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  • I wonder if this ever got sorted for the original poster.  I have 5 withdrawals pending here myself one of which is a month old.  And one that is 3 weeks old.  The only reason why the others aren't as long as is because for some reason it wouldn't let me cash out funds until support went it and found an error.  It wasn't saying withdrawal limit met for the week or anything like that just an error.  I know this casino is probably on the warning list as they never responded to this posters issue but I have been in contact with support several times and in the past they have assured me withdrawals would be processed soon. They sent me personalized messages even saying they were looking into an issue where my max bet randomly went down after I completed a promotion.  Just to be clear these withdrawals are $3300 in total and all are funds from meeting w promotion, it's requirements and following all terms of it.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

  • Hello Frogurt9120,

    Unfortunately the original post complaint for Royal Planet Casino never got resolved. We made a new topic complaint for your case however. Could you please private message me your casino username so we can get in touch with the casino and see what happened with your withdrawals? 

  • Ah that makes sense, sorry about putting it in the wrong spot.  Sending PM with user name now.  Thanks!

  • Hi Frogurt9120,

    No worries, that is why we are here to lead you in the right direction and assist the best we can. Thanks for sending over your Royal Planet Casino username via private message. We will try to contact casino rep and see if they can provide us with a response to help you out. 

  • Just reached out to support again, same song and dance saying I have shared the urgency with the finance team and we are sorry for the delay.  All of my withdrawals are over a month old at this point with the oldest being 1 month and 13 days.  Just figured I'd give an update.  

  • Hello Frogurt9120,

    Thanks for providing us with an update. It's been 12-13 days since we last contacted Royal Planet Casino Rep regarding your case and we haven't received a response yet. We will send them a reminder too and hopefully they can respond and resolve your long overdue withdrawals. Fingers crossed!

  • Appreciate all the help.  This was off the first deposit I made with them and a the first bonus I claimed.  I cashed out the max of 1x the bonus + deposit.  Which ended up being around $3300, they made me withdrawal in chunks that's why there is 5 pending but I wouldn't even care if they paid one a week.  Unfotrunately,  I deposited a few more times waiting for the withdrawals to go through as they assured me back then several times (about a month or so ago) that my withdrawals would be processed soon.  I told them I wanted to start receiving withdrawals before I deposited again but eventually broke and tried my luck again but have stayed firm recently waiting before depositing again. Not bashing and honestly I would play there again if they just started paying lol.

    Random side note, I of course like many others have had to wait on many different casinos for longer than we probably should have and the better the bonus the harder it seems to get paid sometimes even when verirfied and followinig the TOC.  I do have one casino that paid me every cent I was owed in a fairly timely manner and it's similar to the casinos I have been waiting on.  I don't want to sound like a shill but I would love to share my story about it.  Where would be the best place to do so?  Again if it's going to sound like a shill I won't do it and honestly I won't benefit at all by doing so as this particular casino doesn't even offer me bonuses anymore as I guess they were tired of paying me but I thought their service was fantasic compared to similar ones and wouldn't mind sharing that story.  Ok rant over, thanks again!

  • Still nothing here, reached out once to them since my last post and Crystal the support rep simply copied the same response they always give me.  Starting to get very frustrated with them as I have $3500 in withdrawals supposedly coming and they haven't started paying a dime of it even the first withdrawal was made 3/9 and all are 2 months old at this point. 

  • Hi Frogurt9120

    Sorry to hear that. The situation is very alarming! Unfortunately they totally refuse to respond to our emails. We have pinged them two times thus far. We will try one last time, hopefully we get a response. 

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