LCB (Liquid Crystal Blur)

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  • Fellow enthusiasts, I must say, this massive unity of all which hold dear, and amount of amazing information right at our fingers tips. Let me just say, it's absolutely astonishing. Not to mention the tenacity, effort, and pure sense of urgency required to maintain it. I mean, it absolutely boggles the mind. If I have any complaint that should be conversed openly and right up front, which could also be connected to the fact that I'm a newbie and don't know my way though the halls yet, but do we have some way to transition to a dark mode or high contrast mode? Anything to help the blur and double vision incurred after extended periods in front of our PC’s and mobile gaming consoles to name a few would help. Typically the blur and double vision associated with the endless hours we spend digitally gambling,would simply send us off on another adventure as for most of us there’s always something to do. At least that was the case before the creation of LCB. Now we all come here to "read up" and mingle,  Learning our trade so to speak, finding our skill set , casinos, games, our brothers and sisters, our friends. We also find something else here, those who will listen when seemingly nobody else would. So LCB, for everything you've done, and that which is still in the works or to come. We thank you!

    Now with that being said, Im  currently contemplating blue blockers , so anything you masters of the meaning can sway regarding background and foreground /color schemes would certainly add some longevity to our longs days and our reading here,  and would be greatly appreciated. At LCB you never fall short of your ability to impress, and with so many other levels of concept, opinion, and help on this site, the less our eyes our flickering, the more we can get done. And for that, we thank you as well!


    Best Regard,



    I'm not a Robot!

  • Hi Debakes,

    We do our best to meet expectations of our members with tips, bunch of information, updated bonus codes etc However, our goal is not just to meet, but exceed expectations in order to carry our LCB unity forward with new projects and ideas.

    Thank you for your thorough post and sharing nice words with our LCB family. 

    If you need any assistance, feel free to advise us as we are glad for the opportunity to help our members.

  • Hello Debakes,

    Your contemplation of blue blockers is a wise consideration for reducing eye strain, especially during prolonged digital activities. These glasses can help filter out blue light, potentially minimizing the adverse effects on your eyes. I use them as well thumbs_up

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