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  • I was just thinking about the scariest moment in my life...

    It was when my 2 year old Brooklyn had her first seizure. I didn't know what the heck to do..I was trying to snap her out of it, I was screaming, crying, yelling at the 911 operator.

    Another really scary moment for me was when I had my last child. I went into the hospital because I was having a weird pain, not labor, but just a persistant ache. I got there and they did the exam, and were about to send me home. The Dr. decided to do an ultrasound, and the ultrasound tech noticed something that wasn't supposed to be there.

    I get back to the exam room, and I lie down. A few moments later I get up to go to the bathroom and I thought that I had peed myself, I look down and the floor is covered in blood. I started to panic, I started to cry hysterically. Next thing I know, I am being walked into the operating room, everyone is moving soooo fast. I can remember hearing the Dr. and he sounded nervous. I was waiting for them to give me a spinal, or a epidural, but nothing. I then feel the scalpel on my stomach, as I feel it I look up and the Dr is peeking over the counter at me, I thought to myself he can't do this while I am awake can he?

    I then hear him scream at the anesthesia Dr. "HURRY UP" as I was put under General Anesthsia...I freaked out, I was holding my sister in laws hand and telling her to take care of my kids if something should happen to me, she started to cry and that is the last thing I remember.

    My son was born not breathing, and unconscience.

    Thank god we are both fine now, but that was SUPER DUPER SCARY for me.

    What is the scariest moment of your life, if you don't mind sharing?


  • Frankly after reading your account, anything that's happened to me in the past PALES in comparison! shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked

  • That is scary Mommy,I'm so glad your all ok too. Why do we have to go some really spine chilling stuff to appreciate life like we should?!
    My scariest moment was about 10 years ago when I first got real sick, I had a Dr. tell me and my Dad that I was going to need a NEW heart and a lung transplant!! Well I got 2nd and 3rd opinions and the other doctors basically told me that yes I was very ill but they didnt know what the phuck the 1st Dr. was talking about!! I guess he was a quack who looked at me and saw a new boat,or trip around the world or something, I could still choke the hell out of that immoral azz. I still have all my original parts btw.

  • WOW..Dr. like that shouldn't be allowed to practice! That makes me real mad, I am so glad you are ok though.

    My son is ok now, he is just really overweight and he has a hard time breathing, they think he might have asthma...I was told he is obese and needs to excersize more..lmfao he is only 1...


  • The scariest moment i ever had.....hmmmm that's a tuff one. I think it had to be when i got a phone call and it was from my sis. I just knew what she was going to say. I was sorta paralyzed in fear and wouldn't answer the phone.

    I think i paced for about 20 minutes before i would listen to the VM. She confirmed my worse fear that my dad had just passed.

    I think another time was when i had family of rats that had a daily party in my yard and garage. I was so freaked that i wouldn't park my car in the garage for a month or go near the backyard. Thank goodness they are gone!

  • I had given my daughter a cookie, she crammed the whole thing in her mouth and took off. She ran into the computer desk and went to cry, but inhaled the cookie instead. I yellled for my husband who picked her up and she went blue and limp in his arms. He took CPR, so he flipped her over and managed to get it out. I still called 911, but she would have been dead by the time they got there. He saved her life. She only get cookie pieces now.

  • When you have kids, To me everyday is the scariest moment...especially a son like mine...hah...
    He is just into everything in one blink of an eye, he gets in trouble...he is only three but so far he has been to the emergency room twice...

    Anyway,the scariest moment in my life would be...when I was six, my parent dropped me up at one of mom's cousin who had a wife and two daughters...all were so wicked.
    And what a vivid memory I have...
    I remember...every night when it gets dark, my uncle used to make me to grab a pot and asked me to go down the narrow hill filled with trees and snakes to fill it with rice drink-sake- ...and if I didn't, he would take me to the barn and hit me with one of horse whip...
    One day, I got too scared of the dark, couldn't see the way to back to his house, I got lost and what's worse, I dropped the pot filled with liquid, soaked all over myself.
    I sobbed and screamed...
    Somehow, I found the house after hours of walking and he slapped my face so hard that I started to bleed...
    The only person I ever told was my daughter when she broke my heart for the first time...I got emotional and cried...that four months...was the scariest times in my life...

    mommy, thank God that you were okay...I couldn't imagine if I never got a chance to meet you...
    Lips, I know how you must have felt when those phone rang...and I am sorry that you lost your father...
    wmmeden...yes that was indeed scary and I know exactly what you went through...
    And yeah, ally...for those who don't deserve to be called a doctor...but I am so glad you are in here, LCB and not knowing you would be the driest bring the best laughs to everyone.

  • I wish I had only a few scary moments, but that is not the case. The top two, my sister and I had gone to get our nails done, she lived with her fiance. When we came back she went in the backyard and found him dead, shot himself in the head in her backyard. She screamed and thank god only saw the back of him but saw the gun and ran in the house to call 911. I ran to the backyard and saw the front of him and felt for a pulse. Something I will never forget, I did it because she said go see if hes alive. No one should have to see something like that. Horrible does not explain it completly.  He was gone, left behind 4 boys, his son goes to Berkley now. His oldest son was also the valedvictorian at his highschool.  The second just this week I could not breathe, my throat swelled up, my heart was pounding, knew i was going to pass out, crawled down the hallway and pounded on neighbors door to take me to the hospital, knew I could not drive. I was admitted stayed overnight and they said it's just Anxiety. There is nothing just about Anxiety, you don't know when it is going to happen or even why. I spent two days on that awful drug xanax stareing at a wall for about 12 hrs feeling like a zombie. Then I said thats it, no more I am going the natural route herbal remedies. I did find out Diet coke and coffee are main culprits for Anxiety it's the caffeine. So no more caffeine for me.

  • I feel it is important and my sisters fiance would want me to say, I am sure. That their is help out there please call or google a hotline number if you feel alone or suicidal. It is a permanent fix to a temporary feeling. You will feel different tomorrow and the sun will come out, I promise. My sister had called them afterwards and she said they do not judge you or turn you in for feeling the way you are, they listen they help you feel better, don't be afraid to make that call.  kiss
  • Wow that is a scary story lucky8s, i hope all is well with your sister now, and I really appreciate you sharing your story. His children are doing well, and that is good.

    I have had Anxiety most of my life, I know exactly what you are going through. It's very scary indeed.


  • Scary moments are pretty common in my life.  Just went through another one today trying to get my sociopathic husband to leave my home.  He's gone, again, but had been screaming at me through the door about how I was messing with a man with nothing to lose.
    I was scared when my fiance was shot and killed in front of me.
    I was scared when my first husband pointed a gun at me and pulled the trigger.
    I was scared when a drunken boyfriend woke me up by punching me in the face repeatedly because I wouldn't get up and party with him.
    I was scared when my daughter was being born and things went bad.  She's 20 now.
    I'm scared of the big cockroaches that show up in the bathroom sometimes and come running toward me.
    Right now though it's really scary being out of money, having no car, being miles from town and unable to walk that far, not being able to pay my property taxes, not having any friends or family willing or able to help me, watching my health decline, my hands sometimes so useless I can't turn the doorknob, and thinking about having to sell my home soon and figuring out how I'll ever get my stuff packed up and where I'll be able to go and how I'll get there and how long will I be able to stay before I run out of the money I'll have from selling the house.  Oh, and where I'll find some free chips so I can pass the time until things get better or get worse.

  • I am so sorry you are going through all of this right now Chilly, I hope things get better for you soon. Prayers, thoughts, and hugs go out to you.


  • It was Halloween.  We were obnoxious teens looking to cause trouble in the neighborhood.  So a group of us decided it would be fun to throw eggs at people's nice homes and cars.  
    We got to this one house who's owner wasn't gonna take this kind of crap from us kids.  2 seconds after we threw our eggs, he came out with a pistol, aimed it towards us and shot 3 rounds.  Even though no one was hit, that crazy fU@ker actually shot towards us!  I pissed in my pants at that moment.  Needless to say, after that, all my eggs were reserved for meals.

  • chilly, wow, well sweetie, first, you are not alone. Alot of people are going thru what you are and their families cant or wont help. You and your husband need to stick together and work this out, it should be you guys united, against the world right now. Things you can do, think about renting out a room, look on craigslist. Maybe someone with a car, so many ppl have been evicted or foreclosed on just need a temporary place, hotels too expensive. Also place a free ad on craigslist for your husband to do handyman work, help someone move,moving labor to pack their uhaul, fix their car etc. Property taxes call 1-877-776-7349, this is a help ctr to pay your prop taxes in your area. Also you may qualify for prop tax exemptions called homesteads they take off for disability, $10,000, $3,000 for school exemptions, also look for Investors who pay property taxes. These are investors who pay your prop taxes, put a lien on your home, now since I was in Mortgage banking 35 yrs, I know what I am talking about. You only go to an Investor to help you out in dire situations as yours. They will or should have a lien to allows you to pay them back, but it will be a lien against your property. Also sometimes they will allow you to stay in your home but you will sign a Rental Agreement. Also sign up for Disability, Unemployment and Foodstamps, if you qualify. Their is a foodstamp program now in all states that will give you $250 month and you can own a home. Also foreclosureangel foundation is a great resource follow this link these are private individuals who loan you the money you need to save your home. they appeared on CNN. Call your local churches they will help. You are not alone, but reason with your husband and work it out, you both got married for a reason, you need to fight the world together. Good luck sweetie, take back your life and call these resources. kiss

  • Scary moments are pretty common in my life.  Just went through another one today trying to get my sociopathic husband to leave my home.  He's gone, again, but had been screaming at me through the door about how I was messing with a man with nothing to lose.
    I was scared when my fiance was shot and killed in front of me.
    I was scared when my first husband pointed a gun at me and pulled the trigger.

    Your a smart woman to leave behind the loser men in your life. I hope you steer clear of these type of men in the future. Mental or physical abuse are equally damaging. Men like this work hard to break women down and make us feel we are worthless. What is more sad is after awhile some women do feel worthless after the constant badgering. They lose their self esteem, but worse than that part of their souls die.

    It is not always easy to recover and sometimes we fall victim to the same patterns. I hope you can work it out with your husband if he is worth working it out with. Sometimes stress can make us say and do things we don't mean.

    As for the rest you have been given some good advice and you are in my thoughts. I hope we your LCB family brings you some comfort.

  • good advice and thanks for the phone numbers etc...
    I've spent almost 4 years trying to make it work with Jake.  He refuses to work - has his own business doing curb address numbers but won't go or takes my money for his ride, paint, and tape and comes back with no money, drunk.  I inherited several nice heirlooms he has taken anything he could carry to the pawn shop.  I have let him come here many times and it always ends the same-my money on hand is gone, I'm having to hide my debit card, he sits and watches TV using the AC and eating my food.  We have only been married 3 1/2 yrs...he has never paid one bill the entire time.  When my mom died, I was generous with my family, bought Jake a car-he went and got a title loan, got drunk, went to Austin, wrecked the car...I could go on and on...I am 52 he is 40.  He says he isn't a sociopath because the scientologists at Narconon wont accept sociopaths.  I have a very low opinion of scientology and narconon, now.
    I did manage to get foodstamps once he moved out.  I couldn't otherwise as he wouldn't work.  I get 162$ a month.  I am trying to get indigent care as I have many health issues like my pacemaker I haven't had checked in over two years.  I want to apply for disability but haven't been to a doctor in 2 years and am trying to get that indigent care so I can get the documentation I need.  It's all slow go out here and I hate asking for help.  When I ask for it and hit brickwalls instead it is pretty discouraging.  I have contacted the St. Vincent de Paul society, and Jake made the walk to town last week to drop off my docs but they want me there in person and are only open 6 hrs out of the week.
    Anyway, thanks for all your thoughts and suggestions.  I was lucky to win $25 in the BingoName contest, and currently can cash out $45 from Vegas Regal (but only if I deposit first) so am contemplating if it is worth depositing the $50 required with QuickTender and taking the chance and waiting for a withdrawal to go smoothly and then have to pay ? dollars to someone to give me a ride to cash the check-can't deposit it into my bank.  I've also got about 10K in my retirement that they won't let me have except for partial distributions once a year for the next 8 years.  Hurry up, November!
    Everything's not lost...
    It's all good (ha ha but really, it's ok...)
    It's just scary.   

  • ahhh chilly i am so glad you won the contest  cheesy! Also glad to know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Its seems 'death' is a popular theme when it comes to 'scary' moments.

    When you don't have any money, the problem is food.  When you have money, it's sex.  When you have both, it's health.  If everything is simply jake, then you're frightened of death.
    J. P. Donleavy
    From novel The Ginger Man.

  • death isnt're dead, ya don't care!'s the dying part I'm afraid of tongue

  • death isnt're dead, ya don't care!'s the dying part I'm afraid of tongue

    LOL ... so true

  • If everything is simply jake, then ......



    better scared of death or scared to death?

    death is better than the alternative (or so the living would have us believe)

    I'm not particularly scared of death.  Am scared of the events that are going to happen which will lead up to it, yep...

    but I figure where ever that was I was before I was here is probably where I'll be going.  Home, home again...

    shorter of breath and one day closer to death...

    quick someone check my P*U*L*S*E

    TIME for a Pink Floyd thread, maybe..,
  • I have to say I am "Slightly" wrong about not having anything real "scarey" happen to me, but somewhat scarey. But nothing like I ahve read here already...Not THAT scarey.

    In 1986, driving across the 205 bridge in a old Maverick. Hit BLACK ICE...Just one moment crusing along at 55 mph and then the front goes to the right, I spin 3 complete times while yelling "OMG!! OMG!!" Straightened out and went home..>Whew.

    1 year later, had a Grand Prix 4 dr sedan. Driving home had noticed the drive spindle sounded "Funny"...Hit one area and the spindle came loose from the rear of the transmission (This being a rear wheel drive car then) and it hit a pothole. The rear of the car "Pole Vaulted" up and I was scraping the front for about 60-80 feet (I converted to 5 known religions in the span of time I had), before it slammed back down and at the same time, snapped off the spindle from the rear axle.

    Needless to say, I had it towed home, and then to a junkyard.

  • I have another one.

    My mother killed herself when I was 19, well she put herself into a vegetative state, I had to take her off life support.

    I remember I was in make-up school, I was in the middle of a test, and my grandma showed up. I knew something was definately wrong when I saw her, she never came there.

    She tells me my mother had been in a car accident, and she is at the hospital. I didn't realize what she was saying. I figured my mom is at the ER with a broken leg, and I have to go pick her up. My grandma tells me, no you can't drive get in with me. Ok, I get to the hospital, and my grandma asks a lady where the trauma unit is, and I start to think, why do we have to go to the trauma unit? huh My grandma gets in a wheelchair, and she said to me " I should be the one pushing you" and I still don't connect the dots.

    I get to the trauma unit, and this lady in a suit starts walking towards me. I get a little nervous but I don't know what to expect, I just wanted to see my mother.

    She explains to me that my mother had been there for 3 days, and they have kept her alive on the machines so they could find her family. My mother had no ID on her when she did what she did, and they took her fingerprints to find out who she was. Long story short they found my grandma on day 3.

    I walk into the room and expect to see my mother asleep. I was not prepared for what I saw. I was devastated, and that is an image, I will never forget.

    After about an hour it was time to take her off the machines, I made them do numerous tests to make sure she couldn't breathe without them, just to make sure that this was the right thing for me to do.

    It was the hardest decision of my life. I take her off life support, and I stand there and watch as life leaves her body.

    She had broken her neck, and was brain dead, there was no reason to keep her on the machines.

    Me and my mother didn't always get along, I had alot of anger towards her for what she put me through during my childhood. But that day I realized, no matter what, she is MY mother, and she loved me. I love her.

    I think of her everyday.

    Anyways, I am sorry for rambling, and sorry for the long post. I enjoy sharing things with you guys, I feel like you are all family, and will understand what I am going through.


  • :'( OMG mommy I am crying, so sorry the things you have been thru. I love you with all my heart you know that, I am here for ya if you want to talk about anything. Your mother is looking over you from heaven and patting herself on the back for raising such a beautiful, wonderful mommy.  kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss

  • Awww thanks giv..I love you too!!!!!!

    You are like my best friend, and I know I can talk about ANYTHING with you...


  • Oh Mommy, I am like Givennsz now,crying outside and in for you, and cheering you for the strengty it took to share your story too. I'm sorry you went thru some stuff with your mom,apparently she was going thru a lot too to drive her to do what she did. We never know sometimes what others are going thru til its too late. I'm glad for you that you have some closure and have come to terms somewhat with your Mom's death, I'm very sorry that happened and wish I could hug all the pain away,I feel like a friend to you and others here at LCB and wish ONLY the best for you and everyone here,we make each other laugh and cry,reminisce and thru words and exchanges make each other realize that PEOPLE ARE JUST PEOPLE, we just come in different containers and colors and cultures. Please don't be sad girlfriend  (((((((MommyMachine))))))

  • You are my friend Ally, and I thank you for your kind words. I am so glad to be a part of the LCB family, and I really am lucky to have somewhere I can say how I feel, and things that I have endured, and I know that I have support, and friends to see me through things.


  • We have all been through a lot.  I have a lot of very scary moments, too many to list.  Most recently though was hearing that I had the rarest deadliest breast cancer there is, and it was 'probably in my lymph nodes and other organs' and hearing my survival rate was about 10%.  That ah#$## doctor should not be allowed to tell patients their diagnoses.  I found a proper oncologist who explained that I would survive, and my fear lessened.  I was not scared for myself, I was scared for my children mostly, the thought of leaving them so young at 2 and 3 at the time... it paralyzed me.  But I am here, I am NED, and I intend to kick that original doctor in the shins if I ever see him again.

  • you are so strong Toodle, I read your blog, and I am amazed by you. You are an inspiration, and a fighter. I am proud to know you.


  • We have all been through a lot.  I have a lot of very scary moments, too many to list.  Most recently though was hearing that I had the rarest deadliest breast cancer there is, and it was 'probably in my lymph nodes and other organs' and hearing my survival rate was about 10%.  That ah#$## doctor should not be allowed to tell patients their diagnoses.  I found a proper oncologist who explained that I would survive, and my fear lessened.  I was not scared for myself, I was scared for my children mostly, the thought of leaving them so young at 2 and 3 at the time... it paralyzed me.  But I am here, I am NED, and I intend to kick that original doctor in the shins if I ever see him again.
    Dear Toodleedoo, I know exactly how you feel, there ARE some Doctors who should not be Doctors or even hospital janitors, I read a lot about illnesses and alternative remedies and if I may I would suggest to you to look up mini trampoline jumping as a possible way to help heal your lymph nodes,apparently the gentle jumping action stimulates your glands to the point of self cleansing,I myself cannot wait to get one, but being a larger than average person(fatazz)I have to save for it cuz the ones that accomadate me cost 600 bucks! otherwise they run anywhere from 50 to 00 bucks,get a chance google it. I am so happy you found a GOOD and capable Dr. and your still kicking!!
  • Thanks Mommy and Ally.. and everyone for sharing.  Is it kinda warped to know I'm not alone in the world by the stuff you guys have been through?  I'm happy to know all of you, and mommy you are oh so strong, my gosh be proud lady.

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