RESOLVED: Jumba Bet keeps withdrawing money from my bank account

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  • Actually I have just emailed Emily - Lucky Creek Casino Host (she is the one that responded to my complaint about Jumba Bet Casino).

    I have gotten the description names of the transactions on my account from my bank and went back to the beginning of my transactions with Jumba Bet well before any of this occurred and found every single one of those "description names" used by Jumba Bet when I had made legitimate deposits on Jumba Bet way back in June and July. 

    So yes, now I do have solid proof that they removed funds from my account without my authorization and not only that, but my Jumba Bet statement shows that at no time during the month of October and since October has any of those funds shown up in my casino account. There are a total of 7 transactions varying from $20-$25 each one 5 transactions in October (Oct. 7th-Oct.15th) and then another 2 transactions both on November 24th. This is the email I received from them back when you got them to finally reply to my emails I had repeatedly sent showing the charges on my statements and showing that no deposits were ever made into my casino account on or anywhere near those dates for their site no longer accepted Visa debit cards....

    Dear Karla,
    I hope you are doing well. This is Emily from Jumba Bet.
    This is in response to your email asking us about transactions that were carried out without your consent.
    Even the billing descriptors, which we have gone through, were not from us, we can confidently promise you.
    Please carefully check to see if you don't already use Jumba Bet in addition to another vendor or online store.
    Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any more questions or need any more clarification.
    Happy Holidays!
    Emily Jackson.
    Lucky Creek Casino Host
    US Toll Free: 888 595 5835
    Another scary issue that has recently occurred with them, is when I went to the Jumba Bet casino site and logged in, to go back and retrieve my old statements from them, I noticed that there are 2 credit cards listed as "saved credit cards" under my options to if I was to make a deposit using a credit card. Neither one of the last 4 digits shown on those cards listed are any of my cards rather I have used them or not to make any kind of transaction with them. So I don't know who or how they got attached to my account because when i initially started emailing them questioning transactions from my banking account and even when I first made this complaint couple weeks ago, those cards were not listed as forms of payments on my account, but as of 3 days ago they were listed there, so unfortunately I have someone else's cards linked to my account as forms of payments and I did not put them there nor had i even attempted to make a deposit via credit or debit card since October 7th when the first unauthorized transaction first occurred. 
    So I am now wondering how competent their banking or financial dept is or the people working there that I have encountered these issues, along with a couple other members of LCB which i recently came across, and the fact that some innocent player has their credit card info linked to my account for which i could use to make deposits from, which possibly may have been what happened to me if my card info got linked to someone else's account and was used, but that I don't know. The only proof I have is that 100% i can now guarantee that those unauthorized transactions came from Jumba Bet Casino. I did not use my card to make them, nor would their site even accept my card during those times because of Visa issues, (which i have an email from them to prove that they were experiencing visa issues) and that even if they say I did make those transactions and maybe I just don't recall it, then my Jumba Bet statement shows that no credit card transactions had taken place on my casino account since a month prior to the dates that those amounts started randomly coming out of my account. 
    So I have emailed Emily, the one who reached out and replied to my emails, and sent her all this info since she stated that those "billing descriptors" were in fact not from them, even though they used those same exact billing descriptors back in June and July on authorized transactions.
    So i will keep ya in the loop on what occurs from this. And I hope that other players see this and use caution when using a credit card because for 1. it automatically saves your card to your banking options rather you want it saved or not, and there's no way for you to remove it or delete it from your forms of payments because Customer support must do that, and if they enjoy playing that site, to please use caution and to ONLY deposit via a form of crypto currency. Because after reading previous older post on this LCB site, this has happened a few times before and was never resolved and happened over 1 year ago and more. 
    Thanks for keeping in touch to check on my status with them, I'll let ya know if anything occurs. 
    Happy Holidays!!   

    1.5/ 5

  • Hey karg74,

    Thanks for such a detailed clarification. Please keep us informed and let us know when it's finished.

  • Hello karg74,

    Any update?

  • We will mark this case as Resolved due to inactivity of submitter.

  • Sorry, 

    Still not resolved, I can't get them to reply to any emails I have sent AGAIN!!!

    I have even sent the emails directly to the person who finally replied to my other email after several attempts and she has yet to reply. I still have proof that i have uploaded to them and no replies at all. I don't know what else to do if they never reply. 

    Sorry my internet was out due to weather and I'm just now clearing out all old emails.

  • Hello karg74,

    We will reach out to them again and ask about this issue. We will inform you when we get any update. Keep you posted.

  • Great!


    Thanks so much!!

  • Hello karg74,

    Casino Rep got back to us and asked us to ask you to contact their Support team, they want to speak with you telephonically in hopes that you can find the best resolution regarding this matter. 

    Thank you.

  • OK, i'll do that. And will let you know if I was successful in contacting them.


    Thank You!

  • Hello karg74,

    Do you have any updates? Did you manage to solve this case?

  • Nope!!


    Sure haven't. I can't get any kind of response from them in live chat or emails (emails go unanswered, even when i send to support@jumbabet or even replying back to the direct email from the 1 and only response i got back month or so ago). I dont know how else to contact them. They just refuse to reply back, and occasionally I will log onto the site and, as I stated a couple of messages ago, there is still 2 credit cards that are associated with my account that do not belong to me and I even included that in the emails with still no reply. It's as if they don't even read them.

    To ignore me is one thing since I'm requesting my money back that they unlawfully deducted, but when I note in the emails that there are 2 cards showing under my account that are not mine, I would think they would remove them or at least check into it, and as of 2 days ago they are still there. I don't know what else to do, I'm guessing it's a lost cause frown at this point, IDK.

  • Hello karg74,

    Really sorry to hear that, we suppose that you are desperate, but we will try to reach out to them again to additionally inquire about this matter. Once we get some feedback we will get back to you.

  • Hello karg74,

    We are still waiting for the newest update regarding this matter. Once we get a response we will get back to you. Keep you posted.

  • Hello karg74,

    How is the case progressing, have you contacted the relevant department from the Casino? Any updates?


    Good morning Berks,

    Yes and I received a call from them and have been communicating with a representative from Jumba. I do appreciate your help in this matter and thanks again for all you do in getting sites in contact with customers. If you'd like, you can close this matter, as it has been staightened out.


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