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  • Hi,

    My username is: helpmeime

    I have been with the Casino for 18 days, I have deposited £7830.99 in total, £3351.20 of it is initial deposits and the rest was withdrawals I put back in.  Now I felt while I was playing some of the slots RTP seemed a bit suspect as it could go over 30 spins without any wins.  I decided to investigate and found the casino only holds a Curacao License which means they should not have accepted me as a UK Player due to not holding a UKGC License.  Because of this my initial deposits of £3351.20 are deemed void and must be returned as this has been taken illegally.  If they are to take UK Customers they must have this UK License and pay the Tax.  Because they do not they are committing Tax Fraud by accepting players.

    I have approached them about this and complained, they refused my refund request, banned my account and said I am in Curacao now.  After they said this I stated my intentions to take this further so I approached some of the Game Providers on there website and they have with immediate effect discontinued the distribution of there content due to allowing UK players to play there slots.  

    I would like help trying to get my refund please, I had been fair with them but the rude support team member got on the wrong side of me so I decided to take things further.  I have not broken any of the terms, it does state on there license that 'It is the responsibility of the licensee to be familiar with the local laws and requirements for the territories which they intend to offer their services' yet there terms contradict this by saying its down to the player to make sure gambling is not illegal in our jurisdiction.  Well it is not against the law for a UK player to gamble in our jurisdiction, but it is illegal for an operator to accept UK players without a UK License.  

    I know this is a bit of an essay but I have tried to add as much information as possible.

    I did say if they refund me I will not take things any further than I already have, and I will stick to this.


  • Sorry my username is: helpmeimme

    I missed out an M huh

  • Sorry to hear about the issue you have with this brand. Unfortunately, our hands are tied regarding Betswagger and its sister sites. We got in touch with the casino management about various complaints many times so far and our efforts to get them to cooperate and resolve players' issues failed. We also invited them many times to directly engage and reply to our members here on the forum, they simply ignored our emails. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do to help you. Let's see if their regulatory body will take some actions. Good luck and please keep us posted.

  • Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for the reply, I thought as much as they only seem to have one support advisor.  I'll take down this casino then and report back on my progress.

    Thanks again 

  • HI helpmeimme,

    Could you please update us regarding your complaint? Is it resolved? 

  • Hi,

    Still having issues, they believe I have been threatening and have blocked my email address from contacting them.  There only seems to be one support member and they are not passing my complaint further up the chain.  UK Gambling Commission have already confirmed to me via email that they have illegally transacted and are being investigated.  Curacao Egaming don't seem to be much help.  I have contacted the Curacao Ministry of Justice but noone has come back to me on that front.  I will get them shut down eventually

  • Sorry to hear that. Yes, it's hard when you don't get a feedback. Gambling authorities need much time to get a case resolved but if this is the only option then you have to be patient and wait for their feedback. Please keep us posted. 

  • I've had the exact same issue with there sister site ph. Casino and I've had the same operator it seems who is very rude. William dormat is the name. Please keep me informed if any progress had been made?

  • Hi Dazza,

    I think he is the only person that works there, my lawyer contacted them and he won't even pass it to management (if there is any) seen as though nobody wants to talk in that company my solicitor has managed to track down the person who runs there payment processor based in cyprus.  I'll let you know how that goes.  In the meantime I would not usually suggest chargebacks especially with any casino who is licensed to operate and transact in the UK but this company clearly does not hold a license.  So just do a chargeback through your bank

  • I tried but my bank said they couldn't do anything.... They don't like dealing with casinos it seems. Was you successful? 

  • if you report them to action fraud and a a crime reference number, then go back to your bank give them that and say the company mislead me into transacting with them which in essence is fraud, and the fact they are transacting with UK Customers and not paying tax to the UKGC like other casinos is tax fraud.  So you are within your rights based on that.  The service they provided to you under the consumer rights act was not as described because you was mislead into believing they can lawfully provide it.  

  • Is this what you did and did it work? Did your bank issue you the funds? And what have they said since? Out of interest did you withdraw any money at all from the casino? 

  • Ive not approached my bank yet, I'm wanting to do this directly through my solicitor so I can get them fined otherwise they will keep doing it to people.  Yes I had withdrawals too. But I found out they didn't have permission to use push gaming slots, infact push gaming had no idea they were allowing uk customers to use its slots.  If I don't get anywhere with the legal side I will chargeback

  • Thanks for your feedback guys, but you need to be very careful with chargebacks becasue it can be used against you. It's better try to sort out with the solisitor or their reglatory body first. 

  • Although I agree Melissa this is a different situation, the casino is forbidden to transact with UK Customers.  They mislead customers thinking they are allowed to transact with them.  They could quite easily not pay you as you are not protected so a chargeback on this occasion is justified

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