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  • So im not the only one they are doing this too? We there has to be something we can do MF. 

  • Hi LM Padilla,

    Can you please provide us with more details? Have you experienced any issues when playing at Jumba Bet Casino?

  • Yea so I been signed up with Jumbabet 4 months maybe and 3 weeks ago i made a small deposit for 25.00 and after two hours i never received it even though on my end it showed pending, initiated, and withdrawn and completed. So I contact the casino and they as for the address i used even though that information they should of had because the address was given by the casino because i was making a deposit to them through bitcoin. Anyhow they said it was gonna be escalated to finance department and they would contact me in 24 hours and guess what after 2 days no call email so I contact them through email no response on the 3rd day i call again they repeat the same bull provided the bitcoin address i sent it to and also it was escalated to finance someone one will reach out and nothing, i make another deposit just to see what would happen and it went through so I decided to make another one and guess what same crap not getting same bullshit from casino and i am not thinking anything negative hopeful it would show up the following day but it didn't so i make another deposit and nothing. They are most likely involved with some type of embezzlement they never have anything to say then they escalated it to finance and someone will contact me in 24 hours this tells me they are lying about a finance and are buying themselves  time to clean up their mess and continue stealing peoples money. Well 2 days ago i got a bonus played the wager and was able to withdraw 100.00 as requirements and today it shows on their end it's been completed but where in the hell is my winnings i never got it. They are trying to say I haven't deposited for 36 days so i don't get to take the withdrawal even after i was approved. So if i can save anyone the grief by putting this out their i am because one thing I can't stand at all is a bum that gets rich stealing from people. So be careful play at your own risk and hang in there if you are gonna make a issue because its a lot im not giving up. So Those MF that call you pretending to work for IRS are the same as the ones that are answering the calls and emails and are erasing any and all complaints that we are making. I have multiple emails from complaining and i just can't believe i have not one reply regarding my deposits not received, but i sure get emails 3 times or more a day with bonus offers! Something definitely going on and i hope they get busted for stealing money. And i have recently in the past week signed up with Lucky Creek and low and behold they got me for 100.00 and they rehearsed the same line as Jumbabet exactly the same so be aware Luckycreek Jumbabet and big dollar casino are connected. Jumbabet and Luckycreek already got me for a total of 400.00. I also want to make sure I played with Luckycreek for a year before going and trying Jumbabet and i never experienced them not giving me my deposits this issue has just started happening with myself the past 4-5 months. I can't say the same for Jumbabet because they started taking my deposits as soon as I signed up with them after the 3 rd deposit. But now both are doing it. I apologize if something is misspelled I rushed and i am still upset trying to do whatever to get my money back because I don't got it like that and i need that money back. 

  • They got me too, man. I have all of the evidence in the world proving that my bitcoin deposit was successfully sent to them, but they swear up and down that the transaction wasn't successful. I've tried to get help from LCB, but I can't get anyone to reply to my complaint or the numerous followup messages I have sent them. smh

  • Can you please help me with my Jumba Bet complaint??

  • Hi mizzkitty727, 

    Could you please private message me your casino username and we'll contact the Casino Representative.

  • Hello mizzkitty727

    We are in correspondence via private message. We have all the proof and necessary information from you and have put it all together and forwarded it to Casino Rep. Hopefully they can analyze your situation and resolve it as soon as possible. 

  • Hi mizzkitty727

    Any progress with your complaint? Has your Bitcoin deposit translated? 

    We still haven't received feedback from Casino Rep and have pinged them yet again. 

  • Hi mizzkitty727

    Casino Rep notified us that they tried to call you several times to help resolve the situation. Is it possible to organize an ideal timeframe for them to give you a phone call? If so, please provide the details via PM. Also, they told me they sent you an email too in which they never received a response. Please check your spam mail in case it went there. 

  • Hi mizzkitty727

    We have sent you a private message and made a post on this forum thread 5 days ago. Could you please respond as soon as possible. Thank you. 

  • I haven't gotten an email from their support team since the second week of June. I've gotten tons of emails inviting me to make a deposit, but that ain't happening any time soon unless they do the right thing and credit my account for the $200 in bitcoin that they owe me.

  • They can call me but the only thing I want to hear is that they credited my account. I know with 100% certainty that the bitcoin was successfully sent to the wallet address they have posted on my cashier page. I'm really tired of their b.s..

  • Hello mizzkitty727

    We have received your phone number via private message and will forward this information to Casino Rep. Please keep your phone handy this week and hopefully your issue gets resolved. In any case, keep us posted on this forum thread with how things play out.

  • Hello mizzkitty727

    Reaching out to update you on the situation. We have reached out to Casino Rep informing them of your new phone number, but they haven't followed up and reached out to us. We have pinged them again and hopefully they acknowledge the email and reach out to you as soon as possible. It is unfortunate that this issue has been dragged out for as long as it has. Hopefully it gets resolved soon. 

  • Hello mizzkitty727,

    Any updates regarding your case? 

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