Wheres the bonus?

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  • Hi gang...
      I wrote a while ago about all of us experiencing the bonus worth "0." It stinks don't it?  (the POOPER bonus.) Know what else stinks? When you dont EVER get a bonus.  Last time I was at the casino, I played my usual game, and I swear I sat there at least an hour without recieving one single bonus.  Why did I sit there that long?  Well the place was packed, and I was on my favorite game, and there really was no where else to go, otherwise I would taken my own advice and of moved after a certain length of time.  FINALLY, FINALLY, I recieved a bonus, and you know what it was worth? 6 lousy bucks.  I was playing MAX.  tongue I was so angry.  I left the game shortly there after, and became a stalker on other peoples machines. 
          Anybody else have a story about how long you can sit at a game and never get a bonus?  ( truely thought the game was broken.  :-\)

         Is there anything more frustrating when your spinning?
                                All in fun....PMM2008

  • I only know of one machine here in the uk that gives you a bonus Pam and it wasnt me that won it.  I was watching a friend play and she got some sort of feature and won £200 and the machine gave her a bonus of £300.  I think she only put £20 in the machine.

    Another piece of your post intrigued me.  The stalker!  Are you a stalker?

    heh heh.  There are so many stalkers around its untrue. 


  • well you pur lil pooper.......heh  ive stalked machines myself because people will sit in the chairs and not even be playing......i have actually had to get security once because i was standing and playing and someone tried to pull their chair up and hit my buttons  OMG i was furious.....i screamed (swear to gawd  lol)  TODD!!!!! Someones trying to steal my money!!!!    rofl    im blushing even now remembering how they ALL came running  it was handled the person "pretended" not to know english and when they started to arrest him he spoke up ...............lmao  it had been a problem there unbeknownst to me      they will bowl over people actling like you have their machines or that you are wrong

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