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Poll - Have you ever cashed out a No Deposit Code?

  • Many times
    7.69% (180)
  • once or twice
    24.27% (568)
  • Never
    68.03% (1592)
Total Members Voted: 2340
  • Hi Members,

    I thought it would be interesting to see how successful members have been on cashing out successfully on a free chip.

    Have you had any luck? If so, where at?



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  • Me.. never.. I'm working on it though tongue

  • I cashed out $250 at Grande Vegas!!!


    4/ 5

  • Well I aint big fan of freebies, nor I have much time to play .. but one time I was checking if one of our LCB exclusives is working.

    Was one of the Topgame Casinos ( dont recall which one ) , so I registered, got the exclusive ND and said to myself hell you are already here so why not play it. So I did and played for a while, and actually managed to win and cashout ( think it was for $400 )... hehe

    Well thats about it tongue

  • Hey Lips~
    Back in the day when Microgaming accepted U.S. players, I cashed out many times from new-player n/d bonus chips @ each casino I signed up 4.  My biggest win was $3,000.  I had NO hassles, no NOTHIN', didn't have 2 send in docs, or sign away the rights 2 my 1st born.... That's a BIG reason why I'm still partial 2 Microgaming... back then, ya never heard of a 'max cashout,' or ridiculous playthrough amounts.  Ahhhhhh.... those were the days... wink

  • Wow Lips-

    Didn't that one at Grande Vegas have a $5,000 playthrough? You must have been ON FIRE. Congrats.

    For me-only at Rivals:

    90 at Vegas Regal
    90 at Slots of Fortune
    60 at Tropicana

  • I have rolled over playthroughs with some subnificant cash amounts and never cashed in because I am an addict who loves to play! I just play until it runs out. I would just use it to gamble anyway. What am I gonna do go buy a pair a of new shoes? ::)

    I buy the basic essentials of life and then the rest goes on slot machines!!!  :P Besides I can't save a dime anyways~ it's just not in my nature. But I won't sell my grandmother for a spin either!  Wooooooo Hoooooo!!!!

  • My Largest was at Cocoa Casino for $500., then lots of $60. ones
    Vegas Regal being the last on a $10. chip.
    I don't remember what the chip was for Cocoa..must have been $50.
    that was a nice max withdrawal, whatever it was.
    Most are between $60-$100.
    But for me, it is a means to check out the casino withdrawal process, and see
    how quick the are to react to my e-mails, etc.
    This way I know if I want to do business with them or not.

    So isn't always about money...
    sometimes you need to see the big picture!

    gl. Nal  cool

  • I've cashed out recently at Vegas Regal. On Oct.30th and Dec.11th for $60 each off a $12 freebie, and just this Saturday for $530 off a $200 freebie.
    At Dendera, I got the $30 Xmas chip and had it over $14000, played until i got $275 in comp points and cashed out today.

  • iNetbet $50
    Casino Titan $175 on the sign up free chip! Was $420 but I kept playing!
    Tropica $40 on everyday is Christmas(in process)
    Vegas Regal $75on a random free chip and $150 birthday chip
    Ruby Royal $50 on a welcome back chip(in process)
    Slots Galore $100 on sign up free chip
    and made playthrough on a few more, all rogues so didn't even try to cash out!

    I love the RTG games but trust them the least! And have put the most money there and won the least!


    4/ 5

  • I could have lots of times..... sad  Just kept playing

  • I've cashed out many times on a freebie, the best one was 30 free signup LCB exclusive for Fortune Reel, cashed out the max. of 450 after reversing 175.
    Also at Ruby Royal, cashed out 60 from a 15 free.
    2x 60 at Vegas Regal
    1x 50 at Intertops Red from a free 10.
    60 at Go Wild from a 5 free managersbonus (should have been 150, but reversed 90, stupid!!)
    Recently 100 from 21-Dukes, from the 21 free signup, but have not yet received the money.

    But the one I enjoyed the most was when I got 20 free spins on the Great Galaxy Grab, was at Linx casino (Microgaming, dont exist anymore)
    I won 0.86 with it, bummer I thought, went to Tally Ho not expecting to win anything ofcourse, put it on 0.18 per spin, hit the free spins on the second spin and got a full line of female foxes and a wild, and some more for €156.- total!!
    Cashed out €250 in the end!!

  • Wow Lips-

    Didn't that one at Grande Vegas have a $5,000 playthrough? You must have been ON FIRE. Congrats.

    Hi white,

    Yes the playthrough was insanty!! I played everything i touched turned into to bonus round heaven!! Sigh........a gamblers delight!

    4/ 5

  • 125 at playfair and 250 at Eldorado palace

  • I agree with Tinmanfan  back in the day. laugh_out_loud I got a 25 dollar free chip from Flordita casino, back when US could play. cashed it out at 3500 no problem. I remember it was a good week because the same day I got paid from them I got a check from publishers clearing house for 2500. Ahhh those were the days. laugh_out_loud

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