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Poll - Would you rather...

  • Kiss someone who has green teeth and bad breath for 15 minutes..passionately
    0.00% (0)
  • Spend the nite in a snake infested room.
    100.00% (6)
Total Members Voted: 6
  • Hiya Members!

    If given the choice OMG that is tough....i have a fear of snakes and yet kissing has to be one of the most intimate things to do.

    I think i would have to spend the nite in a snake infested room............lmao!


  • I'm afraid I don't follow you on this one Lips.......are you asking if you would rather hang with the snakes or kiss someone???  Weird question to ask lol huh

  • Oh and just to be clear,  I'm not in anyway trying to offend you, I just grin don't get it lol!!

  • What if the snakes had green teeth??

    Just kidding..I happen to like snakes..The striped ones you find in the garden type...Now if it's rattlers and such..Ummm...Give me a co2 fire extinguisher..Then I'm good.

  • Where is the "neither" box to check?

    Sorry couldn't do either.


  • I have to agree with medtrans neither

  • "Would you rather" is a game.....it is putting 2 scenario's that are not at all pleasant and choosing one over the other. There is not an option of "neither".

    You put yourself in a do or die situation and choose one. It's just a interesting and  fun way to look at what we would choose if we were up against!


  • Okay Okay....
            So if I have to choose one or the other, will you kindly tell me what kind of snakes we are dealing with?  Are they poisonous? If I get bite will I die, or just become really ill like I would if I kissed someone with green teeth , and bad breath for 15 minutes? cheesy

  • Do they have plastic suits for the mouth?  sad  huh

    A whole night with snakes... aaahhh
  • Now i'm lost  huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh


  • Okay, I'm sorry Lips.. i get you..
    I submitted.. BUT OMG IT WAS HARD TO DECIDE!

    I'm scared to death of green teeth, and scared to death of snakes
  • Gathering snakes as we speak....

    Whos first?

  • Okay, I'm sorry Lips.. i get you..
    I submitted.. BUT OMG IT WAS HARD TO DECIDE!

    I'm scared to death of green teeth, and scared to death of snakes

    Girl, they have SARAN WRAP for everything else!!!! LMAO!

    I take the snakes as long as they aren't deadly!! laugh_out_loud
  • it was an easy one for me..as long as it wasn't a room full of SPIDERS!!!! shocked

    and green teeth?  i don't even like looking at yellow ones, sorry grin

    no excuse for it

    ...lips your a nut!! grin

  • LMAO!!!!!!!!! No excuse!!!!!!! hehehehehe

  • Hey woman!! you love laughing at me don't you!!

    I see you fit you butt right into this late night shift being in the unemployed club, huh? grin grin grin

  • LOL!!!!  cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy I did hun!!!!!! This seems the only time to catch you!!!!

  • It's the only time I get any peace and quiet..it's actually 4:25 here..I forgot your 3 hours behind me right?  That's still late 1:30..you'll be just as bad as me soon.
    Nothing on but Erkel grin grin grin!

    I gotta get back to work smiley

  • LOL! Nice poll.....

    hmmm..let me think.....i think i much rather not think about it...man..nasty

    great...now i can't help thinking about it...do the snakes have bad breath? i've never smelt a snakes breath before..

    gotta stop grossing myself out...i'm leaving this thread...man! nasty...

  • LMAO!!!!!  You KNOW you will be back Soda!!! hehe

    SODAAAAAAAAAAA  come back to the post!!!!
  • You have to admit..this was pretty funny, but lips?? What were you thinking?

    Bad choice of dates lately? grin  grin grin

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