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  • Casino username: sepperson

    This was on 2/22.22. The first time I chatted in was a little over 2 hours. I deposited $20 in BTC. The promotion I wanted didn't detail a minimum deposit in it's description and there was NOTHING in the T&C's about a minimum except to say that each promotion had it's own minimum so I assumed $20 was a safe bet since it's the BTC minimum. When my deposit finally showed up I wasn't able to add my promo. The rep I had on chat said the minimum for that promo was $30. I asked where I could see that info because I had, I assumed, overlooked it and was very adamant that that I had no problem paying the additional money. The next hour and 45 minutes was spent going back and forth. She couldn't tell me where to find the bonus deposit info and sent me a link to the main casino page no less than 6 times telling me to read the T&C's. When I asked her what page of the T&C's it was on she couldn't tell me. Throughout this time I told her repeatedly I would deposit another $10 if she could guarantee me I'd get the promotion. The chat ended with her telling me if I deposited another $20 (yes $20) I would get my promotion. I deposited, waited until it was showing, and chatted back. I got passed from rep to rep with no explanation. Somehow I ended up with the first rep again and she ended the chat on me. I never got any kind of promotion. I left my balance as is and played nothing for 24 hours just in case. Then I said F it and played it. I couldn't spend that long on a chat again just to get screwed over and hung up on.

  • Hello Sepperson,

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. It's a pity you couldn't claim the promotion as you were willing to cooperate to meet the demands. We will contact casino rep and hopefully they can resolve this situation for you.

  • KingNemo,

    Im sorry it took me this long to thank you for looking into this.  Have you heard anything back?  Interested to see if they respond at all.

  • Hi Sepperson,

    Its been 12 days since we last reached out to Slots7 Casino and we haven't received a response yet. We will send them a reminder and hopefully they can respond to us soon, but it's looking very doubtful. 

  • Yeah I kinda figured as much. Hopefully they respond but if not lesson learned.

  • Sepperson wrote

    Yeah I kinda figured as much. Hopefully they respond but if not lesson learned.

    Hi Sepperson,

    We will give it a few more days as we reached out to them just yesterday for the second time. If we don't get a response from casino rep we will officially let you know on this forum thread. Keep you posted. 

  • Any word back from these guys?  I'm assuming not but wanted to check in anyway.  Thanks!

  • Hello Sepperson

    Unfortunately there is not a response in site from these guys, seems they have gone rogue on us. Sorry we couldn't help. We will mark this case as unresolved. 

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