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  • hey did someone made cashout from no deposit bonus? if yes ,how long it took?


    No Deposit Bonus Cashout

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    1 month ago
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  • i hope i am doing the right thing here, but here goes. 

    Slot Nuts Casino gave me a bonus and it seems like fraud to me, I dont know. Please read the following  Thank you in advance

    info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    info: You are now chatting with 'Joyce'
    4sure4sure: can you tell me what i have to wager before i can withdraw
    Joyce: Hi, how may I assist you?
    4sure4sure: hi joyce
    4sure4sure: i need a dollar amt i have to wager before i deposit
    4sure4sure: with my winnings and deposit and whatever you add can you tell me what i need to wager b4 i can withdraw
    Joyce: kindly stay on hold while we are checking your account
    4sure4sure: ok
    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to at the end of your cha
    4sure4sure: joyce, will you please read this coupon and specifically explain it to me:
    4sure4sure: Experience the best of our AMAZING Games with these HUGE bonuses this WEEKEND Each day get 25 FREE spins on one of our AMAZING SLOT MACHINES: · Friday July 10 - 25 FREE SPINS ON BUILDER BEAVER - Coupon Code: RKPBA · Saturday July 11 - 25 FREE SPINS ON CRYSTAL WATER- Coupon Code: NBF4M · Sunday July 12 - 25 FREE SPINS CEASAR EMPIRE - Coupon Code: Y7BV4 That’s 75 FREE spins giving you HUGE WINNING ODDS!! To keep your wins from the FREE SPINS, simply make a deposit of $50. You will also be rewarded with an additional $350 FREE - Giving you even more chances to WIN! You can take home any amount more than $800 - wired direct to your bank account - It's that easy!! SPIN NOW COZ YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!! ****************************************************************************** HUGE Rewards are yours all weekend long with up to 600% FREE · Deposit $25-$99.99 to get 400% FREE · Deposit $100-$199.99 to get 500% FREE · Deposit $200 or more to get 600% FREE Use these HUGE BONUSES to play almost all of our AMAZING GAMES... From Slots to Table Games, Video Poker and much more!! Your coupon code is: KXUPV With just 40 x play through on most games, you can withdraw ANY amount you win greater than twice the sum of your deposit bonus. There is NO MAXIMUM withdrawal limit. Claim this offer 40 times this weekend to WIN!! ****************************************************************************** Good Luck! Oliver Curran

    Joyce: That is 30x (free spins winnings $1,153.00  +$50 deposit) +350 free cash bonus = total wagering requirements of  $36,440 total bets on any slots.
    4sure4sure: do you really thin thats thats obtainable, also wheres the 800 dollarr withdraw "anything over 800 you get to keep, wired into your bank account" not 30x playthru
    4sure4sure: it doesnt say both it says anything you win over 800 and your deposit you get wired into your bank account
    4sure4sure: 36,000 dollars, thats just so far out there, really
    Joyce: I'm sorry but this is the term of the bonus
    4sure4sure: really, did you read the coupon i copied and pasted on here
    4sure4sure: so we need to add another 800 on top of that 36,
    4sure4sure: "You can take home any amount more than $800- wired directly to your bank account
    Joyce: Then $800 is the minimum withdrawal of the bonus
    4sure4sure: reread it please Joyce
    4sure4sure: "You can take home any amount MORE than $800- wired directly to your bank account
    Joyce: I'm sorry but we have the terms of the bonus here
    Joyce: you must follow the terms of the bonus here
    4sure4sure: so about the caps, but i sent you excatly what i read and used
    4sure4sure: sorry
    4sure4sure: im trying to follow them, you guys are chaning them. edward said i had to add the 800 on top of the playthru, does that make sense
    4sure4sure: did you read the same message i read and i have different responses from you guys
    Joyce: This bonus has a no max cash out bonus. However, once you met the playthrough requirements of this bonus you need to have at least $800 on your account as this is the minimum withdrawal required to cash out
    4sure4sure: never have i ever heard of anything like this before
    4sure4sure: you guys hate paying people who win
    Joyce: It is the player's obligation to contact  us about the bonus that you receive on your E-mail
    Joyce: as for us at the customer support we need to provide the correct information about the bonus
    4sure4sure: but you will gladly take our hard earn money it was from my messages on your casino website. thats ok its bs and you know it
    4sure4sure: thank but i wont be depositing under those terms and im going ntonshare this bonus on all the sites im a member on. thank you for not being any different
    Joyce: that is why are providing you now the correct information about the bonus that you received
    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to  at the end of your chat.
    4sure4sure: thats bs and you know it. why would any casino require anyone to playthru 39x and then add 800 on top of it b
    4sure4sure: 30x
    4sure4sure: thats an unheard of bonus and you know it. no one would take that
    Joyce: we are not adding $800 on top of it
    Joyce: that is the minimum withdrawal of the  bonus
    4sure4sure: yes you are, you said after the playthru then i have to have 800 dollars over and above before i can withdrawl
    Joyce: You will get your free spins winnings plus the additional free cash bonus. Once you met the playthrough requirements of this bonus you should have at least $800 on your playable to qualify for cash out
    Joyce: as the minimum withdrawal is $800 not added $800 on the playthrough
    4sure4sure: after i play 36,500 dollars, i then need to have over 800 to withdrawl anything
    4sure4sure: thats 44,000.00 seriously
    4sure4sure: oh no after i hit 36,000, you withdraw it from my account, then i gotta win 800 kore before i can withdraw
    4sure4sure: thats what your telling me
    Joyce: The $800 is just the minimum withdrawal       
    4sure4sure: so why would anyone want to win any money on this bonus if i have to playthru 30x what i win then add 800
    4sure4sure: please please please please read that coupon that is not what it says.
    Joyce: Actually the good thing about this bonus is that, let say you met the playthrough requirements  of the bonus and if you have more than $800 or you have $10,000  then you can cash out that amount
    4sure4sure: it says any amt over 800 will be direct deposited into your acct
    Joyce: I'm sorry but we have the terms here
    4sure4sure: why do you send these coupons if you dont adide by them and make up different rules
    Joyce: It says wired direct to your bank account not direct deposited into your account
    4sure4sure: ok im done its useles oh i seeok you are right about that i was just frustrated and couldent even get it out
    Joyce: I'm sorry if you are really con fused with this information but that is why we are here and trying to explain the terms of the bonus
    4sure4sure: wired directly into your checking account
    4sure4sure: why do i have to have a playthru and then a minimum dollar amt before withdrawl
    4sure4sure: you see cuz the way i see it, i won already after my deposit, according to the coupon i used, but you dont want to pay so you changed it qwell we both know im not going to win but thanks
    info: Your chat transcript will be sent toat the end of your chat.
  • ...and this is why they are on our warning list:

    Warning: Slot Nuts is placed on the Warning List for unethical business practice. LCB strongly urges members to use better judgement when considering to play here. This casino has built a poor reputation in player satisfaction. Allegations of slow payouts, non payment issues have been reported. We advice you to choose an alternative casino when making a deposit. It is extremely important that our members are warned and cautioned to prevent disatisfactory service at this casino.

    Just stay away from this casino - best advice I can give you.


    0.5/ 5

  • Thank you for your response

  • OP, with this casino it really don't matter if they changed their terms or not. Chances are they wouldn't going to pay you if you won. They are known for stalling and not paying for a long period of time, and when i say long period 6+ months of waiting. IF you get lucky and paid at all...

  • Not a chance to get paid  by this group, I wonder how they are still online because only bad things happened from them  in these years.

  • If i had a nickel for everyone this group has not paid i would be rich. It is always sad when i see a player taken advantage of. Maybe they will pay you but i wouldn't hold my breath  >:(.

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