Would you gamble more or less??

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  • Hi Gang:
        Just sitting here thinking out loud.
                If you had unlimited funds in life, never having to worry about money in the least, would you gamble more or less?
                I find for myself I would gamble more, again, not for the money, but for the love of the game. 
                                              All in fun:    PMM2008

  • Hmm.. thats like playing in fun mode..

    I think the thrill would be lost for me

    The limit is what you want to beat, and the winning is more appreciated

    The feeling of going home a winner or loser is gone..

    Gamble less for me..

  • I gotta agree with Viv, I would definitely gamble LESS!!

  • well, I'd have to say I'd more than likely gamble more, but for  higher limits...it's an addiction!! And watch out when playing poker with me and my limitless stack, I'd be playing like a comlpete idiot because I wouldn't be afraid of chasing my 1 outter, or calling a ridiculous hand just because lol!! I've seen so many people in freerolls or really low limits play like this and win all the time, only I actually care about my money to play like that, but hey with an endless supply NO FEAR!!!

  • I would gamble more because I love to play. I would go to Vegas once a month because I love the atmosphere.

  • I often thought that if I won the lottery I probably wouldn't gamble any more because what would the fun be?  If I'm rich it would take away the fun.  But I could be wrong. smiley



  • I would definately gamble much more, and make it more interesting.  I would take some special people with me, and maybe go to Monte Carlo for a few days, then Belize for a couple, Barbados..all exotic places, and have a bad ass time.  I would do it up right.  And make sure whoever was with me was too. cheesy

  • Nal, you would gamble more and TAKE ME WITH U!!!
    Ummmm and give me money to gamble with!!!! hehehehe

  • I TOTALLY agree Nal. That would be so much fun.

  • You can come if you want.. cheesy

  • Oh my goodness.. Nal got me thinking about all the places to go.
    Enjoying friends, and just having a goodtime spread the wealth..!

  • Count me in Nal wink

  • Ummmm can you say LCB PARTY in Monte Carlo???? WOOOO HOOOO!!!!
  • mimosa's for breakfast..lobsta newburg  cheesy for lunch!

  •       If I was rich, and it didn't matter if I won or lost I would take all my winnings and give it away.

          For me the love of the game is still there, the rush of winning is still there. 

          Then knowing all the good I could do with the cash I won is a even bigger rush. 
        Dare to dream!!!! cheesy cheesy grin grin   

  • Well, I think I'd gamble less...

    Unlimited funds?? Man you're talking billions! Heh!

    BUt instead of seeing myself as a winner, I'd rather head out and help others with issues and such..After all, I got what I need, how about that guy down the block whose car just croaked..Or the lady whose house just burned up.

    Yeah, the gambling would still be there, but maybe a more relaxed attitude towards it.

    Good question though.

  • guess u graduate to the next level of gambling...

    since u hv the funds...

    1 - tryout kart(f1) racing
    2 - purchase a sailboat and compete in the annual races
    3 - hire the best vocal teacher and audition for American Idol

    if u fail to qualify for 1), and you lose miserably, sinking your boat for 2) and totally humiliate yourself infront of millions of people in 3)..there is always 4).....

    4) russian roulette

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