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  • I think they need more variety of slots and bonus games it's like they are all the same



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  • with a free spin and then see your playthrough is $4500


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  • Hi! NV.) csaino doesn't want to pay my that I am violating the terms of the contract.I activated a second account at the casino.because I lost my first account email and login data.

    before creating the second account, I sent an email to the casino to change my email address. but the casino never responded. and live chat is never available

    I never used the old account when I opened the new account.I never used both accounts at the same time. I have never used a bonus at the casino. I only played for real money.the casino does not want to pay my rightful winnings.

    can i get help please?

  • Hello noni0706,

    Since you were breaching T&C, unfortunately there is nothing that can be done regarding your complaint. Responsibility of every player is to read and follow the terms before start playing.

    Per T&C of the Hot.Bet Casino:

    "3.8.1 The player’s account must be registered in his/her own, personal and correct, name and personal details. The individual has to ensure that all data given at registration stage is true, complete and free from error. Registration is allowed only once per person, family, household address, email address, payment account number, site cookies, IP address and shared computer, i.e. Public library or workplace and cannot share any of the aforementioned with a previously registered account. This therefore also means that the player has to register personally. Furthermore, a player can only have one account. Any other accounts which a player opens with the company, or which are beneficially owned by the player shall be considered as duplicate accounts. We shall close any duplicate account/s consequent to the identification of the main account. If we close a duplicate account, deposits will be refunded, and all bonuses, free bets and winnings acquired using that duplicate account will be void and forfeited. If the amount in the duplicate account does not cover the amount to be refunded to us, we shall seek to recover the loss incurred directly from any other of your accounts."

    We will consider this case as Resolved.

  • Hi.

    3.4. A Customer may open only one account on the Website and with the Company. The Company may close any additional accounts, withhold or deny all payments, or otherwise treat all such accounts as a single account and consolidate the Company, in either case at the Company's sole and absolute discretion. . The Customer agrees that the Company may use any method it deems reasonable to determine whether two or more accounts belong to the same Customer.

    I don't think you understand the source of the problem.I'll tell you.

    3 or 4 days before creating the second account, I sent an email to the casino to change my email address.because I lost my old email and login details.

    I have proof of this email. but the casino never replies to my email. and no live chat.
    then please tell me how to change my email address. if I don't get support.?how to log in to the old account if they don't help me.
    the contract also states that they will help the player 24 hours a day.
    in this case, the casino also violated its own conditions because it does not support it. and no live chat.on the other hand. I have never used a bonus in the casino. I only played for real money.
    I have not gained an unfair advantage over the casino.
    in summary. I sent an email to the casino before creating the second account. please change my email because I left the old email. and login information.
    I emailed the casino 3 or 4 days before creating the second account.
    casino never responds to email. so I decided to create a new account. since it is included in the contract that they will help the player 24 hours a day. on the other hand, it is included in the contract that you can merge the account.
    I did not use both accounts at the same time. I did not withdraw any bonus from any account. I only played for real money. all things Considered. I think the casino did not act properly. and unfair.

    I hope you understand the situation now

  • We completely understand the situation. Even though you are breaching T&C we will try to reach out to them in hopes that somehow your problem can be fixed. 

    Can you send us Casino username via private message so we can contact Casino Representative?

  • in my case, the casino is predatory. and deliberately uses conditions of use that deprive the player of the prize. and engages in psychological warfare with the players. as he deliberately does not respond to emails. and expects players to break the terms

    please check the owner of the two games. that selectbet is making fake games in its sister casino. this company is a fraud.

    I can prove this in my case as well. but I can only send it to you privately.

  • I don't think this case is solved. this should not be marked as solved in the system. because other players can easily misunderstand


  • if I break the condition. then the casino also violated its own terms. because it is included in the contract that he will help you 24 hours a day. to the player. Before creating the second account, I emailed the casino to change my email address. After 3 or 4 days I opened a new account because I didn't get support. and it is included in the contract that you can manage the accounts as a joint account. this could have done that in my case. I have never played with bonuses. I have never used both accounts at the same time. i only played with real money. what stopped the casino from treating my account as a joint account. this shows that the casino is predatory and deliberately deprives players of their winnings through psychological warfare. since you don't get support.. and wait for the players to break the condition. in general, larger prizes are paid by the service provider, and the casino loses the players' winnings. I found several opinions against the casino. which showed that this company is a criminal organization.
  • We have sent them an email, and everything that we can do at the moment is to wait for some update from them.We are willing to help. 

  • Thank you very much.

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