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  • Hello everyone!

    I am Gerard, your friendly galactic assistant and would like to say that we at Casoo are very excited about joining the LCB community! To ease your space-faring journey on Casoo, I will assist you with any questions or troubles you may have during your adventures on our casino.

    Shortly about our casino - Casoo is a recently established online casino, delivering a refreshing and cosmic gaming experience. With over 3000 games and more than 30 game providers, the stars are at arms reach for all daring intergalactic adventurers. So, ready your engines, hop on board, and get ready for lift-off - it is time to explore new corners of the universe at Casoo!

    Updated 22nd June 2020 - Tsars Casino added to LCB list

    Updated 8th March 2021 - Wisho added to LCB list

    Updated 22nd March 2022 - Winnerz Casino added to LCB list

    Updated 2nd November 2022 - Trickz Casino added to LCB list

  • Welcome to LCB Gerard! Thank you for being available to assist our members! smiley

  • Hello Gerard,

    Welcome to LCB forum! Glad to have you here to assist our members! thumbs_up 

  • A warm welcome indeed, hope you will enjoy your time here at LCB thumbs_up

  • Welcome Gerard smiley

  • Welcome to LCB forum Gerard! smiley

  • Hello Gerard! Welcome to LCB! smiley

  • On 10.07.19 i made my first deposit at Casoo, i deposited 25 euros and got 50 euros in bonus.
    i managed to play through the bonus and made a withdrawal of 1000 euros and left 40 euros that i wanted to play with, after 5 days they finally managed to process my first withdrawal.

    played with the 40 euros I left and won again, this time I asked for withdrawals of 1100 euros, that's when the problems start. I made this second withdrawal on 17.07.19 which I have not received

    after receiving no response from them, I suddenly get this answer;
    The main reason is that your account have two duplicate levels with other accounts.

    And now your account is on investigation. During this investigation you can't make new deposits or play the games

    I am not good in English but this sentence makes no sense
    I don't understand what they mean by this, what I'm sure is that I don't have multiple accounts if that's what they mean so this is just a lie!

  • Hi Slotmeister,

    Thank you for sending your account info in a private message. We have emailed The Casino Representative regarding your case. Keep an eye on this thread for the updates. 

  • Hi Slotmeister!

    I have just sent you a private message regarding your issue. Please check your inbox! :)

  • Thanks for reply

    i post your answer here;

    Hi Slotmeister!

    Thanks for reaching out to me.

    I have talked to the our support team and they described me the case.

    They forwarded your case to the security team. What they found is that the same bonus has been used from different accounts on the same IP address.

    At the moment, your case is still under investigation, so we cannot provide you a conclusive response. We will get in touch with you as soon as we have resolved your case, however.

    If you happen to have any further questions, feel free to let me know.



    Does anyone know how this can be possible when I only have one account and I am the only one playing in my house?

  • Got this answer from someone who knows more than me about this;

    "IP addresses are not unique; in almost all cases, your IP address is allocated to you from a pool owned by your ISP, and from time to time, this will change.

    It’s therefore entirely possible for your current IP to have been used there before, whether or not you or anyone in your house has been there".

    You should know this too, Casoo? so i don't see why you spent two weeks on this when i sent all of the documents etc

  • Hi, if you think of your home network. Your laptop, computer, phone, tablet, game console Tv's now all connect to your home network and get addresses like And millions of other devices have that IP address but they aren't on the same network. Your wifi router, or switch has a publicly facing IP address assigned to it by your ISP whenever it's turned on. That's the only "internet ip" you have - all of your devices are behind that IP, so it appear online to have the same IP, but all having different IP's on your home network. It's your router/switch/acesspoint that's making that possible via NAT and controlling which data heading to your public IP from the internet goes to which private IP on your home network, public wifi, etc. So if you were maybe using a computer at home but then maybe signed out and loged back in on a mobile device or tablet it could of then made it seem you had to different IPs? 

  • Hi thanks for your reply. yes it is true that i used mac logged out and logged in with iphone instead, so could that be why? 

  • Hi Slotmeister!

    I understand your concerns and I'm with you here. But since the case is still under investigation, there's not much else I can say at the moment. However, once we have more information on our side, we will get back to you as soon as possible! :)

  • The problem is that I have heard "the case is still under investigation "for too long now without anything happening, will you ever solve this? I know it is not your fault and you cannot provide more information when you have nothing, but my patience is over soon. And I think I know why things take time, you have no proof and that's because I didn't do anything wrong

  • Finally, they have solved this strange case and I have received my withdrawal

    Thank you!

  • Hi Slotmeister, 

    Thank you for letting us know, glad to hear that the issue has been resolved! thumbs_up

  • Glad to be of assistance to you, Slotmeister! Hope to see you back in Casoo soon! :)

  • Casoo wrote:

    Glad to be of assistance to you, Slotmeister! Hope to see you back in Casoo soon! :)

    Unfortunately, I don't think you'll see me at Casoo anymore, just received this email;

    «We have decided to permanently close your account for reasons that will not be disclosed with you. 

    The remainder of your balance will be withdrawn via Ecopayz. 

    Thank you for choosing Casoo to play at and good luck in your future endeavours. 

    Kind regards,


    Casoo - Your Intergalactic Casino»

    Winners are not welcome I guess

  • Welcome to LCB forum Gerard, I'm sure you'll like this forum and help members who play at your casino.

  • Hey everybody

    I have been playing in many years at difrent casino but there is only one casino that had steel my money and closed my account and this casino is CASOO. stay away from this casino

  • Hello,

    I would strongly recommend all new players who got baited for the great welcome bonus to stay away from this casino as far as possible.

    I claimed the welcome bonus, played my wager and ended up hitting my biggest win yet (Around 1500x with 0.20 bet)

    I've completed the wager and tried to withdraw my 270 euros.

    First of all - Once you made a deposit with PSC, you are unable to make a withdrawal without depositing again. This was the first red flag to me, but I decided to make another deposit. I contacted support beforehand, they checked my winnings, and decided to froze my account for reason yet unknown.

    The same day, they said that my phone number was matching with other account, and to provide a passport with selfie to security department.

    I did that almost immidietally, and I never heard from them since. I did contact them every week how the progress is going, but they never responded back.

    After a month, I finally managed to get in touch with them on Live chat. They told me that my account was disabled becouse I broke the ToS for creating another account. At that point, I knew that something shady is going on, since I never heard of the casino before, and my browsing history did not show any access to the site before. (And I do obviously remember which casino I am visiting, unless its compelely redesigned)

    I requested reasons why my account is blocked, and they provided me with the screenshot of another account, that shares the same email adress. 

    Now comes the fun part - I did investigate this screenshot, and found out how the intentionally fucked me over.

    1. - The account with the matching phone number was created BEFORE my phone number was even created (I checked with T-Mobile, nobody did use that phone nubmer before)

    2. - Name of the acount was supposedly ,,Michlaa". That name DOES NOT EXIST in any country. They faked it so badly that they put there name that does not exist? That's insane.

    3. - (This is the best one so far) The email adress that was associated with that account DID NOT EXIST. Yes that is correct. They faked that I have multiple accounts, and the did not even created email that was associated with it :DDD

    I have found another 7 things that does not add up at all. I wont share it with you since there are some personal things as IP adresses.

    I have sent all the proofs to their security demartment with screenshots attached and guess what? They did not respond.

    It was 2 months now, and I sent them 3 reminders, so now I am 100% sure that they did see it and indeed intentionally f*cked me over.

    Please go play on some AG vertifed casinos, do not hop on every new casino that comes out like I did.

  • Its a criminal casino. they steel 1531 euro from me.

  • *That shares the same phone number, sorry for misinformation

  • @ Øyvind Haugland

    @ bluryblury

    Please private message me your casino usernames so that we can email the casino rep and ask for assistance. 

  • @ Øyvind Haugland

    @ bluryblury

    Thank you for providing your account information. We've emailed the Casino Rep and asked him to reply here in the thread. 

    Keep you posted. 

  • Thank you really much for looking into this. I will keep an eye on this thread.

  • Hi bluryblury, 

    This is the response we got from the casino rep regarding your case: "The user has created a duplicate account at Casoo in order to take advantage of our generous 200% welcome bonus, therefore the account is closed, winnings voided and a refund will be dispatched upon receipt of the withdrawal details of the user."

    We've been also provided with the evidence showing the above mentioned claims. 

    As you breached casino's Terms and Conditions, there is nothing more that we can do to assist you.

    We consider this case Closed. 

  • Hi Øyvind,

    I had a chance to take a look at your case and here is the situation.

    You used the opportunity to use the third deposit bonus from our welcome package, after which you proceeded to make another deposit on top of the bonus, which supposedly you should have cancelled. On top of that, you then went on to play a game that had a no contribution to the wagering requirements, using the bonus funds from the initial bonus. Therefore, the wins you accumulated by playing that game were tied to the bonus you used. After you requested a withdrawal, our support team requested you to cancel a withstanding bonus to which the winnings received were tied to. You proceeded to cancel the bonus, thus burning the full sum of the winnings - €1531. The refund you requested was simply not possible as the funds that you requested to withdraw were from an unwagered bonus, which were burned upon cancellation.

    What happened in your case was all in accordance to terms & conditions, which we highly advise for our players to read before redeeming bonuses.



  • hopless rules. When a bonusgame is fimish it must been removed automatic.if not i will been playing with wagring for ever at this casino even i not get bonus with a new deposit.I have never seen that at any casino before.


  • Just a quick reminder that even after half a year, Casoo Casino did not refund me even my deposit after saying multiple times on multiple forums that they will do so.

    they stole 270 Euros from me, 20 Eur refund should not be a problem. 

  • bluryblury wrote:

    Just a quick reminder that even after half a year, Casoo Casino did not refund me even my deposit after saying multiple times on multiple forums that they will do so.

    they stole 270 Euros from me, 20 Eur refund should not be a problem.

    As far as I can see from previous posts your account was closed because of multiple accounts you had created. Your case was resolved. 

  • Hi. Today after win and wont payout my money - my account blocked and withdraw 290e cancel. Im have only this info from chat support:

    Hi Lukasz Fankulewski,

    We are sending you the chat transcript you requested.


    Lukasz Fankulewski (11:29:51): Haloo
    Isabella (11:29:51): Hello! Thank you for messaging us, how can I help you?
    Lukasz Fankulewski (11:30:11): What ist my acc
    Lukasz Fankulewski (11:30:16): Account off
    Lukasz Fankulewski (11:30:25): And withdrawal rejected
    Lukasz Fankulewski (11:32:03): Why
    Isabella (11:32:12): Could you give me your contact email address please?
    Lukasz Fankulewski (11:32:19): Ca********
    Isabella (11:33:09): Please check your email, my colleagues have already informed you
    Lukasz Fankulewski (11:33:33): Im not have
    Isabella (11:33:55): Check the Spam folder.
    Lukasz Fankulewski (11:35:03): Not have
    Lukasz Fankulewski (11:35:36): You can tell me?
    Lukasz Fankulewski (11:35:41): Whats wrong
    Isabella (11:35:42): I will forward the letter:

    I have not the best news, but we have to apply our rules fairly to every player.

    Unfortunately, due to security reasons, we are forced to close your account.

    8.12 You agree that the Casino reserves the right to cancel any payments in the event of you being suspected of fraud, collusion or illegal activity or if the Casino is monitoring the account balance or the received withdrawal request. In these cases, the Casino may start and/or take part in and/or help in the investigation of the circumstances and you agree to support and aid any such investigation.

    9.8. Casoo has the right to confiscate winnings and close the account in case the player or group of players abused the bonus/bonuses.
    Bonus abuse is considered as a fraudulent action. Bonus abuse includes, but is not limited to, opening multiple accounts to take advantage of extra bonuses or benefits at Casoo, wagering bonus games in slots outside the bonus, betting simultaneously on black and red on roulette to increase loyalty points and/or improve your tournament rating. Such behavior is not allowed at Casoo and will result in appropriate action.

    11.7 We may cancel or amend a Transaction due to Collusion, Cheating, Fraud and Criminal Activity, Errors or Omissions, as well because terms set out for Verification of Your Identity.

    Your account has been tagged as high risk and therefore we are forced to cut your winnings and block your account.

    The decision of management is final.

    If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us.
    Lukasz Fankulewski (11:37:14): Im dont anderstand
    Isabella (11:51:37): Please contact our Security department.

    How i know your account was considered as a high-risk account.
    Lukasz Fankulewski (11:51:44): And im w8 for my money!!!!
    Lukasz Fankulewski (11:52:03): High risk? Reason?!

    Halooo??? WHATS WRONG @Casoo?!!!

  • Hi Lfanek,

    The casino rep will be notified. We'll try to get more info about your case. 

  • they lie and cheat all the time. no specific reason. I do not know anything

  • Lfanek wrote:

    they lie and cheat all the time. no specific reason. I do not know anything

    The casino rep has just informed us that your complaint has been forwarded to their support team and they will get back to you on the forum as soon as they look into your case and gather all relevant info. Please be patient and do not use offensive language here on the forum. We are all trying to help you. 

  • Again only this from chat:

    Your account has been tagged as high risk and therefore we are forced to cut your winnings and block your account.
    The final decision will be made within 48 h, please wait until Security Department contacts you.
    I am going to close the chat for now! Take care.

  • Hello, everyone.

    On 11.11.2020 customer in question requested account currency change (From RUB to EUR)
    This procedure in our casino can be done only by creating a new account.
    With his original RUB account customer already used our Welcome bonuses (100% deposit match and 50% deposit match)

    Then with new EUR account he also used Welcome bonuses. This type of behavour and strategy is interpreted as an attempt to cheat casino.

    Mainly our decision was based on the fact that customer has duplicate match by password and login IP with other customer in our casino, who has also used the same strategy: requesting account currency change to use bonuses multiple times.

    Unfortunatley, upon first investigation our security department considered this situation as potentially fradulent. But upon reexaming the case we have reconsidered and defined this case as a coincende.

    Customers account will be re-opened and money given back to the balance.

    Thank you LCB for quick handling of the situation.

  • after changing the currency, I did not use the welcome bonuses. the last bonus was the third deposit bonus which I didn't use because it was lost on my account with a different currency. i only have one account with this casino. please prove. I won the money and I am waiting for payment

  • since you agreed to change the currency so what is this complaint? as i deposited and won nothing that was fine. the account was blocked at the time of winning! 


    And again:


  • Im w8 for my winning money or im make complain here

    I warn you that this is not the first casino I have had a problem with. I live in Dortmund. I have a lawyer who only deals with such cases.

    the documents are already on the desk.


    after changing the currency, I have 4 deposits made! including one by trustly! and you write me something about ip ?!

  • Hi Lfanek,

    The casino rep explained that they reviewed your case again and returned the balance to your account. I don't see any problem there. Most of the casinos do investigations if they suspect fraudulent activities. They re-examined your case and everything is sorted now. 

  • hello, anyone who can clarify to me if regarding the Casoo registration bonus online it remains without bonus without deposit to Portugal?

  • CrisScp1989 wrote:

    hello, anyone who can clarify to me if regarding the Casoo registration bonus online it remains without bonus without deposit to Portugal?

    As far as I can see there are no deposit bonuses at Casoo casino. 

  • Hello I am from Maharashtra, India.
    I have an account at with username
    Last October 4, 2021 I deposited 15 EUR and played without a bonus and won a total amount of 22.50 EUR. As for the withdrawal policy I uploaded all the documents they requested. They approved most of it but not my proof of Identity document as they said "This document cannot be accepted as it is going to expire in less than six months.". That is so ridiculous! My ID expires in 14-08-2025.
    But they refuse to approve it because they said so? I have never experience this kind of thing until them! They sent me this bit from their terms :

    As per the requirements, we accept Identity documents that are valid for at least 6 additional months. Our Security department has rejected it as it expires on 11.04.2022 thus it's not valid.

    But I still think that this is very ridiculous.
    Please help me :)

  • Hi jivahis,

    We're going to notify the casino rep and ask for an explanation. Keep you posted. 

  • Dear Jivahis,

    My name is Lara and I am the representative of Casoo Security Department.

    Since your provided document has 3 different expiration dates, our security system that automatically checks documents and their data, recognized one of these dates as invalid (meaning, it was less than 6 months).

    You have clarified the situation and we have already sent you an email with our request for a photo of yourself, holding your document. With this provided by you, we can verify your account. This is a very rare and individual situation, therefore, we have to be sure we follow all casino's Terms&Conditions:

    5.4 In certain circumstances we may have to contact You and ask You to provide further information to us directly in order to complete the Checks.

    Thank you for understanding and we hope that this will not stop you from having an amazing adventure at Casoo!

    Best regards,

    Your Casoo Security Department

  • There is nothing special about it. That is how the driving license is in India. The one expiration is for professional and the other is regular. I only use the regular. The license is valid. But ok, I emailed you my picture holding ID.

  • Hi jivahis,

    Please send what the casino needs and let us know if you managed to verify your account. 

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