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  • Hello to all the players of LCB wink

    Happy to Join this forum, i will try to help you as much as i can into all your request or questions for our brands; 770red and GorillaCasino.

    You can PM me and i will do my best to help you as fast as possible and find the best way to make you having a good time with our brands,

    Great play to our Betsoft Gaming and Parlay Games brands,

    Have a good one,

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • hello. In november 2014 I won from free chip at gorilla casino. max withdrawal was 50 euro., but I have to make deposit of 25 euro. I have deposited and request withdrawal. I got to my PayPal 48 euro - but my deposit not, only max win from free chip ( but - 2.00 euro fee). Than Melcb help to get part of my deposit - 19 euro. But remaining part of my deposit 6 euro they dont whant to give me back. I should get 50+25=75 EUR, but recive 48 + 19 = 67 EUR, maybe can you  help me to get my money?

  • Hello Olegs,

    I did exchange with Melcb as well about it and i'm sorry we cannot take on us your fees from your withdrawal, it's like that with all of our players into our brands, and i'm sure you will understand that we cannot pay the fees from each withdrawal method,

    King regards,

  • Thank you for fast reply. I have played  only few casinos with fees for withdrawals to ewallets, most of casinos dont have fees for withdrawals at all. But ok, its your terms.

  • Thank you for fast reply. I have played  only few casinos with fees for withdrawals to ewallets, most of casinos dont have fees for withdrawals at all. But ok, its your terms.

    yes it is very unusual for the player to incur the fees. Well now we know and now at least players are aware of this.
  • Hi, Eric,

    I have a 2 month delayed withdrawal. I have waited repeatedly on live chat for hours, with no luck.
    I have 1550€ payout.

    I have joined after seeing you here. I have played in Gorilla for a few weeks.
    I first had one successful withdrawal of about 160€ or so; my account has long ago been verified. So I upped my deposits a bit.
    I have at that point spoken to you frequently on the phone, you seem to have phoned me almost every day with various offers and bonuses. I wasn't too keen on them most of the time, but I did take you up a few times. In any case, you were keeping constant contact and seemed to really do your best to get me to play there.
    After placing that second withdrawal request (27th of November) no word, and no response to emails. My account code is GOR16856608486.

    We also have a mediation process ongoing. Hopefully we can resolve this.

  • Hello Eagle7,

    I think Melcb told you to right here to get me in the loop, anyway i already explained her that i got a negative feedback from the Fraud department about your history and we will not be able to move forward with your withdrawal, it's again our term and condition to play roulette system in order to break our tables games,

    I'm here to help you all but in that case i cannot do anything for you because it's coming from the Fraud department,

    King regards,

  • Hi, Eric,
    Thanks for the reply.

    Whoever it was they got something very wrong.
    I have not played roulette at Gorilla at all.

  • We are currently in talks with Casino Rep.

    In the light of the information provided to us by the Rep, we are fully supporting Eagle7's claims to get paid.

    We will keep everyone up to date.


  • Just to give you all an update:

    The casino Rep is claiming that the Martingale betting system was used by Eagle7 , and this is why the fraud department has decided to not pay the player. At the same time accusing the player of fraud , for using this system? ?

    So for the sake of transparency we need to clear few things up here.


    1. Martingale System is NOT illegal
    2. Martingale System does NOT give player an edge over casino
    3. Martingale system is NOT fraudulent behaviour
    4. Martingale System actually gives casino an edge long term.
    5. There is NO betting systems that give players an edge over casino

    More info on betting systems, including martingale : http://wizardofodds.com/gambling/betting-systems/

    When we confronted the Rep with this, all they had to say was well I tried and finance dept. has the final word and I can't do anything.

    Well that just doesnt cut it, now does it?  We have also asked the Rep to provide us with the exact rule from their T&Cs which gave them the "right" to refuse to pay the player.

    According to their own T&Cs, in reference to the fraud , there is nothing about the betting systems that even them consider as fraudulent, yet alone about the martingale. So what they now claim as fraud ( no matter how ludicrous that is ) is in direct collision to their own terms : http://www.gorillacasino.com/support/terms#section16

    We are still waiting on their reply as well as for the hand play history of the player. Player is claiming they did not play roulette ( as the Rep referred to roulette system being used ), and they claim they played slots and blackajck. Also they claim they did not use martingale system ( not that if they did would make them in wrong ).

    I would also like to see how exactly they played , and to inspect their betting patterns. But again I have to stress out no betting systems can break the house. Period.

    From what we have seen so far, we strongly believe the casino should do the only right thing here, and pay the player.

    I will keep you updated.


  • unreal, this casino has some serious issues . and someone from that fraud department needs a carrier change as they sure suck at this.

  • This is definitely rogue behavior and if the casino remains at their position then the only fraud committed would be their refusal to pay the player.

  • Hi LCB'ers

    We have placed Gorilla Casino and their sister site 770Red on our warning list.

    Unfortunately  this casino has proven to be difficult and not willing to co-operate and do the right thing.

    Almost a week ago we asked to provide us with the complainant's hand history, which we did not get.

    We also asked them to provide us with an exact rule from their own T&C's where it is explicitly stated that the use of Martingale betting system, or any other system, is prohibited.

    Given that they denied the complainant's winnings on the grounds of this system, one would think they would have such rule listed as non allowed under their T&Cs.

    There is no such rule, which means they broke their own T&Cs. However I must stress out that even having such rule would not make it right nor would make any difference, as the use of Martingale system is NOT fraudulent by any gambling standards.

    All players are strongly advised to avoid this casino as it is obvious they do not abide by any rules, not even their own.



    0.5/ 5

    0.5/ 5

  • These guys definitely can't be trusted

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