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  • This is for the casino bet 247 i had made a withdrawal around the 4 th or so then few days later on the 6th they asked me for my documentation sent those in on the next day and now still waiting to hear back about those and currently have a pending withdrawal of 650 that I've been waiting on since then to so seeing if you guys can work your magic once again thanks 😊

  • Hello Slotgod204,

    Please send us your casino username/id via private message so we can reach out to casino and do our LCB magic.smiley

  • than kyou i  did looking foreward to getin paid finally thanks :) 

  • Hello Slotgod204,

    Thanks for sharing your casino credentials with us.

    We will reach out to casino representative.

    Keep you posted!

  • havent had any luck with them yet me neither they jsut keeep tellin me to rest assurced the finance department is handingling it lol almost 2 weeks later lol 

  • Hello Slotgod204,

    We received the same response from the casino as you, stating that they are looking into your case.

    We have reminded them once more to speed up the procedure and to provide us with any updated information.

    Keep you posted.

  • ahh case hey lol okay welll thanks for the update and be a nice christmas gift that 650 guess cross my fingers and hope for the best lol thank you for updating 

  • Hello Slotgod204,

    We have reached to the casino again.

    Keep you posted.

  • thank you yea not sure what there issue is i answeered the finaces emails and sent what they wanted weeksa ago now and theey jsut went silenced ever since im even emailiing the finace team threew the reply of the email they sent and still no answer from them sheesh

  • Well i guess i was bound to put up with a casino like this eventuallly first one of the platform that i tried that literally ignored me and nvm you guys to welll giving us the run around was hoping that santa would bring me some luck before christmas guess not lol oveer almost 3 weeks now is a little insane not to mention i had went back and forth with the finance with a few emails before my documents were sent in and they replied like nothing then then they just went silent -_- seems like i aint the only one that has to deal with them unforntanly ahhh well this point i dont feel like ill be gettin it pretty much ggiving up on it lol if it comes it comes if it doenst then so be it ill wait a little bit and read some reviews on a new casino that gets listed on here before I go try my luck at it lol thannks for trying guys :)

  • Hello Slotgod204,

    We understand, and we are, of course, trying to assist you; we hope this is handled soon.

    An after-Christmas present can also be considered a present. We're hoping for it.

    Keep you posted.

  • oh yea i know you guys are awsome ya always helpt me and got the job done in the past and im sure in the future :) theres bound to me a bad egg here and there that wanna both give us the run around so thank you fir that and happy holidays ill call it the new years gift then :P if it doesnt go into the new year lol 

  • Hello Slotgod204,

    Unfortunately, since we never heard back from them again, we have to mark this complaint as Unresolved.

    Given that it's the holiday season, we might hear back from them in a few days.

    If that occurs, we'll reopen the complaint and keep you updated here.

    Thanks for your understanding.

  • well they finallly emailed me back didnt say notin much but this is what they said lol 
  • and they have accepted my documents to so im verified now just havent got the winnings just yet b ut its a step at least 

  • Hello Slotgod204,

    Thanks for the update. Please let us know when you receive your winnings! money

  • DID YOU RECEIVE YOUR WITHDRAWAL? on what email did you write them?

  • no i havent received the winnings yet i think the email was jsut a stall tacic thing tbh it was there finaicial one tht they had contacted me from when they requested my documents they replied once after 3 weeks practiacly so yea im not holding my breath i think its up in the ss aboiove there but it was there finance@ 

  • okay so I have too experienced a shitty time with bet-247 , last month , about dec 3-4 i claimed my 44 free spins , had a good streak of luck so i managed to be able to have the maximum 50 euro about 70 cad... then before withdrawing it i made a 20$ deposit so i could withdraw the 70$ validated my account , had my over wins taken off from the 70... everything seemed quite well , people on chat were all approving what i did , then with my 20$ played but did not win.... so now im here a month and a half after my withdrawal is still pending , i went to live chat they told me to reach the financce dept, so i emailed them 3 times, no response, and live chat just doesnt seem very helpfull right now... so im asking lcb if you could help, i d reaaaaallly appreciate it

  • Welll they finally denied me my withdrawl stating that the max withdrawl was only 15 times the deposit which was 462 or something and since the bonus is no expired that the 462 I was able to withdrawl is now void so I didnt receive anything after all this time seems like they were just convenlty waiting for it to expire before they actually finally decided to make there desicion. Blah

  • Hello s7a7u7r7o7n,

    First of all welcome to LCB! Glad to have you here.

    Can you please send us your casino username/id via private message so we can reach out to the casino representative and inquire about your case?


  • Hello Slotgod204,

    We have reached out to the casino representative again after your statement.

    Hope they will respond.

    Keep you posted.

  • Yea I feel like it was just cause i caused a ruckus for them on here and that I feel they saying that cause the bonus was from the welcome bonus and I had cleared it and even says I did before I attempted the withdrawl so yea at this point if they do they do but if they dont then thanks for trying appriacate it it happens jsut gotta move on and have fun :) 

  • Hello s7a7u7r7o7n,

    Can you please send us your casino username/id via private message?

  • Hello Slotgod204,

    We will reopen this complaint if they respond, currently it remains Unresolved.

    Thanks for your understanding.

  • Hello s7a7u7r7o7n,

    We will close this complaint due to the inactivity of the submitter.

  • Well finally after submitiin an officicial complaint to there license holder and them responding to my request Im assuming that they are finished there interal investigation they told me they would be doin on my behalf I finally received my winnings well the 465 of the 650 since they claimed that the bonus had a max withdrawl of x15 the deposit which overall its better then nothing far as im concered this has been the longest wait yet and the first time I had to go to the lisence holder to get the job done hopefully will be the last thank you guys for the effort much appreciated :D tilll next time well lets hope not lol .

  • Hello Slotgod204,

    Thanks a lot for the update!

    This complaint will be renamed to Resolved.. Congrats!money

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