Why do I lose?

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  • I just dont get it! I play and play and I cant seem to hit the big pots.  Could it be I dont play the right amounts? I play too long? Or I have no luck?
                      Actually I'm rambling cause I only need 3 more posts to get another star! LMAO!

  • Hiya Lousie,

    I think every gambler asks the same question. Luck comes in cycles. You win some...you lose ALOT! Thats why its called "gambling"...its all a gamble baby all a gamble!

    Your gonna get another star b4 you know it!


  • Gambling takes patience and alot of luck.  Your time is coming.  I played a long time before I hit a decent amount to cash out.  As gamblers we all do get in a rut and feel like we will never win again, but we keep trying.
          You mention never hitting the big pots, don't we all want the BIG one. I am happy anytime I can withdraw anything that puts me above where I started. cheesy

  • I have the same problem Louise. Just hoping my day will come. Good luck

  • I am the type hun that even when I do win, nothing major, but I have been over $1000 many times!!!  But I almost ALWAYS give it back!!!!  Good luck hun!!
  • Let me give witness to another strategy.  Instead of winning big, I try to win small a bunch of times.  I play about 6-8 online casinos and simply cash out whenever I am ahead.  (Okay...I will admit, sometimes I have gone for the BIG cash!)  So, $10, $25, $40, etc. at six casinos on a revolving basis has turned out to be like having a nice part time job.  Plus, it is fun! 

  • Maybe Zuga can tell these casinos how great people we are and ask them to give us the big wins LMAO (wish it really worked that way!)

  • I'm the same as Shelley......I don't always lose, actually I hit for a couple hundred all the time and even had it over a thousand a few times, but never once made a cashout...I always give it all back, which is really silly of me because i'm always wondering if the casino's will actually pay me. I should really try to make a cashout and see if I get paid, before I keep throwing my money away.

  • Its hard, we have that voice in the back of our heads telling us we are gonna HIT THE BIG ONE!!!!! hehe  I have come to the chat room in the middle of the night hoping someone would be there just to tell me to cash out!!! laugh_out_loud

  • The best advice I can give you is to quit while you are ahead. Also never chase your losses especially when you start losing after you had solid win...Ive seen way too many times ppl lose all money trying to recover their winnings.
    Switch the game.. and don't play slots , switch to some other game with lower house edge like blackjack or other table games...

    Lets face it, you have little or no chance to hit some big jackpot, THE BIG ONE as Shelli said, so why not quit with $50 or so profits.

    Then again, I ain't gambler, and back in a day I was bonus hunter/casino whore, and online casinos were/are just mean to get some extra cash. I wasn't in it for the entertainment or the trill , only for the money( even if it meant only 10 bucks profit I would take it and run like hell)...

  • As usual our fearless leader imparts his excellent wisdom on us.  I agree that quitting while you are ahead is a good idea but I just can't seem to find that darn cashout button lmao.

  • Zuga is ALWAYS RIGHT!! hehe  But I feel the same, just can't get myself to cash out!!  I think all of us should work on this together!!! hehe
  • i'll add on to the already great advice posted...

    time and money management is your only weapon against the mighty casino

    timely wagers when the slots are hitting and paying out...and switching it up to another game if they are not. the only time i stick to one bet..is when i get lazy..and i paid the price for my laziness a few times.

    it's how you bet (amount), when you bet and what you bet on that determines whether or not you come out on top...or totally bottom out and go for broke. if u can learn to play adjusting these variables to your advantage you will come out on top. for instance..if a slot after 20 spins doesn't hit anything significant...drop it..and pick something else...i usually start off with the min. bet...and depending on the outcome within those 20 spins...i could jump straight up to the max. bet. and if after 10 spins betting max i hit nothing..i leave the game..sometimes the entire site all together...and come back another time. this is just one of many examples...but hopefully you get my drift.

    Good luck to you....remember you do have a weapon that can defeat the casino...just gotta learn how to use it.

  • Agreed.  When I think back to the big pots I lost I was:  1. greedy.  2.  too tired to be playing.  3.  chasing losses.  Being the psychologist you'd expect me to focus on the mental aspects of the game.  Still, I am convinced being mentally disciplined can turn gaming into a good, part time income.

  • Wow such great advice! Now if I can just use it! laugh_out_loud!

  • The desire to win is inheirent to us all. The slogan "Win big or go home" is meant for the major risk takers. The people who are happy with $10-$100 profit and have played for 5 hours are the ones who'll end up better then the major risk takers.

    Like one guy in Vegas. He was a craps player. At one time, he had all of Binyon's Horeshoes $5,000 chips in his box. This was in the range of 11,000,000.00

    But what happened??Yep he lost it all back.

    Just the another "Major risk taker" showing how silly they can be.

  • Gene,

    The don't call it "gambling" for nothing....we are the risk takers....the thrill seekers. That reminds me i have to jump out of a plane sometime!


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