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  • I have been playing at Jackpot Wheel / Jumba Bet  for a long time. I have deposited and withdrawn from both.

    The last withdrawal from Jackpot Wheel was March 2021.

    I recently deposited and I won. 

    when I went to try and withdraw the system will not allow me to put in my complete Bitcoin wallet address.

    i checked with support and they said that the system was having technical issues. To give it a couple hours 

    I tried again about 2 hrs latter same issue. Check with support and said the same thing technical issues they said gibe it24hours which I ended up doing reluctantly.

    This time the representative wanted to know my Bitcoin wallet name. (Which should be irrelevant) I refused to tell him name. 
    when the issue is the box to type in the Bitcoin wallet address stops or rather prevents about 7 or 8 characters short. Even though the amount I wish to withdraw I can type in the wallet address multiple times.

    while I was trying to figure it out I noticed my identity was not verified for some reason now. Even tho I had already done KYC in the past and received my withdrawal from wheel.

    I submitted pic a with the hour it was denied. I resubmitted and now it's been almost 24hrs and still hey haven't approved it or denied.

    and now all I do is basically get is hung up on repeatedly when trying to check with customer service.

    that was at a 1300$ withdrawal while waiting I have won a lot more. So I do think I'm gonna get any support from the casino 

  • Well I did only get it too except a different wallet is in the one that I deposit from but it did except my Coinbase wallet 


    Well at least a partial with all the rest of the wings I guess I'm gonna have to keep playing with until next week or silicon gets flushed and I can at least submitted it may be on hold for a week but I can at least submit it

  • Hello Mstingley13

    If you'd like us to escalate this issue with Casino Representative please send over your Jackpot Wheel Casino username via private message. Thank you. 


    4.2/ 5

  • I do appreciate the offer and may need to but as of right now I would hold off because I know it has a 48 hour review time and everything else that goes along with the r withdrawal And since I wasn't able to submit it in the week the time I know won't start really till Monday so Wednesday I haven't seen any progress made I'll send you a message thank you

  • What an absolute toilet of a casino group. Wait till you hit big and they throw a free chip on your account to void your winnings. That actually happened twice to me. Don't play at places that make you wait for a withdrawal by jerking you around 

    If you ever wanna hear some good stories hit me up. I got the chat logs and everything to back each story up.

  • They tried that. But I'm hopeful, I have received payout in the past from them, so KYC has been done. I did submit a recent photo of me and my DL. My address hasn't changed. I only use Bitcoin. But it's now Monday so the 48 he hold time is just starting.

  • Hi Mstingley13

    Alright then, keep us posted with how things unravel. If you continue to experience delays or have any issues know that we are here for the players and will escalate your issue..

  • So they processed part of it and put the rest of it back in my account for me to have to request following withdrawals each week until it's paid out. 

    I was in a. Lower tier emerald which mix with drawers 2500 a week


    It shows if they processed it and I should be getting it when the payment provider sends  But I did move up a tear so now I can request to do a withdrawal which I have of $3500 a week


    I can't complain because this all came from $20 deposit in original with you I was only gonna be 1300 and then they made me mad and I won a lot more

    so we will see how things go. But looking good I guess.


    I don't understand why the rest of my phones don't stay in a pending withdrawal automatically until they can be paid out instead of me having to resubmit it each time but either way if it gets paid out I think it's Mainly to get us gamblers to lose some of it back which I probably will so but I could win some more they did aggravate me a little bit

  • Hi Mstingley13

    As far as we can see you are just keeping us updated with your situation. Seems as though you are indeed getting paid out. Congrats on upgrading from the Ruby Tier to the Emerald Tier. thumbs_up

  • I received my text telling me it's been processed ( sent to payment provider). 

    With tier level  up I did submit a 3500$ Withdrawal.


    Just the maintenance that needs to be noted is Queen base is the only wallet that I was able to get it to accept the wallet address on out of the different wallets are use.


    my blockchain, cash app, free wallet, the wallet address is too long to fit in the box with the casinos/payment provider set # of max characters 

    unsure why the reduced #_ allowed for withdraw wallet address  

    Between jackpot wheel and Jumba bet the previous payouts i used both  blockchain and cashapp Bitcoin wallets. 


    I just received email from Coinbase I received my payout. Just waiting for confirmations

    I have to say Ty to anyone that may have even inquired into and for lcb being a place to vent and attempt to help.


  • But I went to go check it on the Blockchain the transactions in the wallet did it was sent from and two of the transactions that they were sending out 


    So I again I don't know if it's just me and attempt to try to prevent me for being ready to do a withdraw or what but the system that they are using right now and would not let me use one of the BC addresses


  • Hi Mstingley13

    Transparency with our community is always welcome. smiley

    Seems as though Jackpot Wheel Casino needs to update their characters allowed for longer BTC address..


    4.2/ 5

  • I'm not sure I haven't heard anyone else really have that issue with them I recently submitted the second part of my with drawl on the 16th so sometime today you should move onto the next step I'm so maybe next week I'll get that portion or the rest of it because I ended up losing what I wasn't able to put in the withdrawal for safekeeping

  • Hey Mstingley13

    Keep us posted next week! If you don't get your funds you can depend on us to escalate the issue. wink

  • I'm not gonna mention it could be a system issue about not being a use the other bitcoin wallets


    But since I did and was able to figure a work around as I can sit here it and use coin base wallet I was able to submit 

    The rest of the withdraw that I have left was processed today so 2 to 5 business days typical for the payment provider

    And again I would like to just relax a little right that's why I have played with jackpot wheel and jumba bet for years now 

    Because they do actually pay out any of the other difficulties well you just difficulties when you got a pay off money nobody makes that easy

    And again I want to thank LCB don't know if it was just coincidence or whatever but shortly after I posted on here I was able to get my with drawl submitted and to receive the payout with in a few days

    And yes I am still upset with myself lol not holding out and getting even more of a pay out but all in all a 60/40 split In my favor I'm not gonna complain

    I was able to cash out 6000$ off of a 20$ deposit 

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