RESOLVED: Suprabets casino is a scam

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  • Hello!


    I am Martina and I have a complaint about Suprabets under license GLH-OCCHKTW0709202017 and licensee Lima Invest N.V.


    My email at suprabets is m**** and I have occasionally used this bookie since July 2023. My account has been verified for months there and till January I have only lost money and there were zero problems with Suprabets.


    But 2 days ago I have won 2420 € and made maximum withdrawal possible for 2000 €. Today they locked my account stating I have breached their T&C under paragraph 11.5 which is utter nonsense. I played sports bets and casino games, mainly roulette and baccarat (I have won the biggest sum of money there). 


    Also I should have made my research about Suprabets earlier because I am looking at several websites across the internet saying caution is advised and poeple on several forums are saying exactly the same. When they win money, their accounts get locked. 


    This is a direct and simple scam by them. A theft. 


    They have zero proof for these allegations and PLEASE  get in contact with them, ask them for a proof about this. Otherwise they will get away with my 2420 € which is not a small amount of money to to forget + all other previously deposited money which I have lost anyway. 


    So the disputed amount of money is 2420 €. Date of incident is 5.1.2024.


    Thanks for your future cooperation and I hope this will get resolved as soon as possible!
  • Hello Martina44,

    Welcome to LCB.

    Sorry to hear that you are facing this kind of issue.

     Is this the first withdrawal with this brand?

  • Hello!


    Yes. This is my first withdrawal on Suprabets.


    They simply refuse to communicate, gave me this lame explanation and they stole my winnings and deposits. 

    A lot of people have exactly the same issue like me. They are scamming people left and right and I cannot understand how they can still operate. I know their licencing isn't the best but still? 


    I have posted numereous complaints and I hope their gambling operator will take some needed action.


    And I hope you can help me too. I would gladly appreciate this.



  • Please private message me with your casino username so we can notify the rep about your problem. 

  • Hello.


    I have sent it to you just now.

  • We received your account details and notified the casino rep. Keep you posted. 

  • Hi Martina44, 

    Just to let you know that we still haven't heard from the casino rep. As far as we can see he is on vacation. We sent another reminder. We sent another follow up. Keep you posted. 

  • Yikes! That's seriously messed up. I can't believe Suprabets is pulling this stunt. Winning big and then suddenly account lockdown? Sounds like a classic scam move.  I'd definitely push them for proof, don't let them off the hook so easily. Hope you get your hard-earned 2420 € back pronto!

  • Yeah. They are pulling this stunt because apparently they got away with it many times before. I have posted numereous complaints also on other websites and sent a complaint to their gambling operator. I have to thank Melissa for her effort! So far there hasn't been any kind of response from them which tells you a lot from them. Also how is one guy responsible for casino complaints at Suprabets is beyond me. I will fight for my money till I have to!

  • We'll do our best to help you get your winnings. We'll keep on trying to reach the casino rep. Hopefully, we'll get the answer on Monday. Keep an eye on this topic for the update. 

  • Thanks Melissa! 

  • We sent another reminder to the casino rep. We still haven't heard from them. Have you heard anything in the meantime?

  • No. Nothing. Total silence. Someone should have blacklisted those scammers. They have stolen money and gone rogue and I'm not the only victim. I'm one of the loudest one to speak against them. Its about time they get removed from every website promoting them. I have written them 10 days ago over the email and up until now zero response, I have posted numereous complaints and till now ZERO response. Don't know what to do. They have one of the weaker licences and GamingCuracao is notoriously bad for complaints against their casinos. Melissa according to your experience have they ever replied to the ongoing complaints?

  • As far as I can see from previous complaints, the casino rep replied our email and sorted out some complaints.

    I can see that the rep is on break. We sent him email and messages on skype. I hope the rep is on holiday and will resolve your case as soon as he is back. We need to be a little bit patient. Please also let us know in case you hear from them. 

  • Ok Melissa. Of course I will notify you as soon as I get a response from them and hopefully they will respond to you too ASAP.

  • Hi Martina44,

    We got a reply from the casino rep. Namely, your case has been sent to the casino risk deparment and your case has been analyzed and your payment has been suspended until the inquiry is complete. They say that they need 48 hours to make a final decision about your case. As soon as the casino rep gets the answer he'll get back to us. 

  • Haha thats funny. I was playing there occasionally since July 2023 and I was mainly losing money in casino and sportsbets and when I got lucky and bet big I made more than 2400 €. Risk department? LOL. I don't know if I'm break even with them. I wonder what they will come up with to. And thry are analyzing my case now? Why not before? This is a comedy.

  • I see your point. Let's see what they are going to say. We'll keep you posted. 

  • Yeah. Me too. But its easier for them just to close an account and wait for a player what to do. I have consumed so much time finding proper websites for a complaint and find GamingCuracao complaints procedure. And I am a woman. Probably they think I am stupid too. This is a disgrace though...

  • Hello Martina44,

    We are working on your case, as soon as we get a response we will update you here.

    Just to let you know.

  • Many thanks for your effort! If I get my money back please tell me how to tip your team.

  • Hello Melissa. More than 48 hours have passed and I haven't received nothing from them...


    No email from them, I tried to log in and it says I'm still locked. Everything is the same, they are just stalling everything and IMO they have gone rogue. 


    They do not have anything to blame on me and its crystal clear that they scammed me. As many others before.

  • Hello Martina44,

    We urged the casino to reply to us; otherwise, we must mark this complaint as Unresolved, which is affecting their brand image negatively.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    We hope we will hear from them this time.

  • Hello Martina44,

    The casino responded by notifying us that they would reach out to us regarding your case until at least Tuesday (January 23) regarding your complaint.

    Keep you posted.


  • So since 5th of January they couldn't provide an explanation. But they closed my account in less than 20 hours after submitted withdrawal request. What a shitshow this has been.

  • Well they ain't responding at all. Because they don't have anything to say or prove. Please blacklist those bunch of scammers.

  • Hello Martina44,

    As it is January 23rd, we hope to receive a response to your case, as they stated today.

    If they do not respond, we must mark this complaint as Unresolved, which has a negative impact on their brand reputation.

    We appreciate your understanding.

    Keep you posted.

  • Well you should blacklist them. They have stolen my money and refuse to give any kind of a proof or explanation. If this isn't crystal clear then I don't know...

  • Also how broke ass you need to be not to pay out customers? 2420 isn't small money, but not big either. They are just scamming people. You have an honest review on If they won't respond PLEASE put them on a blacklist. Thats why you have websites like this. To warn other people. You deposit money, you lose some and you win some and when you win they simply close your account and give no explanation to anyone. What a joke. This is a SCAM company. End of the line.

  • Hello Martina44,

    We hope they will respond soon.

    Many factors influence whether a casino will be on a warning or blacklist with us. Just some of the factors are a large number of complaints, a large number of unresolved complaints, constant non-payment of players, payment delays, unfair T&C, bad support, fake games, etc.
    LCB never had a problem with placing a casino on a warning or blacklist when needed, but these decisions are not made solely on isolated cases.
    Thanks for your understanding and patience.
  • Haha this is what GamingCuracao sent to me today (their regulator). I am accused of using VPN (which I have) but when you use a VPN Suprabets website doesn't open at all. I told then that they should give me all IP logs. They are all from Slovenia. And I am accused of using Martingale strategy. Is this illegal? Hahahaha what a scam this is. Both GamingCuracao and Suprabets are a scam. I will never use casinos with such "licences". Also BTE my winnings were not part of Martingale strategy. I made a baccarat bet for 400€ and for 400€ and then for 1200 € lol. 



    After careful analysis with the operator we detected that you have used a VPN, which is not allowed due to well know reasons (player that were banned, multiple accounts, forging identity, etc )

    Your country is open to play on their site, so no proxy/vpn was needed.


    On top of the VPN we see that you used a technique they warn players that is not allowed called: Martingale.


    Because of technical limitations they cannot stop a player from using Martingale strategy and a player might state that he/she did not read the terms. 

    So usually they pay the winnings and warn the player he/she cannot continue with the strategy and will be blocked if he/she continues to apply it. 


    On this case seeing you were using a VPN which limits their capability of detecting linked accounts or multiple accounts, you might have been warned already about this.


    Looking closer, you seem to be fully aware that you should not use Martingale, because you were playing in several games with similar RTP to roulette like baccarat.


    And on these 2 games, you were playing in different versions of it ( Speed Baccarat A, Speed Baccarat B | Turkish Roulette,  Auto-Roulette VIP MOB)


    And on top of this not making clean doubles like 1->2->4, but near double bets (6->15 or 2.9 -> 6.05 ) 


    So to recap, VPN by itself is completely not allowed, but all this also clearly indicates you knows that martingale is not accepted by their casino and were possibly warned in another account and you were trying to bypass and circumvent the system by using a VPN and mixing several games and making near-double bets .


    They made the decision to close your account for these reasons and according to the terms your winnings can be voided if this is suspected.




  • The biggest joke is that they claim I used Martingale and its forbidden on Suprabets but looking at their T&C this is nowhere to be written. What a pathetic scam this is. Fuck them really. Along with GamingCuracao. They only collect money for the licences.

  • Also a zombie with half brain would notice that their "explanation" has no point. If I were advised not to use Martingale strategy there I would have withdrawn everything and moved to another casino. But I received no warning and their T&C says nothing about this. This is crime really. So I'll open an online casino with this pathetic Curacao licence and I will scam people. Its that easy. THAT easy as this. They have made this all up.

  • Hello Martina44,

    We understand your frustration, but please be aware that we have no authority over the final decision made by the gaming license organization.

    We must mark this complaint as Resolved because we did our best to assist you with issues you were facing with a casino.

    Thanks a lot for your understanding.


  • I posted a complaint on CasinoGuru. com and they are on my side too.

  • Hello Martina44,

    We are not on anyone's side; we just have no authority over the final decision made by the gaming license organization.

  • I have made an agreement with the casino so the complaint is resolved.

  • Hello Martina44,

    We are so glad to hear that.

    Thanks for the update.

    We have marked this as Resolved.

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