RESOLVED: Pledoo casino wrote off the winnings of 130,000 rubles and blocked the account

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  • On July 11, I made a deposit of 5,000 rubles for a crypto bonus at Pledoo casino. I opened the Razor Shark slot and started playing. After some time, the game gave an error and no longer allowed to press the spin (error: Exception). After that I played other games. I periodically opened Razor Shark and also gave the same error - an exception. The next day I continued to play various games. I checked the Razor Shark slot, but it gave an error. After about 3 hours of play. Decided to open the game again and check out the Razor Shark game. It turned out to make a few spins. One of the spins was even winning for about 3,000 rubles. The balance at that time was about 130,000 rubles. After that, I decided to see the progress of wagering the bonus. Successfully fulfilled all conditions. On July 15, I received an email from Pledoo casino. In which it says that my account is blocked and all the money has been debited. Because of bonus hunting. I didn’t save any functions, I didn’t leave any bonuses and I played only allowed slots. Didn't exceed the limit.

  • To my attempts to explain to the Pledoo casino security service (how and what slots I played) and that I did not violate the rules of the casino. The casino told me: The decision has been made and is non-negotiable.In the future, we will not respond to your messages.


    p.s I have not played progressive functions.

  • Hello misha mike

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. Could you please provide us with your casino username via PM. We will then contact casino rep to provide clarification on this matter. 

  • Thanks. I sent you a private message

  • Hi misha mike

    Thanks for sending over your casino username. We have contacted casino representative, keep you posted on this forum thread. 

  • Hi misha mike

    We received a response from Casino Rep and here is what they said:

    "Player's account been suspended and his earnings nullified, due to the violations of our terms.

    From our observations of players actions, he was deliberately playing accumulative games with the bonus.
    After bonus was wagered, player collect savings from bets played with active bonus

    We've also noticed that the player used a similar strategy six months ago, but his winnings were played out at the time, thus we were unaware of the misuse.

    Additionally, player couldn't pass our KYC through SumSub (verification platform)."

  • I have read the response from the manager. Please note that this answer does not contain specific information.
    I will say the following about KYC:
    the casino has an automatic online KYC system. When going through online KYC, I uploaded all the necessary documents and they were of excellent quality, but for some reason the automatic system rejected my documents. Please note that at the request of the pledoo casino security service, I submitted additional documents by e-mail (a photo of a passport and a selfie with a passport). After that, a response came from the pledoo casino security service that my documents were accepted. At the same time, there were no comments on the documents from the security service. But.... A few hours later, a letter came from the security service, which says that the casino will check the legality of my game in slots. I am attaching a screenshot of the answers from the pledoo casino security service.
    If necessary, I can re-submit all the necessary documents to pledoo casino.
    The answer from the pledoo casino representative said that they consider my game as bonus hunting. I will answer: I have already made several deposits in pledoo casino before, but there has never been a withdrawal of funds .... Is this how bonus abusers play?????
    The response from the pledoo casino representative says that I played slots with an accumulative function for bonus funds, but it does not indicate which slots. I openly declare that I have not played accumulative slots and have not left pending winnings.TO PROVE THAT PLEDOO CASINO DOES NOT DECEIVE PLAYERS, PLEASE
      1) a list of slots in which bonus rounds or accumulative functions or pending winnings have been postponed by me for bonus funds.
    (in the response of the representative of pledoo casino it is indicated that there were several such slots)
    2) information (logs) about gaming sessions in slots, in which, according to the casino, I took pending winnings or pending bonus rounds to the real balance.

    Ps: Perhaps the pledoo casino thinks that in the Razor shark slot (I played this slot with bonus funds) I had a pending win. Let me explain:
    I played this slot with bonus funds, but then the slot gave an "exception" error. During the wagering of the bonus, I went to this slot many times to play it, but the slot also gave this error. When I won back the bonus, I had 127 thousand rubles on my balance (with a deposit of about 4 thousand rubles).
    After that, I went to the razor shark slot, the error disappeared and I could play it. But .... I didn’t have any pending winnings for bonus funds. The proof that there were no delayed wins or accumulated features is that the first and second spins were without a win. Only the third spin gave a win of 3 thousand rubles.After making a few more spins, rounding up the balance to the exact amount of 130 thousand rubles, I decided to finish the game and create a withdrawal request and go through verification.

  • Here are screenshots about verification

  • Hi misha mike

    We will followup with Casino Rep based on all the information you provided us now and see how they respond to this. Keep you posted. 

  • Hi misha mike

    Casino Rep has got back to us and provided us proof that you were bonus hunting and in violation of terms and conditions.

    6.13. Bonus hunt is strictly forbidden with any active bonuses (Welcome / Reload bonuses, Special / Streamer bonuses, etc.). *Bonus Hunt means collecting bonus features that include free spins in online slots or bonus savings, then closing that slot and opening it after the wagering process of a bonus is completed.

    6.15. If the violation of the rules was considered by us as an attempt to cheat the casino, Pledoo has the right to confiscate all winnings and deposits without the possibility of a return.

    There is not much more we can do here. This is the final decision. We will mark this case as RESOLVED.

  • You couldn't get proof. I am 100% sure of this. The wagering of the bonus was without violating the rules. After wagering the bonus, I had no pending bonuses and bonus rounds, as well as no winning spins. You have either been deceived or you are in collusion with a casino representative.

  • I have information that Pledoo casino is cheating.

  • Next, I file a complaint with the licensing authority. I will post evidence later.

  • Hello misha mike

    Casino Rep has provided us sufficient evidence. If you'd like to file a complaint to their Curacao License, feel free to do so HERE.

  • Pledoo Casino has a different license. The one you mentioned is not one of them. Their license
    The information that you were provided is not spelled out in any rule of the Pledoo casino. The casino is cheating you.

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