RESOLVED: Deceptive practices at SlotsWin Casino

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  • Hello everyone,

    I feel compelled to share my troubling experience with SlotsWin Casino to forewarn others about their potentially deceptive practices and ensure that fellow gamers are informed and cautious.

    After successfully completing the wagering requirements from my initial deposit, I was pleased to find my account balance at $2681.00. Deciding to withdraw a portion of my winnings, I processed a cashout of $2000, leaving $681 in my account for further play, in good faith and with the intention to continue enjoying the casino's offerings.

    Subsequent to my withdrawal, I received explicit encouragement from SlotsWin Casino to utilize my remaining balance. Their communication implied this was real money available for either play or withdrawal. They stated:

    "I hope that you are keeping well, and that you’ve had a good week thus far. I am reaching out to you regarding your casino account. I am here to let you know that you’ve got $681.00 available in your live balance that you could turn into your next huge win! We recommend logging in and get spinning! Should you have no luck with your balance you can reach out to our support team to add in some free play for your account!"

    However, when I attempted to withdraw my remaining balance, I was informed that per their Terms and Conditions, only one withdrawal is allowed per welcome match bonus, and any funds left post-withdrawal were deemed "null and void." This was contrary to their prior communications and seemingly adjusted Terms and Conditions, which I found to be conveniently altered in close proximity to my dispute.

    Upon further investigation, I discovered that the specific rule cited by SlotsWin Casino to justify the removal of my balance was not included in the Terms and Conditions available on their website as of December 31 2023, according to the Web Archive. This rule appears to have been added recently, most probably just before the removal of my balance, indicating a retroactive application of terms to negate my rightful winnings.

    This situation is particularly disheartening as it not only involves a significant amount of money ($681) but also exposes a concerning pattern of behavior by SlotsWin Casino. Their actions—encouraging further play with the promise of real money winnings, only to later hide behind retroactively enforced Terms—demonstrate a lack of integrity and fairness.

    Despite my efforts to resolve this amicably, providing evidence of their encouragement and questioning the sudden enforcement of these terms, SlotsWin Casino has refused to address the matter justly. It appears they have opted to prioritize misleading policies over customer trust and satisfaction.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my account and for any assistance you can offer.

  • Hello dania,

    First of all, welcome to LCB! Glad to have you here. smiley

    We are sorry to hear about your experience at the casino.

    Please send us your casino username/id via private message, and we will reach out to the casino representative to inquire about your case.


  • Hello dania,

    Thanks for sharing your casino credentials with us!

    We will reach out to a casino representative to inquire about your case asap.

    Keep you posted.

  • Hello dania,

    The casino representative has responded, stating they are looking into your case.

    Keep you posted as soon as I found out more.

  • Hello dania,

    Upon the casino representative response we have received, we must mark this complaint as Resolved, considering their T&C.

    See in full the response we have received:

    Upon review, it's clear that the player did receive communication about their live balance while having a pending withdrawal. As we value the winning experience here at SlotsWin, we merely want all our players to always relish in a win, especially with that being the nature in gambling. While we do provide the opportunity for players to continue playing with their accumulated balance upon awaiting the processing of their withdrawals, it's essential for players to familiarize themselves with our Terms and Conditions. The casino does not explicitly state that should the player win further, she will be able to initiate another withdrawal from her accumulated balance. The terms outline the guidelines and procedures governing gameplay, including the handling of winnings and withdrawals. Furthermore, the player was updated on feedback regarding the outcome of her withdrawal audit where it was communicated that her balance was journaled out based on the specific term below.  We still give our players the advantage to spin for the thrill while awaiting the processing of their winnings. However, it's important for players to be aware of the terms they agree to when signing up for an account with us.

    The specific term in question, Point 15 under Welcome Package states: “Only one withdrawal is permitted per welcome match bonus. Any winnings left in the live balance, once the withdrawal has been initiated, will be deemed null and void.”, had launched with the brand and has not been changed since. Changing of terms is viewed in a serious light as we understand the importance of transparency and fairness in our relationship with our players. Any modifications to our terms and conditions can have a significant impact on the player experience, and we want to ensure that these changes are communicated clearly and effectively.

    We aim to maintain trust and integrity within our community while also adapting to evolving circumstances and needs. Additionally, we recognize the responsibilities associated with updating terms and strive to uphold the highest standards of compliance and accountability.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. Should you have any further questions or require clarification, please don't hesitate to contact us. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're here to assist you every step of the way.

    Thanks for your understanding.

  • Whoa this is really good to know a d I'm glad I came to this thread and seen this. I have made my first deposit and played and am still waiting on a withdrawal from before all yhat

  • Hello Keithjann,

    If the time for withdrawal announced by Slotswin's T&Cs has passed please send us your casino username via private message and we'll contact the casino rep on your behalf. 

  • I have now been able to see there are some pretty good reasons to worry and reach out to you to seek clarification and resolution. First off thank you for your help in advance and your time is very appreciated. Regardless of outcome I mean that. I have now been trying to get the money withdraw for longer than what I was first told to me by there support prior to registering. At first, the info I was given for withdrawals I was told was once identity documents are received and account is verified that withdrawal times depend on method used in the request. They said Bitcoin withdrawals are possessed within 48 hrs and that payouts are instant. I then registered and managed to play through wagering requirements for the welcome no deposit bonus free spins I was issued by the agent I had spoken with and thosr freespins had a max cash out of $100. Upon requesting the withdrawal I was asked to upload my identity documents, which I did. Within 15 minutes they were approved. Awesome, right? I didn't get to see this until later the following day. I wasn't expecting the quick turnaround of the verification of the documents. I logged in and under the withdrawal section there sat my withdrawal request showing as pending. I then thought to give them some time to process as this has only been within 48hrs of account creation and just over 24 hrs sense making the withdrawal. I figured 2-3 days I would receive withdrawal. 5 days after the request I noticed a email stating that my documents were approved and that my withdrawal was pending to be processed upon the condition I make a deposit of $25 min and wager through it one time. The account still showed pending under the withdrawal request and I had a 0.00 balance. I initially tried the deposit with my credit cards and then again with their money card, but ether there processor or my bank wouldn't allow transaction. After attempting the failed deposits the withdrawal request was cancelled in attempt to get the deposit transaction to be approved. The 100 was then placed back on my balance. To my disappointment the deposit transaction still wasn't approved. So the next day I logged in and noticed that the cancellation of the withdrawal request wasn't showing user requested cancellation it instead showed that they canceled it shortly after I first attempted the withdrawal but after the approval of my documents and dated for and on that very first day of registeration and play. I'm wondering now if this was a glitch or error that might be behind the card deposit problems and my current withdrawal issues. Upon trying to make the request for the $100 withdrawal again to get it off of the balance prior to making the verification deposit I received an error page that said account verification form needed to be completed. All it said was that my identity documents need to be uploaded and approved. I had already had the documents uploaded and approved. I was advised to make the deposit and to reach out to support right after I deposited it. Being that I didn't want funds to be mixed, I reached out to support right after the deposit and prior to any play. The agent was fast and seemed knowledgeable. Asked me not to play. Lifted the withdrawal restriction. Had me request 100. Then redeposited the left over account balance equal to my deposit and placed it back into my account as a clean deposit. This is when I was given assurance that my withdrawal request was processed and that I would receive the funds within 24 to 48 hours and that the funds that were in the account were considered a clean deposit and available to play and withdrawal from without restrictions. After that chat, I immediately started playing for about an hour. The deposited funds, even though it wasn't mentioned, still were needing to be wagered through more then 1x based on original verification deposit request conditions and I did as a just in case reason, as I wanted to cover my bases with the wagering requirements originally set for the withdrawal to be approved. Well after 48 hours had passed and reaching out to find out the status and reason the funds had been credited to my wallet, I was told something disappointing. Now that theres a zero dollar balance, deposit made and withdrawal properly requested and under the understanding it was to already be received, I was told now for the very first time that there two-day pending period for withdrawals and then my withdrawal would process according to the method used. When I questioned how long exactly until funds funds would appear in my wallet I was given vague responses. I had to retroactively look in there terms for withdrawal time frames and they were just as vague and not defined or easily found. Under there faq's it only shows n/a for processing times for all withdrawal methods except there money card which shows 4-8hrs. However the withdraw processing times stated by the support and under their advertised articles for their banking system show and stated processing times and methods of 48 hr for Bitcoin and processing as instant. The agent agreed when I detailed this out and said the funds was to process out on that third day after which the withdrawal request had been first initiated. Which in my case was the next day following this chat. This was completely different scenario and set of rules and processes then I had been told up to the point, disappointing, but at least I would get the funds the next day. That day being today. So now on day three after having initially making the withdrawal request and not having received them still, I reached out and was told once again something different. They didn't even elude to or give reason just stated I was going to be issued the withdrawal within one to three business days from today. Like how disappointing. I detailed out to the rep all the previous communication and assurances. Only to be told my request was expedited and they were sorry. So now on the day of and the second promised payout date, they've delayed it with no reasoning and they've added additional stipulations and a delay wait time tactic of, "business days", into the mix. That pushes it into next week. When pushed he stated the terms are that payouts are processed within three business days after the request is received. Given nothing has been updated in the account section for the status of the withdrawal. The three business days are passed. It still shows as it always has over this entire time. It just shows pending. Also note they still are given me the possibility to be able to cancel the withdrawal, even now. Even though they've advised me that no matter what the max cash out limit still applies. Which this shouldn't not be allowed given the situation and at this point and time in the process. Not having anything other than these timelines and reasons and delay tactics and issues occuring, I find myself really concerned. I need someone to reach out to them on my behalf and try to resolve this. Being a new player who has by all accounts trying to receive this withdrawal for the better half of 2 weeks and having fulfilled all my ends of their terms, given all their reassurances that failed to follow through and the continuity of information I am receiving from them. I feel I have no choice but to seek help. 🙏

  • Hello Keithjann,

    Thank you for providing us with your username, we're going to contact the casino rep and refer to your post. As soon as we hear back we'll update you on this thread. 

  • Hello Keithjann,

    We received a response from the casino rep stating the following: 

    "We're glad to inform you that your withdrawal was processed earlier today, which fell between the time frame, and that you should receive the funds soon, if you haven't already. You should have received an e-mail confirming this as well."

    Please inform us once you receive your funds so we can mark your complaint as resolved and enjoy your winnings!

  • Thank you so much. Funds were received today and I am relieved and thankful! 

  • Hi all! So last week I won $2700 (rounded down) on Slotocash I had played it for a few days while I waited for my verification. Now mind you sloto had sent me their magazine and accepted monies from me. When I wanted to withdrawal they gave me the excuse they don't service my area and immediately deleted my account. They accept my money, knew where I lived because they sent me a magazine but you don't service my area?!?! They are 1000% a scam and I will do whatever I have to do to ensure people know not to play there. I played for well over a week and still no word on verification, because they wanted me to play down and hopefully lose all the money is my thought. I had won all this on free spins I received that was a part of my deposit bonus. I played through almost $3k so I could cash out. I never would have wasted hours of playing HOURS at a time of playing if I wouldn't be able to cash out. Why would I waste my time... horrible business practices and they're a pick and choose scam. My user name is Bluffington

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