PokerStars Unfair closure and not returning funds

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  • Hey Community, want to share my story and discuss possibilities of my chances to get my money back)

    Ive been playing poker for the past 2 years in Spain and it went pretty well, as I started playing live events of ESPT in Spain and even placed 3rd at ESPT Castellon.

    In early February 2024 my account got restricted and i was asked to present all the employment documents and my income, weird right ....
    Well, i decided to be polite and showed them that ive been playing live at their EVENTS and winning money and also I am employed, so i presented my work document, my licence that I am a qualified lawyer in the other country and my bank statements with my income!

    After 3-4 month of crazy amount of emails and questions from me, I went to play live in end of March in Madrid, where Pokerstars REJECTED ME TO PLAY in any tournament ! THATS WILD! I ask them why and what happend and they said its due to my restricted account. Jesus

    Ive never broken any of their policies, not using VPN, not multi account, not other programs, NOTHING. I like the game as it is and actually prefer to play LIVE.

    SO eventually at the end of April I got an email. WITHOUT ANY EXPLANATION that my account is now closed.

    Honestly, fine, whatever, ill play in other providers, but as it legally must be, return my money that i deposited with my own bank account and everything that i had on my account!

    They have asked my for the same documents again!! ive sent them! Its been about a month since!

    Its crazy how they can just take your assets and keep them, even tho the account is closed!


    Best Regards
    Daniel G

  • This just happened  to me yesterday and I didnt even get my funds or any of my bonuses 

  • Hi gotedan,

    Sorry to hear you experienced issues when playing at PokerStars Casino.

    Please private message me your casino username so that we could get in touch with them and try to assist you.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Shanna Ermine,

    If you wish to contact them, please private message me your casino username. We would like to try to help you and reach out to them.

  • Hello Bixy, Ill message you, Thank you for help.
    Ive tried everything 

  • Did they close your account ? or just restricted it?
    Jesus, I dont understand why is it happening 

  • Hi gotedan,

    Thanks for sending the casino credentials. We will contact the casino rep and  update you as soon as we hear from them.

  • UPDATED: Ive recieved an email that they sent some of my money back...
    I won a silver pass before they closed my account and ive been trying to ask them politely to compensate me for the silver pass.
    I got an email from them confirming my winning of the Silver pass, it worth 2300 euros. 

    But they act like i never had it ! That is such a scam 
    Seriously unbelivable 

  • Hi gotedan,

    Thanks for your update.

    What about the rest of payment? Have they mentioned anything about it?

  • Hello Bixy, so they returned 221 euro that i had on my account, but they are not returning the rest!

    And they had not mentioned anything about the rest, even tho i told them about the silver pass that i won, ive invested money in order to win it and had a succesfull tournament. Now they are acting like it never existed.

    I mean, i dont care they can close my account, but stealing is crazy at this point 

  • Here is an email

  • Attachment:

  • Hi gotedan,


    Thanks for the update.

    We contacted the rep for the rest of payment. Once they reply, we will update you here on the thread.

  • I truly appreciate your help!

  • Hi gotedan,

    Just wanted to let you know that we reminded them again. If they reply, we will update you immediately.

  • Honestly use a better provider if you can. PokerStars always seemed rather bare bones and shady to me. Luckily I'm in the US so there's an abundance of solid other choices lol Sorry you gotta deal with a scammy casino being cucks though. That's never fun. 

  • Hi gotedan,

    Do you have any update to share with us?

  • Hello, absolutely nothing, they are not replying to me.... I dont understand why is it happening...

  • I have sent another email to all stars Support emails, i hope it will help in any way

  • Hi gotedan,

    Please keep us updated. Hope that someone will provide you with any info soon.


  • Dear Bixy! It finally happened ... they returned all my money! Thank you for your help!!

    Unfortunatelly my account is closed, probably because Im Russian, but thats stupid politics....

    At least they returned what they owed me.

    Thank you a lot for your help and support !!!!

  • Hi gotedan,

    Awesome news, was a pleasure helping you smiley

    Therefore, we will close this complaint and mark it RESOLVED.

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