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  • Hi Guys and Dolls,

    I heard on a call in radio station a story about a man who had a gambling problem. He claims he lost everything due to gambling. He even put up his daughter to play. He lost her and now wants to put his wife up to try to win it all back.

    I was thinking to myself this can't be true! He has to be a hoax. Who would put up their wife and kids as collateral? So i did a little research and i will be damned men have done it.....

    Once again women fall victim to male chauvinism in Pakistan when a man sold his innocent small daughters as an item for gambling in Sindh Province of Pakistan.

    A man Dhani Bakhsh in Qambar area of Shahdadkot Larkana (Sindh) put his five daughters namely Tabasum (3-years-old), Rashda (4-year-old), Rubina (10-year-old), Shahbana(8-year-old), and Kanwal (7-year-old) on gambling bet against Rs20,000, Rs55,000, Rs30,000, Rs32,000 and Rs40,000 respectively.

    The man lost the five innocent small girls in gambling at different points and also reportedly wed Rubina and Shabana to his gambler fellows on the condition that the small girls will remain at home until attain puberty.

    Few days back the accused Dhani Bakhsh once again tried to sell his three-year-old Tabasum for gambling however his wife, Tajal resisted and tried to hold back her daughter upon which the accused attacked Tajal with axe and injured her badly. He later divorced her and fled the scene.

    The uncle of the unfortunate girls who is brother of the Ms Tajal has registered a case with police against brother-in-law, Dhani Bakhsh Khaskehli and his seven brothers. The police have arrested two accused in the case however the prime accused Dhani Bakhsh has managed his escape. The local police chief has expressed ignorance about the incident of sale of girls for gambling however he said if they want any protection police will provide them.

    On the other hand the mother of the girls Tajal held a press conference at Larkana Press Club and accused the police of non-cooperation.
    She blamed that Police was not supporting her neither interested in arresting her accused husband.

    What i am not understanding is how do they women allow it. Even worse how would they allow their children to be sold. I would shoot him where he stands before i would let something like this happen.

  • "I would shoot him where he stands before i would let something like this happen."--Lips

    I understand your sentiment.  Truth is, many governments have come to depend on gambling to meet their budgets, and often officials have to turn a blind eye, even to the unthinkable.  Thus the pendulum swings back and forth on whether to allow gambling at all.

  • Unbelievable.  Just when you think you have heard it all, up pops a story like this.

    It's disgraceful and I'm amazed the police aren't bothered.

    It's just sick and makes me feel sick to my stomach.


  • OMG!!!! It never ceases to amaze me how low some people will go.I hope someone finds him and uses him to pay off their gambling debt.

  • Well, I am not surprised. This is due to that countries custom. Not knocking females, but in those countries (And many others) females are a "Possesion" and not a valued member of the family like in "Western" styled countries.

    In fact, many times you'll see the female riding in the back of the pickup. Never alongside the male. Never treated as an equal. I believe that's why they pretty much are still quite behind the times and will continue to do so as long as they shut out females from education, equal rights and decency.

    In closing the question of "Why do they allow this?"

    This is due to mainly to their religion. How they were raised.

  • I can understand it depends on culture but where in the world would you give up your own flesh and blood. Thats beyond women not having rights.
  • From watching MSNBC I see that a lot of very young girl (and sometimes boy) children get sold as sex slaves. 
    Here in America most people would treat their pets better.  Okay, and many other places in the world as well.  But there's all kinds of awful stuff we never hear about going on on the planet.

  • I have learned so much about cultures and their differences, also the treatment of woman and children in places there is no protection the only reason being is that they ARE women and children.. it saddens me and makes me sick how the innocent and weak are NOT protected (alot has to do with the religions and what they beleive) alot of women have no rights at all..not even allowed to have ID.. you wonder about that, having no ID no existance?
    I know the USA are not perfect angels, we have our problems and evils, but what i know is as a woman.. im glad to be here

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