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  • Hello, my username is: Khamenchina

    Let me give you all the facts and what I want.

    I want a fair verification process so I can get my funds back. BTCs that were confiscated from me, 0.385936 BTC.

    I remember the verification process was long and painful. Each time they are asking for more documents, more selfies.

    We even had a skype call, after that you closed my account for some time and took funds. Now I am only left with deposit funds of 0.013 BTC. The last email I received from You was on 21.12. 2019, it was Christmas time so I was offline. 

    I was planning to deal with this issue, but as we all know, Corona came and as I am doctor it was the busiest time of my life, also the most stressful. That is the reason for this 2 year delay.

    Finally today I received concrete answer from you, thank you for that but you could do that 2 years ago.

    I request new verification process, its obvious to me that someone made a mistake here. I have nothing to hide, regarding the skype call, I do not recall maybe I told wrong bet size ( basically they asked me what bet size was, what casino game, etc ), but for sure I know my address and my name . Skype call was a month after I played ( I can not recall what I ate last week, how could i remember every gambling detail I made month ago ) and that has nothing to do with verifying my account, just an excuse so you can cancel withdraw. 

    Please give me option to verify my account again and receive full funds back.

    Best regards, dr. M.S.

  • Hello Doctorhr

    Thanks for your detailed explanation. We will contact Casino Rep and see if we can find a way to verify your account and revive your presence at Betchain Casino. Keep posted on this forum thread for any potential updates. 

  • Hello Doctorhr

    We received a response from Casino Representative and this is what they said:

    "Due to the high amount of the cashout the player was asked to provide regular set of KYC documents. After the AF team received the set the player was offered to take part in the Skype verification call which after numerous failed attempts took place. Unfortunately, the player failed to complete it successfully - he failed to answer correctly to simple questions such as his actual address, the winning slot name, the number of deposits he made in our casino. Due to that, his winnings were confiscated. All this time after the completion of the verification process and the Anti-Fraud decision to return players' deposits and afterwards close the account the player has the access to his original deposit funds. As soon as he withdraws it his account will be closed without the chance to reopen it."

    Please let us know if your account has been verified and your funds are available. Let us know your current status. 

    We have also sent follow up questions to this statement so we can have more assurance. Keep you posted if we receive more information. 

  • This is complete bullsh**. 

    Cashout was 0.3 BTC, when BTC was around 6000 euros per btc. It was a 2k win at that time. If that is so huge win for your casino, you should close it.

    I know my address, I know what slots I played ( I usually play 2-3 slots, so maybe I missed one ), but again, that is not a reason to take funds.

    I would like to repeat the verification process, nothing more, give me a fair chance and please share this skype call with LCB, also all my playing history can be available to LCB so let's see who is telling the truth.

    When you read terms regarding KYC it is always ID, passport, proof of funds, and proof of address. This is not a normal KYC procedure.

    I would like to see my play history. You accused me of failing to answer correctly what slots I played and bet size. 

    I remember I played Fairytale Fortune bet size around 1 mBTC and after I played another pragmatic slot. ( I am not sure if it was Gold Train or 5 lions ). Bet size was again around 1 mBTC. To start, please provide a betting history and prove that I am wrong.


    I went to see emails and I can see where the problem was at that time I moved to a new place ( different address ) and also had a new document.

    And basically, you accused me of cheating, because I changed my address. But I provided a new bill with a new address and new ID.

    Anyway, it's possible that you read this situation wrong, that's why I want a new trial.


    Best regards to KingNemo, you are getting a "MEGA pint" from me if I get my funds back :)

  • I never received a reply or answer from Betchain. Contacted them already a few times in February with no answer. 

    I have an issue with accessing the Betchain website because they are banned in my country.

    That's why I am here, looking for help. I am not asking for much, just a fair normal verification.

  • Hi Doctorhr

    This is the Casino Reps response:

    "The account was open for the player all these years, as his original bet amount of 0.013 BTC.

    Due to the AntiFraud decision the account will be immediately closed after the player requests the withdrawal and we process that."

    Unfortunately there is not much we can do to help you out further. Sorry.

  • "Due to the AntiFraud decision the account will be immediately closed after the player requests the withdrawal and we process that"

    This part hurts me, I was accused of being a fraud. I don't have anything to hide, I am willing to go public with this case.

    This should be a reminder to other people how scammer Betchain operates, they will find a way to make an excuse not to pay you.

    Don't lose your crypto to scammers.

     I am not the only one with problems.

    There are also other complain websites that work with Betchain ( I could not even report this case there, so beware of high scores at affiliate sites, its just a scam, they all split your BTCs )


  • Hi Doctorhr

    There is only so much we can do to bring complaints to Casino Representatives attention. We are basically a bridge between the player and the Casino. More often then not they answer and resolve the situation. 

    We recommend trying to contact them directly to see if they can help or filing a complaint on the Curacao license. 

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