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  • Please wait for a site operator to respond.

    You are now chatting with 'Brad'

    Brad: Welcome to Begado, this is Brad. Can you provide me with your User Name and how may I assist you?

    you: hi Brad I try to log in and the casino wont let me huh

    you: mindy23

    Brad: May I have your Username?

    Brad: Hi Kathleen

    Brad: let me check it

    Brad: you know, I see only that your account was closed due to security reasons

    you: what do you mean

    Brad: it was closed today

    Brad: that it is closed

    Brad: I don't know the reason

    Brad: I see only the result

    Brad: it is closed

    you: could you find out

    Brad: no, because I'm not relevant to the security department

    you: i fell asleep while playing this morning and left it on huh would that have any thing to do ith it

    Brad: Just a moment please.

    Brad: Please be aware that we do not release internal security data to customers for a variety of reasons, including that providing this information could compromise future security

    Brad: This is all information I have at the moment and if you want to receive additional information, you are welcome to send us an email to and we will forward it to relevant department for review.

    you: well happen to the money I had in there

    Brad: I don't have such information, please send us email request and you'll be responded by a relevant department

    you: is there a manager I could chat with

    Brad: yes, just a moment

    Brad: i will transfer you

    you: ok thanks

    Please wait while I transfer the chat to 'Manager'.

    You are now chatting with 'Manager'

    Manager: Hello Kathleen

    Manager: how are you?

    Manager: this is Carol

    you: hi ...if you could please help me find out what happen to my account within the last 5 hours ....this morning I was playing ,fll asleep and now I have been lock out of the casion ...with money still in there

    Manager: Kathleen, your account has been closed by our Upper management decison

    Manager: I am sorry you wont be able to play with us

    Manager: if you wish to receive further financial information

    Manager: please apply to our finance department

    you: really


    you: you know ....this why your rateing are not good ..and I was about to go on line and give you guys praise ...last night I deposit 60.00 and was ask if I wanted a bounes and said yes ...then was told to deposit 40.00 more and I get 400% and free spins huh

    you: and now you close my account huh?

    you: are you still there

    Manager: yes, sure I am here

    Manager: I am really sorry Kathleen

    Manager: that wasn't my personal decision

    Manager: all I can see it is closed

    you: this is not good ,,,,I cant even understand any of this

    Manager: Kathleen I am sorry again, but, please be aware that we do not release internal security data to customers for a variety of reasons, including that providing this information could compromise future security

    you: and you guys should be able to answer my question ...why do i have to wait untill next week to even a answer

    Manager: because we do not release internal security data to customers as this information could compromise our future security

    you: email this one that one

    you: ok well you guys sold my money when all i wanted was to deposot 60.00 and then was ask to deposit 40.00 morefore a better bonus ...and now you guys sold it 

    you: I will be posting this online

    you: thank you have a good day

  • hi mindy23,

    you can contact their representative HERE


  • I've sent the link to this thread directly to the rep.

  • Hi

    Please send me your user name in Begado and I will check this out.

    Thank you,

  • Lol, not at you mindy I am sure its frustrating, Lol @ closing account and not being able to tell you why. 

    You mentioned to rep that you knew they had bad reviews, why would you deposit there knowing this?

    I am sure it will get straightened out.

  • Hi

    i've PMed you the reason why your account was closed. Needless to say that the funds you had in your account when it was closed are sent back- you should see it in a day or so

  • Wow i hope you get a good reason and not the old multiple accounts excuse.I agree if you knew they were having issues why in the world would you deposit huh Its your money but there are some really good casinos that would love your deposits and treat you fairly IMHO.I really hope your issue is resolved sad GL

  • You know they got that central database now. If you are on it, they close your account. They won't tell you why, from who or what's the reason. This database is causing them to lose on customers. Because they feel they will get charged back or have problems. Even if you had an offense back in 2006. If your name is on the database they blacklist you. You can't challenge it or dispute the charges. If you guilty at one casino, you might as well be guilty at them all. And these casinos wondering why they can't get new players to continue operating.

  • How do you like the part where she said they sucked her into depositing another $40 so se could get a big bonus,  whoo hoo sounds awesome, big money bigger playthrough.  What a joke.  A casino that requests that you deposit more money should be rogue for life .  The only problem is they are already rogue so now what?

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