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  • Hello-I have submitted numerous tickets to chumba customer support regarding my account and have received little to no support and have been pending a response for a couple weeks now. I discovered my email was changed without my authorization and brought this to their attention. In their response they told me I need to respond using the registered email on my account but I can’t because it’s not my email! I have sent them several forms of documentation to verify my identity and confirmed all of my personal information and still have not heard back yet they were able to change my email without any proof of identification in a day? 

    While this is in review, they have blocked my account. However, prior to submitting this ticket I had a large pending redemption and sweep coins still on my account. I received an email letting my know the redemption had been approved. I had asked them several times to confirm the banking information as someone obviously was able to change my email without my permission prior to it being processed and the response I received just said it was processed without acknowledging my ask. Luckily the redemption did go into my account but the block is still on my account and I can’t even check if my sweep coins are still there. This situation has been very frustrating due to the lack of response from chumba and I’m worried that once I have access to my account all of my money will be gone. I have added new comments to the open ticket but have not received a response or update in over a week. Every time I open a ticket requesting an update they immediately close it out and say I already have an open ticket. Please advise. 

  • Hello AmberCao102

    Sorry to hear about your troubles with Chumba Casino. Thanks for visiting us on our LCB Forums. We'll do our best to reach out to casino rep regarding your case. Could you please private message me your casino username.

  • Hi AmberCao102

    We have received the relevant details from you via private message and contacted casino rep. Keep posted on this forum thread for an eventual update. 

  • Hello AmberCao102,

    Casino Rep has got back to us regarding your complaint. This is what they said: 

    "Please know that Amber's concern was already raised to the relevant department for proper investigation. 
    Rest assured that her concern is of our utmost importance. We will reach out to the account owner as soon as an update becomes available."

    Please try to be a little patient and trust the complaint mediation process. If they happen to respond to you soon and fix the issue, please let us know here on the forum thread. Thanks.  

  • Hi, this ticket has been opened for over 2 weeks without resolve. Can they not provide an estimated timing of completion? They do not even respond to my comments in the ticket. 

  • Hi AmberCao102,

    The important thing for now is that the complaint has been escalated and hopefully they can provide a response sooner than later even though things have dragged out for as long as they have. This is all the information we have for now. 

  • Below is the response I received from Chumba. They are placing the blame on me and closed out the ticket. Their response does not even address my concern. My request was to change back my email and unblock my account so I can redeem my prize. I have reopened the ticket to reiterate my concern. They are saying it is my responsibility to ensure my accounts are secure but a player can not change their email without submitting a ticket to Chumba to make the change. The issue is them, not me for having my email changed. I sent them several forms of identification to change back my email and it's not even addressed in their response. In addition, my account is still blocked. This is not the first time they closed out my ticket without actually reading the comments to understand why the ticket is open. I'm not even sure they understand my "claim" as they are saying no refund will be processed but I never requested a refund or mentioned a refund in any of my tickets. All I am asking from them is to change back my email, unblock my account and ensure my sweep coins are still on my account. I have a large amount of sweep coins and I feel the delay in resolving my ticket and blocking my account was to prevent me from redeeming the coins. 

    Hello Amberly,
    We have carefully reviewed your concern; however, we are not able to substantiate your claim based on the information you have provided. 
    Please be advised that maintaining the security of a member's payment method and devices upon which Chumba Casino's games may be accessed is not within Chumba Casino's control. It is at all times a member's own responsibility to keep his/her internet accounts and payment details secure.
    As per our Terms and Conditions that:
    “5.5. It is your sole and exclusive responsibility to ensure that your Member Account login details and any payment methods are kept secure and are only accessible by you. You accept full responsibility for any authorized use of your Member Account and any activity linked to your Member Account.”
    You may view the entirety of our Terms and Conditions here:

    With this, there will be no refund to be processed in your account.



  • Hello AmberCao102

    We are afraid there is not much more we can do here. We raised the complaint on your behalf and have got Chumba Casino to respond sooner. If you are unsatisfied with their response, feel free to send them a ticket again. 


    3.6/ 5

  • Hello-I reopened the ticket and it has been over a week without a response from them. I have created several more tickets to get an update but they keep closing it out and/or are say they are "researching". I don't think they even know what they are researching. All I am asking from them is to unblock my account, change my email, and ensure all my money is still there. Please assist. 

  • Hi AmberCao102

    Thanks for the update. We will have another go at this and see if we can make something happen. Keep you posted on this forum thread with any potential updates. 

  • Any updates? 

  • Hi AmberCao102

    No updates yet. We'll notify you the moment we receive a response. 

  • Hello, I really need your help. Chumba is not addressing my ticket at all and when I do get a response it does not even relate to my ticket. Is there a direct line in which I can talk to someone directly? My ticket has been open for over a month, close to two now and we are no where close to a resolution since this all started. All I am asking from them is to change my email, confirm my banking information and unblock my account. That is all. Yet, they keep changing the subject. Below are a couple of response I got. Keep in mind, it takes them at least a week to provide a response that doesn't even relate to my ticket. I am certain they are doing this to prevent me from redeeming my balance. As soon as I get a notification that they have finally provided a response, I reply right away then wait days/weeks for a response from them. 


    In order for us to reopen your account, may you please confirm that you have secured your login credentials, including your passwords, and will now take full responsibility for your account activity moving forward? 

    You will also need to confirm that you agree with the Terms and Conditions and that you will abide by them.

    Please reply to this email with the following:

    "I acknowledge that I have read and agree to Chumba Casino’s Terms and Conditions regarding chargebacks and agree to abide by all of Chumba Casino’s rules in future".

    We’ll wait for your response. 

    Best regards,




    Please note that we only charge for transactions that were solely initiated from your end. We do not have your credit card or bank information, for these details are secured within your payment provider.

    Our system only receives notifications of purchases from your payment provider.

    We strongly suggest that you contact your financial institution for further assistance and clarification regarding your claimed unauthorized transactions.

    Appreciate your patience and understanding.

    Best regards,


  • Hello AmberCao102

    We understand you're frustrated, we are doing what we can to provide you with a clear response regarding your case. We have contacted Casino Rep yet again in hopes of getting a response. Hope we can help soon. Keep you posted on this forum thread for any potential updates. 

  • Hello-they are again asking for information that I have already provided. If they just read and scrolled up on the ticket they would see it. 

    Dear Amber,

    Your request (# 8829360) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email. 

    Hi Amberly, 
    Thank you for contacting the Chumba Casino Customer Support Team.

    We received your request to update your e-mail address and we are here to assist you with this. Kindly provide the answers to the following:
    - Full Name
    - Date of Birth
    - Registered Email Address
    - Complete Physical Address
    - New Email Address
    Once we receive your reply, we'll be able to assist you accordingly. We look forward to your reply.

    Kind Regards,

    Customer Support Team

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