the objects - trips and phones and such, go to the person with the most money......

    I mean, it isn't 100% what happens in these "tournaments", but it is definately the rule the expection is proving.

    Edited to add:  I don't care for jackpots, they don't lure me in or interest me.  I am more the type who is happy to win a couple times my deposit, or barring that, who gets to play for hours before it goes to zero.

    Jackpots happen and people win, truly.  But there is no structure to it, it is timing and pure random circumstance.  That doesn't sound fun to me, it sounds like I will lose quickly and so having defeated both results I like from gambling, it leaves nothing for me to want.

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