Favorite Land Based Casinos and Winners

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  • Hi LCB’ers,

    LCB has recently added a new section for Land Based Casinos! It is a work in progress and we hope to be the biggest Global Land Based Casino directory on the internet!

    You can find it here:

    Land Based Casinos

    Feel free to share your Land Base Casino experiences with us in this thread. Remember to take a pic of your wins and share it with us!

    You can also post your comments on any of the casinos on our list located right under the review.

    Also if there is any casino in your area not listed please let us know so we can add it to our list!

  • In January i went to Hollywood Casino - Aurora. I have not been to this casino in ages.

    A friend in of mine had to take a two hour long test one day that was just minutes away. So thinking like the true gambler i am, i told her i would go along with her for the ride and she could drop me off at the Casino and could meet there and have the awesome buffet for lunch when she was done. .

    I went with a bankroll of $300 on a quest to win! I headed straight to the penny slots and did a search for the WMS slots, my personal favorites. Things were not going well at all. It seemed like everything i touched was cursed!

    After about an hour and a half of playing i was down to my last $20 bucks. I decided to go outside on the deck that over looks a river and is the smokers lounge just to bide my time for awhile. I kept telling myself "don't you dare go to the ATM machine and stick to your guns girl".

    I went back inside the casino and put i swear to God my very last $20 on King of Africa Slot. I have played this a zillion times at casinos and have never really won too much to brag about. The Bonus round can trigger up to 100 Free Spins if all 5 symbols appear on the reels. Out of all the WMS slots i have played i have never had 100 spins and equated the odds of getting it to a Royal Flush on Video Poker.

    Minimum bet is .50 per spin for all lines so i decided to up the ante to $1.00 a spin cuz it was due or die time! I had about as much faith of winning at this point as a trying to win the National Lottery. The machine wasn't doing too bad and was keeping me alive with little wins but not enough to recover my losses that's for sure.

    Then like a miracle from the Casino Gods i landed all 5 symbols for 100 free spins! I literally could not believe me eyes! In fact i thought noooooooo this slot must not give 100 spins for all symbols because there is no way i triggered that many. Across my screen flashes 100 Free Spins and i was omg thrilled to death!

    Here is a ss of my balance after it was over:

    Not only did i win back my money but had a few bucks ahead. I took a few more spins and cashed out at $340. Now at this point i was hoping my friend would show up soon so i wouldn't blow back what i won.

    I dabbled on another machine betting the lowest denomination of .40 to just to pass the time and finally my friend showed up about 20 minutes later and i walked away with $320. I was happy to get my money back and had just enough where lunch was one me!

  • That's a pretty nice chunk of change ya got there lips. I have spent many a dollar at Hollywood and lost. Hollywood Casino has a really cool concept with all the props from movies in the lobby. Maybe one day I'll get there again and pull off a win.

  • Nice hit Lips.  Congrats on getting your money back and enough profit to pay for lunch.  Result!


  • Well done there Lips, all is well that ends with a profit smiley

  • Last April i went to Las Vegas and stayed at Caesars Palace. What i love the most about staying at this casino is the pool! They have the most gorgeous Roman themed pool in all of Las Vegas next to Mandalay Bay. I think half of the people sneak into this pool that are staying at other hotels!

    This was the view from my hotel room and that is only half of the view of the enormous grounds:

    This one is in front of the enormous golden lions:

    I also saw Rod Stewart at the Colosseum at Caesars while i was there and he put on a fabulous show.

    If the pool is part of your attraction when going to Vegas ya got to stay at Caesars at least once! The drinks at the pool were a bit pricey at $24 each for a large! But at least it kept us out of the casinos for awhile. I did most of my gambling at night and walked the Strip to a different Casino every night.

    Where do you normally stay when you are in Vegas or if you haven't been yet do you have any top picks?


  • I actually have never been to Las Vegas. Um $24 for a large drink huh? Well, I will need several so I guess I'll have to have a casino fund and a drinks fund.  cheesy I want to check out the Venetian and the Paris. I hear they are both absolutely beautiful. Those are my picks oh but I'd have to see that gorgeous pool at Caesars.

  • I had some awesome pics at Venetian and the Paris but i when i got a new cell i lost all my pics  sad.

    The Venetian is absolutely breathtaking with imported Italian marble and a replica of the Michael Angelo's Sistine Chapel. Oh and the gondola rides..........sigh.

    Paris has an at dusk lighting throughout the casino with a blue sky and fluffy white clouds ceiling. The cafes are lined up in a cobblestone outdoor theme. You would swear you are in Paris. The Eiffel Tower there is a must see and one of the restaurants overlook the strip with a view of Bellagio Casino and the fountain with the dancing water that sways to the music will give you goose bumps.

  • Oh yes, I heard that the dancing water is amazing. I've been missing quite a bit. Hmmm, I see Vegas in my future.

  • We only have one in Texas, and it's rogue, at that.  The Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino in Eagle Pass.  I enjoyed going there but have only been once.  They still get to operate even though they and Texas are at odds as to their legality.  We did have a riverboat gambling operation where they would go so far out into the Gulf of Mexico where they were in international waters or something, but it apparently was crap and didn't last long.

    There is a move on in Texas though to vote in legalized gambling to bring back $85,000,000 to Texas that Texans are spending over in Oklahoma and Louisiana.  All we have now is some horse racing and bingo parlors.

    oh, almost forgot, and the lottery.

  • Amazing pics Lips - it looks incredibly HUGE 

    I've never been to Vegas but I would absolutely love to go.  Not sure where I would stay - anywhere recommended I guess but I would have to see the bellagio fountains at night for sure. 

    My little bro was there a couple of years ago and they played Time to say goodbye to the dancing fountains which was one of my Mum's favourite songs.  He couldn't talk for 45 minutes afterwards...it moved him so much.

  • Chilly - the big ole State of Texas needs to really jump in on the band wagon and start getting some big name casinos!

    Blue - That is a beautiful song and i can see how your bro was overcome with emotion especially on such a sentimental level. What really struck me was how everyone on the Strip would come to a complete stop as soon as the dancing water would start. I swear with all the hustle and bustle of crowds you could hear a pin drop everyone was so mesmerized.

    The first time i saw the dancing water the song below played and to be honest i got a bit choked up and felt embarrassed that i was reacting too silly. So its good to know i'm not alone and it does really touch a lot of peeps.

    Power of Love

  • Hey Lips...just for you!  My hubby & I went to our local land based casino Saturday night, hadn't been in a couple months so I was really itching to go.  We always start out with $150 each...most of the time we stick to that.  Within the first 15 minutes of hitting the floor...I hit this awesome spin on the WMS Sabertooth game.  If you've never played it...when you get the sabertooth head with the big fangs on the 1st reel...and you get any wilds on the following reels (the other sabertooth), they expand to give you wilds on that entire column.  Well...I got wilds ALL THE WAY ACROSS...woo-hoo!  I was mad at myself tho because I usually bet $2 minimum on this game but had dropped down to $1 because I had just about played out the $10 I put in.  Sadly....it was all downhill after this tho because I couldn't hit anything worthwhile to safe my life.  Ended up playing this all back when I lost my initial $150 but that was ok...we had a great time!  Going back at the end of the month to spend a couple nights because I have a free room to use up smiley  I get comped free rooms in the lodge quite often but we can't always get away to use them.

  • Glad to hear you had fun Hymacaw, that's what it's all about after all.

  • Wow awesome hit hymacaw!! I don't think i ever played that WMS slot. What Casino were you at?

    Thanks for sharing and keep them coming!!

  • That's a pretty sight hymacaw. I played that slot game before and I did ok. I've seen some really nice hits on it and it usually happens after I get up from the machine laugh_out_loud Good luck on your upcoming trip.

  • no portugal land based casinos on the link frown
    however, my favorite: casino espinho (not far away from my house)
    and casino estoril, one of the biggers casinos of europe

  • Hi Bruno,

    We will be adding Portugal and all land based Casino in Europe. LCB plans to include every land based casino in the world and be the largest directory.  wink


  • Hi Bruno,

    We will be adding Portugal and all land based Casino in Europe. LCB plans to include very land based casino in the world and be the largest directory.  wink

    [quote author=lipstick_xoxos link=topic=27149.msg259592#msg259592 date=1365610320]
    Hi Bruno,

    We will be adding Portugal and all land based Casino in Europe. LCB plans to include very land based casino in the world and be the largest directory.  wink


    you want to know the name of all land based casinos in portugal? (pictures of them too) ?
  • LCB has pretty much researched them but would love to hear about your experiences and your favorite hot spots!

  • the only ones i entered was
    casino espinho (much times) is not away from my house, go there sometimes to play, sometimes to watch shows that are with some frequency.

    casino povoa (much times too) - more far away than espinho but not too much (won 1 time $1000 in zeus slot) - a slot that i would like to try in online gambling - but only in a really trusted casino

    casino figueira - 1 time (never won)

    casino estoril - 2 times (never won nothing there too)

    casino portimao - 1 time (ths 1st time that entered in a casino was here) - put €5 in 1 slot (i didnt know how to play) pushed a random button and won €200 without know how... of course i leave it immediatly lol

  • I live in the Coachella Valley located in Southern California.  There are 5 native american casinos within a 20 mile radius. My favorite is a small casino...Augustine Casino in the city of Coachella.  Not only do they have excellent waitress service but they have a self-serve coffee station so you dont have to wait for coffee like in most places. Plus since its self serve...no tip wink  They also offer a free pretzel combo snack for free.  Just ask at the waitress area by the self serve coffee station.

    They also offer generous weekly freeplay compared to the other casinos. It takes about 3 months to build up your freeplay.  I dont play alot of money (around $100 of my own money per month) but I easily get $20 per week plus $10 on Fridays with the secret password they email me on Thursdays.  They also have drawings a few times a week and two senior days (55+) thats adds$2 of freeplay and $2 off your meal.  Wednesday is 4X your points using your players card.

    Its my favorite place to play.  I have walked out of there with over $1000 a few times only taking $40.  My favorite winner...is Cleopatra Keno

    Augustine Casino money

  • offer freeplay?
    wow - thats cool

    here in portugal, the land based casinos dont offer nothing

    you want to play? put your money
    theres nothing of free plays or bonus

  • My favorite land based casinos are in Las Vegas. We go there twice a year since we are from the deep south.  We love the Stratosphere .... great games, great shows.  My husband plays blackjack and can sit for hours and hours at a $5 table with a starting bankroll of $100.  He always comes out way ahead.  I only play the slots and my favorites have become the 5 cent Wheel of Fortune, Sex in the City and the Wizard of Oz slots.  I seem to always have great luck of those!  The Indian Casinos here in Florida are so darn tight and they only seem to have 1 $5 Blackjack table.... so needless to say we dont play at those.  We use to have boats that you could go on for a day or evening but those have all seemed to have disappeared.  So Vegas is our place of choice!  cheesy

  • Sex and the City and Wizard of Oz are awesome slots. I have played Sex and the City for hours. Love it! but never did very well on the Wizard. I find that people go crazy for the Aristocrat slots in the land based casinos like Sun & Moon, 50 Lions etc.

  • Looney that casino looks like a very cool one. There are a ton in California and lots of them on are Indian Reservations. I think i could spend a month there and not get to them all!

    I use to have tons of luck on Sex and the City. I think the first time i ever played that slot i won like 800 bucks. My fav bonus round is the Shoes. I know Mr. Big is the Progressive Jackpot Bonus but i never got him and wonder if that has a consolation prize option too or an automatic JP win.

    Wizard of Oz is cute as a button but i have horrible luck on that one.

    Here is my latest win playing Pirate Ship at Hollywood Casino. This is another WMS slot. The gold skull and bones are the grand daddy stacked symbols and the red treasure chest is wild.

  • Nice win Lips, well done!

  • A very tasty win.  Congratulations Lips

  • Nice win lips. And as for Mr. Big, there is a consolation prize just like the other ones. I watched someone agonize over which box to pick. It was meant to be because she won it but little did she know it didn't matter which one she chose.

  • I love, love Vegas. I spent my 21st bday and have then there some many times since I lost count. I'm a huge roulette player, my favorite spot to play was O'shea's right across from Caesar's. It had such a cozy feel in the mist of all the iconic casinos surrounding it. It unfortunately closed last May. I was pretty bummed but glad I got to be there one last time before it went under. 

  • Ahhh i love little O'Sheas too! I was surprised to learn that they were actually part of Caesars Group. If my memory serves me right i do believe they are rebuilding it and it is going to be enormous and a very upscale casino. I will def check it out when it opens. But it does take away from the old school charm that O'Sheas had.

    @froggy - I have been at the casino and seen these players yes agonize over which box etc to pick in a bonus game. I think once or twice i have said "ya know it don't really matter which one you pick because it is predetermined" but they look at me like how would you know!

  • I am from the U.S. and when I traveled over to Europe for the first time, one of the first things I had to do was check out the casinos. It's interesting to see the difference between the two. I was not able to visit any mega casinos, but Bingo is the way to go. I actually enjoyed playing and spent many nights at the Bingo Hall.

  • Oh Lips I love that game, they have it at the El Cortez here, oh my goodness, im really missing my games... I might be going out the end of the month just for a little bit, im gonna take pictures of the games I play, it never dawn on me before to do it lol

    O'Sheas was my rest stop on my walk along the strip, Imperial Palace is rebuilding too

  • Woohoo just got back from the casino (Four Winds) and won 500 in roulette. 27 was on fire, I must have a cocktail to celebrate! I think a little shopping is in order!!!

  • I'm heading to Savannah, Georgia in the next few weeks and was wondering if anyone had suggestions on a must see casino?

  • Nice win you had fried eggs. That's an awesome casino. It's been ages since I was there but I loved it. They've still got the Paula Deen buffet right?

  • I'm heading to Savannah, Georgia in the next few weeks and was wondering if anyone had suggestions on a must see casino?

    Hi fried eggs,

    Actually land based casinos are not legal in GA. But there are two casino boats one in Savannah and Brunswick that go out three miles into International waters where casino gambling is legal.

    Is that a clever way to get around the legal system or what!

  • Oh Lips I love that game, they have it at the El Cortez here, oh my goodness, im really missing my games... I might be going out the end of the month just for a little bit, im gonna take pictures of the games I play, it never dawn on me before to do it lol

    O'Sheas was my rest stop on my walk along the strip, Imperial Palace is rebuilding too

    Imperial Palace was renamed to Quad Resort. Do you know if it has opened yet? I heard they were due to open in December 2012.

  • Actually land based casinos are not legal in GA. But there are two casino boats one in Savannah and Brunswick that go out three miles into International waters where casino gambling is legal.

    Is that a clever way to get around the legal system or what!

    I had no idea that casinos were illegal in Georgia. Very interesting and so clever to go out to sea. If you can't gamble in the middle if international waters, where can ya gamble? laugh_out_loud
  • Froggy, yes they still have Paula's buffet! There is nothing like southern cookin.


    I didn't realize there were no casinos in Georgia. Looks like I'll be doing some traveling by boat! Thanks so the info.  smiley

  • So a friend of mine was invited to a wedding and the after party is at the Four Winds. WoooHooo, I work the midnight shift but guess who will be making a guest appearance?! 

  • Did I read that you were a police officer fried eggs? Just turn your lights on in the car and ride straight thru.

  • Haha, yes I am and I wish I could!  It's sad to say, but I got killed at the roulette table.  :'(

  • It's cold and dreary...what to do?  wink well my gal pal called and asked if I wanted to hit the casino, I said if course! You don't have to ask me twice. So I'm off in a few to win the jackpot of my dreams  money Wish me luck!

  • Oh good luck friends eggs! I hope you win something to brag about!

  • It was so hot here today, I had no choice but to hit the casino!  laugh_out_loud Guess what; it paid off!!! I won $500 on the Sex and the City Slot! It was a good day!  money money

  • Congratulations fried-eggs, nice win!

  • :D It turned out to be a great decision fried-eggs. Congrats.

  • congrats  fried-eggs. woo woo.. You make your mind in  hot day to hit casino and have great win in Sex and the City Slot! and paid handsomely.... money money

  • So guess who hit the casino again, me! Luck was on my side I walked in with a $100 and walked out with $600. Woohoo, roulette did me good and Sex and the City slot finished me off! Gotta say it was a good day! money

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