UNRESOLVED: Chumba Casino Deactivated my accounts for no reason

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  • Dear members if you have funds on your SandBox Casino accounts please withdraw them before October 1st as the casino will be closingtemporarily.


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  • When I did the research, I got more confused as I came across example like some providers give no deposit or free sign-up bonuses.


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  • Chumba Casino deactivated my account for no reason?? I tried reaching out to the customer support but no one responded. My email for Chumba Casino is smith*****@

  • Hello smith6679s@yahoo.ca,

    Thanks for sharing your account credentials. We will ping Casino Representative in order to resolve your issue.

  • Hey smith6679s@yahoo.ca,

    That's a good news, we are glad that you've been provided with the update. Let us know when you get your case resolved. thumbs_up

  • My account still remain deactivated and it seems like I am not the only one! There are at least hundreds of people online who are experiencing similar issues with online casino's under VGW umbrella (Luckyland Slots, Global Poker and Chumba Casino). I believe they are doing this NOT to pay these players and to really minimizie their losses. I briefly consulted with a lawyer regarding this matter and  his off the record insight was What VGW is doing is illegal and he believes I may have a case. I am seriously considering starting a class action lawsuit against VGW if my account is NOT restored in a timely manner.

  • Hi smith6679s@yahoo.ca,

    We completely understand your concerns, and we still haven't received any update from the Casino. You can always complain about the license that the casino has. Try an appeal HERE, maybe it will help.

  • I have spoken to people who's accounts been deactivated for as long as two week without clear explanation why? Only response these people were getting is wait, we will get back to you! This is just wrong.. someone from VGW should respond to this!

  • Any help is very much appreciated!  

  • Hi smith6679s@yahoo.ca,

    We are so sorry that you are having this kind of issue with this Casino. We can only advise you to try with a complaint about the license that the Casino has, because that is the best way to check their validation. We will keep trying to get in touch with them. Hope that this case will be resolved very soon. Keep you posted for any update.

  • My account still remain deactivated and they haven't  responded to any of my support requests. Lots of the people are reporting online their accounts are getting deactivated, reactivated and then a day later deactivated again and some permanently banned. There are literally hundreds.. furious!! Have you heard back from Chumba at all? 

  • Hello smith6679s,

    Unfortunately, we haven't received any response from the Casino thus far. We'll send them a reminder in hopes that they will respond.

  • After waiting for almost a week I got an email from Chumba Casino saying my account is permanently banned and they are not able to disclose any information leading to this decision. There are literally hundreds affected by this supposed "ban wave" across all VGA Platfrom (Global Poker, Chumba Casino, Luckyland Slots). I did not break any rules and I am devastated. Please help!  

  • Hi smith6679s,

    We are sorry for your issue, we are trying to get in touch with the Casino, but thus far without any response from their end. When we get some update we will back to you. Keep you posted.

  • Hello smith6679s,

    They don't want to cooperate. We just got a reply from the casino support team. Namely, they can't share any info about players' accounts with a 3rd party.

    "We appreciate your concern. However, please understand that we do not disclose any information about our players' accounts except to themselves. Kindly suggest the involved players to contact us using their registered email accounts. We thank you for your cooperation."

    Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to help you. 

    We consider this case unresolved.worn_out

  • I'm experiencing the same exact issue 

  • Hello JulianScott130,

    They don't want to cooperate. 

    Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to help you. 

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