UNRESOLVED: Wagerinox Casino Is a SCAM...refusing to pay withdrawal for 19 days

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  • I requested a $500 withdrawal from Wagerinox casino on 1/21/24, and still have not been paid.

    I send an email every few days to remind them and they respond with the exact same BS every time...;-(

    I notice several other posters here on LCB have also been scammed by Wagerinox...so it is WAY PAST TIME to blacklist these scammers!

    Please don't respond to this message with "we have a process for blacklisting casinos"...your process is OBVIOUSLY WAY TOO SLOW in identifying and blacklisting scam casinos...Wagerinox casino is defacto case in point!!!

    Frankly, it seems to me LCB is basically playing along with the scammers in this case (and several other cases), and letting them scam many more people out of a LOT of money even though the scamming has been going on since the very first day Wagerinox opened up!! How much proof of scamming do you need before blacklisting a rogue casino??!!

    I say stop worrying about your bottom line, and start being proactive in protecting your players...and IF YOU DO THIS, then the membership and number of views of LCB will grow dramatically imvso because folks will feel you really are on their side, the side of fairness and honesty..and NOT ENABLING SCAMMERS like you are with your current policies that give rogue casinos a free pass for multiple months (and NO, THE FACT IT IS THE HOLIDAYS OR THE PERSON IN CHARGE OF WITHDRAWALS BEING ON "VACATION" IS NOT NOT NOT ANY KIND OF GOOD REASON FOR A DELAY WAY PAST THEIR STATED WITHDRAWAL TIMELINES!! THEY SHOULD HIRE MORE PEOPLE IF THAT IS THE CASE!...An LCB moderator offered this excuse, wghich stuck in my craw as LCB staff should DEF NOT be "apologists" for scamming casinos!!!))

    I look forward to reading about a new "proactive" casino blacklisting policy in the near future. TIA



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  • Hello SkippyShark,

    First of all, welcome to LCB. Glad to have you here. smiley

    Can you please send us your casino username/id via private message so we can reach out to the casino representative and inquire about your case?

    Please keep in mind, however, that we have previously encountered difficulties in resolving complaints with the casino. We reminded the casino to provide us with the proper contact information for complaints, but we have yet to hear back from them. 

    Regarding your suggestion for how we should respond to you, we will respond politely.

    If we resolve your case or soon place this casino on warning, we hope you will change your tone when requesting our assistance. If we are unable to resolve your case, we hope you will accept that we did everything we could to do so.

    Thanks for your understanding.

  • Hello SkippyShark,

    We heard back from them, and they stated that they had collected all of the LCB complaints about their brand and forwarded them to higher management.

    We hope to resolve all complaints as soon as possible, as we have stated to them as well.

    Keep you posted.

  • Thanks for the quick reply.

    I definitely believe you personally will do all you can to help me resolve this egregious case (and thank you for the efforts of you and your colleagues)....But IMVSO you are severely handicapped by the over-the-top "rules" at LCB regarding blacklisting scamming casinos.

    IMO rogue casinos should be blacklisted after two legitimate, confirmed complaints of payout delays more than 10 days after stated payoff schedule from people willing to provide their identity and contact info (or maybe three at most!).

    After all, the blacklisting can be "rolled back" in the extremely small chance there was some kind of reasonable excuse or they suddenly decide to just make all payoffs...and even if casino does eventually pay off, a few weeks of blacklisting seems like a fair and appropriate punishment for a casino who was "slow-paying".

    The current rules for blacklisting casinos at LCB are obviously insufficient and need immediate revision. The idea that a casino can operate as an active scam for two or three months without being recognized and penalized is highly problematic, and contrary to the spirit and mission of LCB imvso.

    I won't get into a detailed analysis of why LCB mgmt has such a lenient policy in place as you guys are acting on my behalf here (and much appreciated), but that process should be a part of the revision of the blacklisting policy imvso.

    Thanks again,

    SkippyShark/Clayton Browne

    PS While a lot better than no communication, the reply from Wagerinox mgmt is VERY suspicious imo. It seems to imply that Wagerinox has been singling out LCB players to not pay off withdrawals...and thus also implying that they haven't been scamming other players...? A scenario that seems highly unlikely to me....much more likely this is just another delaying tactic giving them time to scam more unsuspecting players.

  • That's very bad especially if you invested alot of funds in there

  • Hello SkippyShark,

    Unfortunately, we must mark this complaint as Unresolved, as we did not hear back from the casino after numerous attempts to reach out to them regarding your case. All we did get was a run-around and never a proper response. If they respond, we will reopen this complaint.

    Thanks for your understanding; we did our best to help.

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