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  • Hello,


    (I have a verified account) I will send my username by private message

    I made an account here. Deposit and won. My withdraw was cancelled in an hour. My account had to be verified. Followed all that steps. Verified in couple hours. After that I did my withdraw again. It is still pending for 4 days now. Amount is 3.500 euro

    Now it's day 4 and still when I contact them I get "it is processing" messages. They are "very friendly" but zero answers. Just wait wait wait. I asked them friendly. I wrote I'll contact lcb. Please help me with this.

    Their software is amazing good, but this is not how a casino must work. They say fast payouts but it is day 4 now and it's still pending.

    My username is also a emailadres I use in private life. I did not want to write it here. I think the best option is to send it to you with private message. To the hero who is going to help me. I am waiting for your messages.

  • Hello ser80,

    If you would like us to contact the casino representative regarding your withdrawal please send us your casino username via PM.

  • Hello tough_nut,

    I have send you my username via PM. Thank you for fast response.

  • Hi ser80,

    You're welcome. The casino representative is notified. Please keep an eye on this thread for the update.

  • Thank you very much!

  • Hello ser80,

    Since we didn't get a response, we've sent a reminder email to the Casino Representative in hopes of a reply. Thank you for your patience. 

  • Thank you very much. I am still waiting. Today is day 9. Withdraw still pending. Not normal. They write it usually takes 24 hours to approve pay out. 

    I have contacted them maybe 10 times. They are very friendly copy pasting me the same answer over and over again. I have never seen something like this. 

    Thank you for your message. I hope this will get fixed soon. I truly don't understand how this is possible with this kind of ratings 

  • Hello ser80,

    We understand your frustration, hopefully this will get resolved as soon as possible. We will try and assist you with it.

  • Hello,

    I am very happy with your help. It is just so frustrating for me. Meanwhile I played at other casino's because I won't play at crazyfox till they pay me out. 

    All casino's I first check them on your site. Read review and play after. At one of them I lost huge. At other one I won 2x. And they paid me out after 1 day! 

    This crazyfox casino is real little bit crazy with moneytransfer. They just want it to go 1 way. Their way. I have never seen something like this. Account is verified but payout NOOOOOOOOO. 

    I truly regret playing here. I have waited 9 days till I get to this point. And still I am very soft whit this critics. 


    0.5/ 5

  • Hello ser80,

    We would like to share some good news with you.

    Your withdrawal request in the amount of 3500 EUR has already been approved on June 28, 2022. Funds should be credited to your bank account within 5-7 banking days.

    Prior to the withdrawal request, the additional investigation of the player's deposit took place on the side of the payment provider. That's why withdrawal was delayed.

    We hope that we have described this situation in all details. Feel free to keep us informed of any additional questions at any time you need. 

    We will be more than happy to assist you.

    Crazyfox Casino team

  • Thanks for your reply.

    I just checked my account and it is still pending. The cancel option for me is now gone. So I think we are at least one step further towards payout. However it is still pending. 

    I withdraw on 20th June and on LCB website review of your casino I read cashout times Bank Transfer 3-10 businnes days. 

    So after waiting for more then 1 week and getting a step further. I am happy but still not 100% sure if the funds will be credited to my bank account within 5 to 6 days. 

    If it will. I will post a THANK YOU here also.

    Thanks for your reaction and have a nice day.  

  • Hello everyone,

    I received money on my bank account. So thank you for everyone who helped me. Crazyfox do really payout. So my opinion is changed. However I have a second cashout. It is also my lucky casino now. It can go fast.

    Hopefully this one will go much faster. We will see.

    I wanted to give an update about the situation for the players who had doubts. You can play here.

  • My second cashout is also on my bankaccount within 24 hours. Yesterday evening withdraw. Early in the morning approved. And like 15:00 o'clock on my bankaccount. 

    I had difficult 10 days with my withdraw. But they were always friendly. They gave me no answers but wrote I do not need to worry. Still you do of course :)

    Now I understand this is only when you payout first time and it is not a small amount. I can really recommend everyone to try this casino. 

    And big tip for everyone. Just put a limit on your account so you don't get frustrated and keep on playing. If you want to remove your limit it costs 24 hours. I truly believe casino's manage long payout times because they know players will get frustrated and keep on playing. This is just part of the game. I truly made this mistake maybe 5 times. Yes a donkey would learn after 2 times. But at the end I have learned. Just put a limit so you don't play your balance away. And just write a complaint here. They will help you. Thank you everyone! 

    PS. My message sounds happy. I am not. I lost huge at another casino. But I want to give my honest opinion about LCB and Crazyfox. I hope someone will hit the jackpot. Bye.

  • Hello ser80,

    Thanks for letting us know and for notifying our members about your experience. We'll gladly mark this complaint as RESOLVED thumbs_up

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