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  • I never expected I'd reach at this point posting and asking for help as I trusted the bitgame.com platform.

    July 27, 2022. The whole day that I was playing(speed baccarat only), losing and depositing I ended up winning 18,000usdt. As per my VIP level(6) I am allowed to withdraw of 7,800 limit a day so I did an application for withdrawal. So I had a balance left of 10,200 USDT after couple of hours I played again and won 5,046 so balance went up to 15,246USDT so I had total winning 23,046 minus my 1st withdrawal application of 7,800 thats why the total left was 15,246USDT, then when my withdrawal time limit restarted(10hrs after my 1st withdrawal) I withdrew again 7,800 and left a balance of 7,446 and total of 2 withdrawal application with 7,800 each(total 15,600) the day after they have not approved yet my withdrawals as they said that had to review it first.  So what were pending withdrawal application are (1st) 7,800  (2nd) 7800 and wallet balance of 7,446. so what I did was I applied withdrawal for the left balance of 7,446 (3 withdrawal application total 23,046) so I have 3 total pending withdrawals already with them   Then they approved my (1st) 7800 withdrawal application and left the 2nd withdrawal application of 7,800 and 3th withdrawal of 7,446 total of 15,246 pending as couple of days has passed I kept following up with them then I started to complain and this is what they said:

    “ The platform passed your previous withdrawal because although your withdrawal amount was large, there was no problem after the review of the security department, so it passed. However, in the subsequent betting, there was a betting involving abnormal data. Because this game is provided by the game supplier, the relevant data needs to be provided by them. As you said before, why did we pass the previous order? It is all in accordance with the platform rules. We have no right to block the order without problems. The current process is stuck on the side of the game supplier. We are also particularly anxious and have been negotiating, hoping to complete it as soon as possible. What I can do is to use my authority and constantly urge the relevant person in charge to speed up communication. I want to complete the process as soon as possible than you.”

    After couple of days following up and still no positive update as theyre still waiting for the SUPPLIER’s feedback

    And I asked them these:

    “ I have 2 concerns. 

    1. If there was a problem/abnormal data ONLY in my subsequent betting(as you’ve said) which is after I won the 18,000usdt then you supposed to hold only the amount exceeding winnings/bettings AFTER/OVER 18,000usdt. Because if there was a problem/abnormal data before I won the 18,000usdt then you would also have frozen my 3 INITIAL withdrawals(7,800 which you approved) BUT you DID NOT because as you have said there was NO problem/abnormal data during my 1st winnings. And, ONLY in my subsequent betting there was ONE abnormal data/order. Then why you are freezing the rest of the amount of 10,200(balance after 1st(3) initial withdrawals that you approved from my initial winning of 18,000)? 

     As you supposed to hold ONLY my subsequent bettings/winnings AFTER/OVER 18,000usdt which is 5,046 ONLY. which makes my total winning of 23,046

    2. But what is happening now is your holding both amounts and taking so much time for the data review of supplier to your platform that badly affects me. 

    These 2 were my concerns that has not been answered by the platform but THEN again it’s been delayed for too much. The platform had to understand and review this case thoroughly. As it was the SUPPLIER’s delay that is affecting the platform and especially ME.”

    And they didn't address or acknowledged my concerns but what they always say that they're still following up with the supplier and I even asked for escalation which never happened and I was sending email to support@bitgame.com, service@bitgame.com and business@bitgame.com to get an escalation but they never responded even once.


    As days passed of following up and still no progress, I started checking background, forums, and how system works.

    1. I was able to reached the local representative(downtown e-commerce company BV) of their main company holder Max Blue NV in Curacaro and asked for help and assistance, asking for direct email or contact for the max blue owner or manager but nothing and was just advised to follow the steps of complaining in their website but I told them there is no such steps, no forms, email addresses are not responding after couple of days I found out that the contract between Max blue and their local rep(down e-commerce) in Curacao has been terminated as per the Chamber of Commerce in Curacao. So technically their license is discontinued as of 17th fo August due to no local representative in Curacao


    2. I checked some forums including here in lcb.ord that there were some cases like this that they never got their withdrawal, so I started to worry that maybe they're just delaying and ending up stating that I made some illegal bets or etc to forfeit my winnings even but shouldnt be as they're always saying that they're just waiting for the supplier's data so thats the reason I did more research which is no.3

    3. I was able to reached the game supplier for Bitgame.com for the game Speed baccarat and explained to them my situation that the reason behind the delay as per Bitgame was due to the data they've been requesting from the supplier. And what the supplier said is they will be in contact direclty with bitgame as they can't update me directly. 

    After couple of days fo following up the admin from Bitgame.com udpated with me this:


    "I just checked, they sent it, and are confirming the feedback." this was last 19th  of August 2022.  
     Which I replied "Thank you, finally" so I got relieved momentarily.


    But since then, they have not replied anymore nor opening my messages and got restricted from the Telegram channel(twice). 

    I started to get to worried again as they have been freezing my withdrawal since July 27 and even they have received the data, they're still delaying, no updates. That imagine that they've been requesting the data from the suppler since day 1and if I didn't do some efforts from my end I don't what would happen. And now, here I am posting and asking for help. And worried, that this might end up that they will make up same judgement same from the other forums that I have seen and ending up with nothing, which should not be the same case as Bitgame have said that there was only abnormality in one of my bettings and they only need the data from the supplier (which they have received already) and like  what I have said on the first part logically even with the abnormality they don't supposed to hold the full amount of withdrawals. 

    I'm very upset right now. I was okay at first winning and losing before and  previous withdrawals were ok, 2-3delay but it goes through. But now it has been 28days thats why here I am asking for help and also checking other sites and the local authorities in Curacao in order to help me.

    I have screenshots with all the conversations, emails

    And also my withdrawal requests and deposits.

    my ID is 609232273

  • Hello Marrion,

    Please be advised that we do not have Bitgame Casino listed on our site. We will try to get in touch with them anyway and inquire about your case. Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates.

  • Thank you, Lcb. I hope you and Curacao Authorities might able to help me as they asked to me save all screenshots of transactions, conversations, emails(with no response) with them to avoid for Bitgame to flip the story or making other excuses. Appreciate it. As I have been patient with their reasons and delays. It's really frustrating already.

    Thanks again

  • Hello Marrion,

    Unfortunately, we haven't heard back from the casino thus far, we'll send them a reminder email in hopes that they will respond.

  • Lookingn forward to it. Thank you, LCB

  • Hello Lcb,

    Any updates in regard with my concern?

    Thank you

  • So far we don't have any updates, just sent a reminder email. Once we hear back, the thread will be updated. 

  • Marrion, we never received a response to the emails sent. We just sent one more reminder. 

  • Thank you, Marija. I will be waiting for the next update

  • Hello Marija,

    Following up on my complaint.

    Thank you so much.


  • Due to Bitgame Casino not responding to our emails, we will mark this case as UNRESOLVED! In case we do hear back we will re-open the case and assist further. 

  • Hello Marija, Could you please help me following up with Bitgame in regard with this matter. Please. It has been 41days now for my 15,000usd frozen withdrawals. Please

  • Really sorry but the casino is unresponsive. No one responded to the emails we sent, if we do get a reply thread will be updated. 


  • Do you think it would help if we contact them through telegram their active channel?

  • Yes, you can try, but we use emails for official correspondence. Until today, no one responded to us, if you get an update, please let us know. 

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