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  • Hi fellow spinners,

    ive deposited on casollo.com through paysafe prepaid card, won a bit of money, cleared wager, and now the site is delaying my withdrawal. After reading some complaints online im now really scared for my money, as it seems this site is lately having liqudity issues, tons of delayed payments and unresolved issues with players.

    Im a youtuber/streamer and i have all the winnings filmed, i also recoreded all communication with the staff.

    I never had issues like this so im asking u guys for help on how to sort this matter. Ive already wrote to slot manufacturers i played and won on, to confirm the validity of the games.

    Its now been 7 days since the verification docs were sent, the site promotes 12h whitdrawal process so im not sure if i should wait it out, or not. As ive said i dont have any experiences dealin with this stuff so i dont know if waiting for too long will additionally harm my issue.

    Any tips?


  • Hi┬áBumSlotMan,

    As far as I can see cashout time is not announced on their website. No problem, please private message me your casino username so we can contact the casino rep and ask what's the status of your withdrawal. 

  • Hi Melissa,

    on their home page under Why Casollo section, on the left side.

    And as ive said, the communication with them is highly unusual, no responce from support over email etc... Ive asked them directly what are their processing times in practice, but the support is telling me they dont have that info, which is really weird as the same support is able to give out bonuses and help u with payments etc, so not knowing approx times is very suspicious to me.

    I will be glad to wait for the payout if they give me a deadline.

    Ill send you PM now, thank you. ;)

  • Thanks for your feedback. The casino has been notified. Hope they'll get back to us with relevant answers. Keep you posted.┬á

  • Ty Melissa.

    hope they get straight with me. it would be such a dissapointment to see them bein not able to, cause i really like this casino,  its simple, and has most of my favorite games.

  • Hi┬áBumSlotMan,

    we still haven't heard back from the casino. We sent another reminder today. Let's see if they come back to us. 

  • Me neither. :( thank you for trying ;)

  • Seems a casino is getting on the warning list soon if they keep up with these poor costumer service actions ... This isnt the first complaint and they wont reply to LCB and the players .... :(

  • I cannot tell you how pissed I am. I was thinking about starting my own stream for a while now, but never had good enough wins filmed to start gathering good video material for yt etc... and then when I finally do get clips and my starting money, it all goes south. If they turn out to be scammers, i cant even promote the clips. :D I am in contact with push gaming to confirm the validity of those wins, so if they turn out to be valid games, i can still promote them, ill just cut out url of the casino.

    I just wish they could be fair n square with their users. Just respond to my mail, explain you have liquidity problems, or whatever, and set dates! Ignoring the $#&"%! out of me, is just making me want to take a bus to Curacao and give them a visit. :D :D ;)

  • Man! I totally understand your feelings and I hear what you are saying!

    That a casino is ignoring their players when it comes to withdraw might be the worst thing there is !!! brrrrr

    I like that idea though ... taking that bus hahaha ... I would love to see the look on their faces when you will show up :D

  • :D yep :D well...i might get paid, or i might just dissapear, cause if this is some white collar mafia scam op i would be up to no good :D the last thing i would hear before i die would be: how da fck did you find us?! :D :D :D

  • They are literally mocking their users :O :O :D

  • Hm! That's not good. We emailed them but still haven't heard anything yet.┬á

  • MelissaN,

    no use. I told support that if they dont reply to my mails in a reasonable time I will be forced to go public with all info and video material i have on them, and that I will notify their license issuer, warn streamers and users on casino forums  etc...he simply replied: Go Ahead & Have a good day. :D :D

    How this casino still operates with cooperation with Push gaming, PlayNgo...why do Skrill, paysafe card etc help them to scam users is beyond me. But I certanly will demand explanation from the payment gateways why are they involved in criminal activities. My friend was scammed a few years back (he was scammed when buying a car from Spain). He sent the money over a certain payment system but never received the car. He reported it to Europol...after half a year europol contacted him saying that they found the woman and got her, but if he wants his money back, he has to sue the payment system, because they were the one enabling this crime by allowing the woman to scam over their channels, so I know they are responsible under international laws for criminal activities like this.

    But over all, i dont think ill ever see my money...

  • It is getting more and more crazy with the day with this casino .... And what a total sh*thead from the live chat!!! They truly dont care for their players, another very sad fact! :(

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