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  • Hello,

    I have 3 withdrawal requests from Posh casino. They are as follows:

    Player name Davidh728

    1--amount $1,400. Request #3930921 dated 12/18/2020    Approved on 1/5/2021

    2--amount  $602  Request # 3969525. Dated 1/2/2021   Approved 1/25/2021

    3--amount  $781 approved 2/15/2021

    The total amount approved by posh totals $2,522.  I have contacted them at least a dozen or more times in an attempt to receive my winnings. It is almost 3 months since I won the first amount. This obviously is much greater than their posted T/C's notes. 
    At first, I was told that payments would be sent the following week (this was in mid-January).  When that date passed, I was told the same story week after week. 
    Most recently I was advised that it would be another 4 or more weeks for payments to be sent (this was their message to me on Feb 9th).  

    I have requested bitcoin as the payment method for all 3 so additional delays from wire transfers or checks isn't an issue. I really am very frustrated that they will not pay what they have already approved. 

    in the interest of being courteous I will not include the variety of emotions I feel from all of the delay tactics and excuses they have offered me. When recently asked again today when I might receive payment, their Customer Service responded with a single word "Soon".  When asked to define and expand further on the word soon, the response was " sometime soon".

    Please help me with a dialog with Posh Casino on these payments  I'm at my wits end with their excuses and continual delays  



  • I have dealt with Sunrise Slots ( I believe they are affiliated closely with Posh) and although it can take up to 6 weeks to actually get my payout they always pay. I have cashed in on over $5000 in payouts over the last few months from Sunrise Slots.  I'm curious if you're dealing with Posh under the name Posh? Posh has been in the @email address of the person Ive recently connected with while impatiently dealing with my Sunrise withdrawals. I thought maybe they were one in the same.  Either way, I hope that your payout is successful and that it gets resolved quickly :)

  • Hi Davidh728,

    We'll try to reach them and see if they are going to get back to us. Keep you posted. 

  • Hi Helen,

    I agree with you in that I believe Posh and Sunrise are very closely related. I have noticed that during recent chat sessions, the person on the other end has been from Sunrise.  So if they are sharing customer service resources then most likely they are one in the same. 

    Posh has always paid out in the past (even though it has always been slow), however I've never had to wait 3 months. That's just an unreasonable amount of time. 

    In addition to the payout concerns, Posh just blocked my ability to use their "no playthrough" bonuses. These have always been available for players at Posh. They usually came with a 425% deposit bonus which provided a nice chunk of money to play with. When I inquired about why I couldn't use this anymore I was told that I was too far ahead of the casino and obviously I didn't need the help of a no playthrough bonus. Now my only options for bonuses require a 30x playthrough. 

    I believe that Sunrise and Posh both have similar bonuses and promotions. Maybe I'd benefit by taking a look at sunrise. 


  • No Dave don't do it Posh and Sunrise are one. It took me almost 4 months to get a withdrawal along with their lying excuses blaming it on my bank. They literally would give me excuse after excuse until I did a 3 way call with Posh myself and my bank. Posh finally had to admit that no wire transfer had ever been initiated.Finally even after that conversation I waited another month.

  • Thanks for the heads-up. I think I'll stay away from both. 

    At this point, I'm just wondering if I will ever receive the 3 payouts. It feels like they are actually punishing me for winning at their casino. 

    During trying times like what we are currently experiencing during the pandemic, a payout would life changing (at least for a few days)!


  • Hang in there. I played in a casino where I won $300 and it took 4 months to pay out. I went on there live chat to only see there chat was down. I emailed them numerous times with no response. Then I contacted lcb and they contacted the casino and in no time I received my payout. Hang in there good luck!

  • Hi Davidh728,

    Have you heard anything from the casino? Unfortunately, our emails never reached them since all of them bounced back. Please keep us posted.

  • Hello,

    Im still waiting for my payout. As if last Friday, the Cust Svc rep on chat told me maybe next Friday. That's the same thing I've been told for 5 weeks now. 

    What a horrible way to do business and keep/attract customers. 


  • Yes, they delay the payout all the time. It is crazy. Unfortunately, we can't reach them. 

  • Thanks for trying. They continue to be elusive on all points. 



  • Davidh728 wrote:

    Thanks for trying. They continue to be elusive on all points.



    I see. It's not the only case. There have been several complaints regarding this brand where we couldn't help. We'll mark this case as Unresolved. In case there are any updates, please let us know and we'll mark this topic accordingly. 

  • Hello,

    FYI  I was provided the following email addresses just a few minutes ago:

    write to your hostess at "help@poshmails.com "

    Or management at "complaints@poshcasino.com"

    or finance at "payouts@poshmails.com"



  • Thanks a lot for sending this over. heart

  • Hi again! 

    I've been offline for awhile but wanted to check on your progress. It doesn't seem that you have received your payouts. 

    Ugh that is so frustrating! It has caught my attention that Sunrise (who used to be invite only) seems to be open to the public now. I wonder if that gives us a little more insight into the state of affairs at the "gaming site". I do hope that you receive your payout. I've mentioned numerous times to the folks at Sunrise that I think it's a silly business plan to not take advantage of the gambler mentality. Don't give me plenty of time to think about the bills I need to pay! Put that money in my hands while I'm feeling that winning rush and you'll probably get most of it back quickly ;)

    To be fair,I love the reps from Sunrise and personally have no complaints except for the delayed payouts. Keep us informed :)-Helen

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