UNRESOLVED: Blizz casino (Blizz.io) Support team possible hijacked my account themselves and took my money ($10,926.28)

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  • Hello I would like to start this very long post by saying if this is the case, this is one of the biggest scam sites ever or the support team is corrupt and has gone rogue.  Basically my account email was changed without any email confirmation or notification, thus giving my account away with a $10,926.28 withdrawal pending to me.  Don't worry, I have saved all of the chat logs I have had with live chat agents and sent the transcripts to my email.  The extremely suspicious part, which is where I think the support team is corrupt and has gone rogue, is where according to their live support chat agent, the only way to change an account's email is :  
    "[21:52]    Steve: If anyone one wants to change their email they have to :- provide your currently registered email address; - provide us with information regarding your recently played slots and recently payment method used for deposits; - please also attach the copy of your ID.

    Ok, so maybe the hacker has my id, right?  According to the head of the support department, Matt,
    [16:51]    Matt Blizz: Our techincal team checked the account, and it seems like the "hacker" did not enter your ID pages, as we can see from our admin log.

    So basically someone from the support team changed my email to some other email and possibly just took my account for themselves?  It makes no sense otherwise, since the user cannot change the email themselves and has to contact the support, there is no other way to change the email.

    This started in August, and I am only making this post now because as of recently, the top of the support team agent, named Matt, has stopped responding to me as of 2 weeks now after stalling for nearly 4 months and promising me over and over that I would receive access to my account back.  I have all of the screenshots, and luckily the day that my account was locked and email changed I opened the live chat, and the support member in the chat possibly wasn't informed what was going on, and he sent me all the screenshots of my balance and withdraws before my account email was changed.  I won't be providing the screenshots here because the support team member sent me screenshots of the database and my account with the withdrawals and the account # and all of that, it may be a security risk, but if needed to the casino representative I will send them to them.  

    I have sent back and forth nearly 100 emails with Matt, who again, is the head of the support team.  I don't know if Matt is behind this, or someone else, if the upper management even knows of my case, I don't know what's happening because all I can contact is the support team.  This is not just a small amount of money, again, this is $10,926.28 USD, and I don't know what to do here.  This post does not include all of the details, and if the casino rep or someone from the casino can respond, I can provide ALL of the details, I have chat logs, screenshots of my final withdrawal that was cancelled after my email was changed, and everything necessary to prove that this happened and all of the chat logs from the support teams have been emailed to me at the conclusion of the conversations with them.  

    Please let me know what I should do from here, because I'm desperate at this point and scared that I won't ever get my money man.  Matt has promised me for over 4 months now that I would get it back, but he could even be behind it man.

  • Hey BobPhiji334,

    Could you please send us your Casino Username via private message so we can get in touch with Casino Rep in order to help you?

  • Sent my username and email to you, it is most likely better to use my email in this case.

  • Hey BobPhiji334,

    Thanks for sharing your credentials. We will notify Casino Rep regarding this matter and once we get an update we will let you know. Please keep us posted.

  • Okay, let me know if any more information is required.  Do you have any suggestions on any other steps to take while waiting for a response?  I've been in contact with the head of support (Matt in my post) for 4 months now and it has gotten nowhere in regards to my balance.  

  • Hey BobPhiji334,

    Unfortunately we can not be helpful before they provide us with clarification about your case. Let's see first what will be an answer from Casino Rep. Keep us posted.

  • Hey BobPhiji334,

    We are still waiting for a response from Casino Rep. We will send them a reminder email in hopes that we will get some updates. Please keep posted.

  • Hey BobPhiji334,

    We are forced to close this complaint due to Casino unresponsiveness. Unfortunately we can not help if we don't have any information regarding this matter.

  • What should I do here... they are holding $10,926.28 of my money... 

  • If you want I can send you my whole folder and complete context with an overview of the entire situation, but I would rather send that in private messages and it would include all of the information needed to show that this is happening.

  • Hey BobPhiji334,

    Unfortunately we can not help you because we don't have any information from the Casino but you can make your complaint to Antillephone License (complaints @ antillephone.us). We will send you the contact via private message so you can reach out to them.  Hope you will resolve this case as soon as possible. Crossing fingers.

  • I received an email from the support of the casino saying they wanted to continue on here and were going to reopen my post, have you guys received any information on this from the casino rep ?

  • Hey BobPhiji334,

    Casino Rep got back to us with the clarification that your account was hacked many months ago so they need to take all the measures to be sure that you are are a right person. They need to request more documents like a selfie with the ID and a video call. They will do everything to protect customers account when it's compromised. They need to go through a long list of things to make sure that they are working with the right person.

    Country that is in your post is not correct compared to KYC, and it's also not your KYCED name.

    Please send them all the required information and hope that it will be resolved very soon.

    Happy New Year Bob. All the best!

  • Yea I signed up on LCB using my throwaway facebook lol, I do this for most forums for privacy.  Anyone could see "Bob Phiji" and know that's not a real name 😂.Also I haven't been contacted by the casino rep or the support requesting for this info, I have been requested to fill out tiers 2-4 of their KYC verification on the new account they had me create, and my account is fully verified.  Where is the casino rep  now?  I haven't received any messages or emails from them and I also have been in communication with them with the original email of the hacked account, so there really shouldn't be a question after I did the full KYC.

  • One of my main concerns is they never confirmed the amount that they basically gave away by changing my email to whoever they gave it away to, and my post has the exact amount in my balance before my email was changed.  Could you guys ask the casino rep to confirm that my balance will actually be returned?

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