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  • I won in this casino recently, I completed the wagering requirements only on games that count towards the playthrough accoarding to the terms of this bonus. I requested a cash-out on the 1st of December. I got an e-mail back then, with a header in that the sender is unknown, saying I can turn back my withdrawal for 4 business days, after that will the wilthdrawal only be processed. 11 days had passed since then, 9 business days, but I still didn't receive any single e-mail about the status of my request and when I can get the cash.

    I got a private message from the representative of the casino here, about then I should send him my username, and he will work on that I can receive my withdrawal in a reasonable time. This was in the weekend, since then, silence. I wrote him several messages, he didn't reply any.

    I tried to contact their support from the casino lobby, too, when I click the Contact link there, I am directed to a page reporting error.

    In the e-mail I received from them when I requested the withdrawal, there is a line, that say in case I have questions, I can contact them at the e-mail address... and then empty space comes. No address added.

    In the past two days I reached their live chat in the casino lobby, and they told me no exact information about when I can expect my money. They told me the withdrawal will be processed, but nothing else.

    I also discovered that if you visit their support page from the casino site, and not from the lobby, the contact e-mails are presented. I wrote to their general support and the casino manager. No reply...

    I feel that this casino lacks many features of a devoted support, the attitude seems ignorant. It is quite upsetting that the live support find it totally okay that in spite of the 4 day pending period written in their e-mail, it is now 9 business days without any e-mail notification, etc, no apology from them, no sign of effort to speed things up. It leaves an impression as if there was only one direction for money in this casino, the "in".

  • hello
    i have problems there also,made my first deposit there and when i did that i received a popup saying the progressives dont work so you can play on the normal games.
    but i did speak before the deposit 2 times with the casinochat and they didnt say anything and let me do the deposit like there whas nothing wrong.
    i got angry about it and they promised me free money later.
    till now not even a mail or nothing.
    2 weeks ago
    lowlife casino

  • It is strange. Their live chat is suspicious, too, I mean their communication attitude. They don't communicate like in professional casinos, if you talk to them they use words as if you were talking to beginners or everyday people, not like a casino staff. Their communication lacks those usual polite phrases that are written to you when you communicate the support in casinos that has a good reputation.

    Then there is this lack of e-mail addresses I mentioned, page errors. And now that thing with progressives.

    Maybe this is not even a real, authorized Playtech Casino, just some fake one. As I have checked they don't even have the Playtech logo on their page.  8'|

    I heard about them by an e-mail that was sent to me, but it was just a pure text e-mail, no banners, ands, graphics. Maybe this place is operated by hackers. I will delet the software right away.

    I will also ask Playtech whether they authorized this place at all.

  • he

    good plan,i follow  the results from you for backing up

  • I still haven't received a reply from Playtech, but I found the casino representative registered on Casinomeister, too, and he, as a casino representative has already been banned there for misleading tactics. So I am quite sure now we are waiting uselessly. This is a problematic casino.

  • Well, the casino rep, here, this guy banned from Casinomeister, now replied to me, and told me my withdrawal is not processed, because first I have to make a deposit. Is it really the messaging system of a third party forum where they should inform me about this, after asking the Live Chat in the casino lobby 2 times, and sending them several e-mails? Correct me, but as I remember if you miss to do a step for a succesful withdrawal, Playtech casinos (the honest ones at least) send you an e-mail about that you missed to do something, and please do this and that. Here what happened: after 12 days of waiting, they send me a message in this forum, and not to my e-mail address at all, that I didn't make a deposit. Should I deposit anyway in a Casino that deals with player issues in a 3rd party casino forum only? And not any way by sending an e-mail from the staff. Ridiculous....

    And this guy now also say the limit on free chip winning is 100€ as written. Written? Where? I have saved the terms of the free bonus and the general terms, there is no such a word about that... or can you see any reference to that on this page?:

  • Hi LCB'ers,

    It seems this casino can not be trusted. We have not listed this casino on LCB, so for future reference always be wary of new casinos (especially if LCB has hesitated to list them).

    @Sonio - The standard rule for no deposits is generally a minimum deposit required in order to cashout winnings and there is usually a max cashout. However, I dont see it written on the terms. With shady casinos such as this, it will be hard for us to help get you the cashout you won fair and square. We will try our best but the outcome doesnt look hopeful....

  • Actually, they have just paid my 400€ winning on the free chip, without needing to make a verificational deposit.

    They wrote me I need to make a verificational deposit, I replied them that I don't understand why they require this, and why such a reply last 12 days, when such a thing is not in their terms. Seeing how cumbersome things go there, I was afraid of making a deposit anyway., So I was embarassed to risk my money or not. But it seems they changed their mind and gave up with requesting things that are not in ther terms. This is a good. I am glad they processed my withdrawal. Personally I cannot blame them now, so I will keep my further opinions for myself. But what you think about them, you must evaluate that on your own.

  • I just received an email to say you have been paid.

    Glad this has been just a couple a LCB'ers who need some help with cashouts...wish me luck.

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