RESOLVED: Red cherry casino and kudos casino not paying withdrawal

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  • Username: vagambler

    I need help getting this issue resolved if all possible, red cherry casino and kudos casino I believe are under the same management because the other day they both sent me an email stating  were sorry to inform you but you failed account verification without any explanation and then immediately closed my account! This seems strange that as soon as It was time to approve my verification so I could withdrawal my winnings this happens, they both owe me money, red cherry owes me 1200.00 and kudos owes me 500.00. I replied to their emails regarding why and how I failed account verification for I've been playing online slots for years and have never been denied a verified account nor been denied my winnings for various sites, have always followed all the rules and been honest and legit with all documents regarding my personal info and have yet had one problem until now. They have yet to respond to my emails explaining why this is so... I feel I've been cheated and scammed, this is unethical and unfair to me because I'm very transparent and honest player. Hopefully by filing this complaint someone will be able to help me get this resolved. I gave them everything they required of me when submitting the proper documents and was told your account should be verified within 24 hours and that's when the problems started, this was both casinos let me mind you. I just don't understand how you can fail account verification if you have never been denied and approved from all the other sites that you have a verified account!?!?

  • Hello Vagambler,

    Could you please send me your casino username to private message inbox and we'll get in touch with the Casino Representative.

  • My username is the same as It is on here, vagambler.

  • Hello Vagambler,

    The Casino Representative has been notified. Please keep an eye on this thread for updates.

  • Ok great, thanks!

  • Hello @vagambeler,
    Thank you for getting in touch.
    I have spoken to the security team regarding your failed verification. 
    There were a number of factors that were flagged during your verification process.
    Firstly, the IP address on your account was very sporadic, and that the address was pinging back and forth from multiple locations. Also, it appeared that the signatures on all your documents didn't all match (please not for data protection and security I do not have access to these.) Also, you were unable to provide images of the card you used on your account.
    Based on these flags, the security team took the decision to not verify your account.
    Your account has been passed over to the finance team who will shortly start the refunding process.
    Kindest regards,
    TheOnline.Casino LCB Forum Team

  • I'm sorry but that's the biggest load garbage I've ever heard from any online casino so far! I do the same procedure with sending documents to all other online casinos that I'm verified at and have never not once had an issue or been told anything like this! The multiple ip address is probably because sometimes I play on my phone while I'm out about away from home like on my break at work, what am I not allowed to play outside of my household!!?? Give me a break... all of my signatures match don't know what they are trying to pull with that! And the card... I did provide photo images to them with the mist recent card I used the older card could not be provided since it was compromised for fraud and my bank had me bring it tonthe so they can dispose of it. I made your security team very aware of that and they requested i try and show some proof that I owens the card like providing old bank statements which I did and i was informed that was accepted. So to sum this all up it seems your casino is doing everything in their power not to pay me! Very obvious and very unfair! This needs to be addressed again because I did what they asked of me and they still fail me and are coming up with ridiculous excuses not to verify my account! If need be i will contact your licensor and file a  bigger complaint on this matter.

  • @theonlinecasino team,

    Let me expound in further detail in regards to your reasons of not verifying my account. First off with my signatures there could be slight variations to those since I do have bad arthritis in my wrist so at times it's very hard for me to write or sign do to that physical condition and may show some variations to my signatures, but overall you can still see there is plenty similarities to prove it's me. Never thought once I would have to explain that to any online casino since I've never been questioned about it before. Secondly regarding the situation with the multiple locations being pinged I work for a cable service provider so I'm in different areas everyday when working and again I do play outside of my household sometimes. Plus I have a work phone and a personal phone which I use both when playing online, when one is charging I play from the other but I mainly play from my work phone because it seems it works the slots and sites more smoothly then my personal. Last but not least the whole card situation is exactly what I informed you of in the post above they have photos of the current card but not the old card that was disposed of but I did in fact provide the proof that they needed. Let me mind you that kudos casino only has the most recent card on file so the card issue should not apply to them since I've only ever used one card there. Red cherry is the only one with the 2 cards on file. So with all this being said I respectfully ask that these reasons be reviewed again for verifying my account because I do not believe the reasons that were provided were enough to deny my verification. 

  • Hello Vagambler,

    The Casino Representative has been notified. Please keep an eye on this thread for updates.

  • Hello @vagambler,
    Thanks for getting back to us.
    This is not a decision that this particular team monitoring the forums can revers. We can pass over the explanations you provided in your posts to our security team on your behalf.
    Kindest regards,
    TheOnline.Casino LCB Forum Team

  • Yes I would appreciate if you could do that, thank you. When can I expect to hear something? Because when I try to contact them they never reply to my emails or anything even when I replied several times to their initial email stating I failed verification and they locked my account that was over 10 days ago!

  • Hello @vagambler,
    We have received word back from the senior management team of the casino as it was passed up to Director level.
    They have stood by the reasoning given by the security team. I appreciate this is not the answer you were looking for.
    The finance team will proceed at some point in the near future to process the refunds for your card deposits made with us.
    Kindest regards,
    TheOnline.Casino LCB Forum Team

  • Of course, that's what i figured they were going to do. So with that being said I'm contacting the gaming commission because your casino is operating in the United States without a license which I've found out is illegal and also im filing a claim with matercard and my bank for merchant fraud! There is laws to protect me as well if you think your company is going to cheat me out of my winnings. Your company is finding every way possible not to pay me and you didn't even provide evidence that was requested of you so that proves to be admission to guilt.

  • Hello Vagambler,

    We've asked the Casino Representative to provide us with some evidence. As soon as we receive this and investigate this case, we're going to make our final decision. Keep you updated.


  • Hello Vagambler,
    I appreciate that this is not the news you were after. We have already stated that we will refund your deposits, if you wish to conduct charge backs then that is at your discretion but please be advised that the system we us for processing is shared by many other casinos, which could hinder any other deposits you make at other casinos that us the same processing.
    As you have threatened Charge Backs we will have to put the refund process on hold until you confirm which action you are wanting to take.
    Kindest regards,
    TheOnline.Casino LCB Forum Team

  • Hello Vagambler,

    We've received the evidence from the Casino Representative. Based on this evidence, we can agree with the casino's decision not to verify your account.

    We consider this resolved. 

  • Really?? Just like that, they have been stalling on providing evidence for this case then all of a sudden now they send it? Why wasn't I provided with the evidence that was presented? Its my account and my information, you would think that you would've provided that information to me! I don't believe they provided any evidence, it seems like your just wanting this to go away and therefore you marked it as resolved, which it's not!! 

  • Show me the evidence and explain to me why you agree with the casino on not verifying my account? I thought this forum was here to help the players and how we are wrongfully treated not to make me out to look like a liar.

  • Hello Vagambler,

    We can't show you the evidence due to the privacy policy. You can request the evidence from the casino by yourself and ask them if they want to provide it to you.

    If you are not happy with this decision, you can try to file a complaint somewhere else.

    We consider this case resolved.


  • Haha ”we cant show you the evidence due to privacy policy” There is no privacy policy if you got the documents from the casino they already broke that policy and you are 100% allowed to do what you want with it. Another way to do it is to censur some of the details with some black paint and then show it. You are in co-operative with the scam casinos!

  • You are correct... Lcb is full of shit and is involved with many of these scamming casinos! Lcb is allowed to see these private documents that clearly only pertain my personal info but I wasn't allowed to see them. Only an idiot would believe that shit!

  • Hello Vagambler,

    We are sorry to hear that you question our authority and are dissatisfied with our service to players.

    I hope we can change your mind in the future.


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