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  • Hello Jesschag,

    Could you please private message me your casino username and we're going to notify the Casino Representative.

  • Hello Jesschag,

    Thank you for providing us with your casino username. The Casino Representative has been notified. 

    We'll keep you updated.

  • Thank you for introducing yourself.  I recently had an issue with super slots and trying to talk to their chat support about it has gotten me no where.  How can I discuss it with you?  I have chat logs and screenshots.


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  • Thank you so much. This was my favorite casino to play at until all this happened

  • Hi.  I asked to speak with the super slots rep and haven't heard anything.  Do I just post my concern here?


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  • Ra2377ven wrote

    Hi.  I asked to speak with the super slots rep and haven't heard anything.  Do I just post my concern here?

    Hello Ra2377ven,

    Could you please private message me your casino username and we'll get in touch with the Casino Representative?


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  • Good afternoon Jesschag, I have read your complaint and Im going to pass it to the Casino Department so they can review it. We apologize sincerely , for all that you have been through lately. I will come back with the response on next steps.

    Betonline Representative.

  • Good afternoon Jesschag, as mentioned yesterday on my post, I got news from Casino Department  and I have been informed that they honored $234.56,  that you were informed about it.

    Thank you for the patience, and have a wonderful day.


    Betonline Rep

  • Has anyone won free bonus play at Wild Casino from one their free daily tourneys? If so, have you noticed that almost all of the games they provide for you to play with your bonus money are very loose until you get within $2000 of achieving the rollover requirement? Its all bad from there on out. I was up $2800 with $3000 to go on a $15000 rollover (ridiculous) and wouldnt ya know it, Everything I played after that took me to the cleaners. I mean I didnt hit anything except for some change that paid me less than I was wagering, but it cleaned me out with $1500 to go. This was the 5th straight time this has happened to me. I write code for Sony and I can tell you that this is the settings of their algorithmn. No way you go from being that hot to ice cold EVERY SINGLE TIME. Ive never seen anything like it. Has anyone else experienced this? They used to supply you with several jackpot slots because those dont count towards your rollover, but it doesnt matter if youre already a loser before you begin. Seeing this happen has made me decide to stop playing online casinos for good. THEY'RE ALL RIGGED whether you want to believe me or not. They contact the software companies that make the games and can have the games do pretty much whatever they want to. is really the only online casino that I trust, and thats because if it were rigged, they wouldnt have let me hit for $9500 on a deposit bonus lol. I think i may be the reason they removed the "buy bonus" feature from their bonus play lol. But as a software engineer, I just wanted to warn everybody so you dont waste 6-10 hours of your life trying to achieve the ridiculouys rollovers, just to loose anyway, because you will lose.  


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  • Hello Greg Poulin

    Could you please PM me your casino username and we will contact the Casino Representative to check your case.

    Thank you.

  • Good afternoon, on behalf of Wild Casino, could you please Greg Poulin, provide your player number and email please? Thank you very much! Wild Casino Representative.

  • This message was sent on the 17th of this month it contains my account number <email removed due to privacy reasons by Tough_nut>. The amount they owe me is $2,500. I'm sending you this to increase the odds that I get my money. "My account number is w744733. I requested a withdrawal from my account via bank transfer and it was confirmed to have been sent May 16th. I still don't have it. I've asked about it in previous emails and was told that it was on the way and I'll receive it by the 10th of June. I'd appreciate it if you didn't handle this email like a quick number to get through and actually look into what's going on. I'm also expecting a check withdrawal supposedly coming either today or tomorrow and would like to know if that's actually coming either. If there is still no action, I'll pursue legal options."

  • Hello Vohensor,

    Thank you for providing us with your casino account number. Could you please advise which Casino are you referring to? 

  • Wild Casino

  • Update: I received the check, now I'm only looking for the $1,300 wire transfer.

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