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  • Hello everyone!

    I am Gerard, your friendly galactic assistant and would like to say that we at Casoo are very excited about joining the LCB community! To ease your space-faring journey on Casoo, I will assist you with any questions or troubles you may have during your adventures on our casino.

    Shortly about our casino - Casoo is a recently established online casino, delivering a refreshing and cosmic gaming experience. With over 3000 games and more than 30 game providers, the stars are at arms reach for all daring intergalactic adventurers. So, ready your engines, hop on board, and get ready for lift-off - it is time to explore new corners of the universe at Casoo!

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  • Welcome to LCB Gerard! Thank you for being available to assist our members! smiley

  • Hello Gerard,

    Welcome to LCB forum! Glad to have you here to assist our members! thumbs_up 

  • A warm welcome indeed, hope you will enjoy your time here at LCB thumbs_up

  • Welcome Gerard smiley

  • Welcome to LCB forum Gerard! smiley

  • Hello Gerard! Welcome to LCB! smiley

  • On 10.07.19 i made my first deposit at Casoo, i deposited 25 euros and got 50 euros in bonus.
    i managed to play through the bonus and made a withdrawal of 1000 euros and left 40 euros that i wanted to play with, after 5 days they finally managed to process my first withdrawal.

    played with the 40 euros I left and won again, this time I asked for withdrawals of 1100 euros, that's when the problems start. I made this second withdrawal on 17.07.19 which I have not received

    after receiving no response from them, I suddenly get this answer;
    The main reason is that your account have two duplicate levels with other accounts.

    And now your account is on investigation. During this investigation you can't make new deposits or play the games

    I am not good in English but this sentence makes no sense
    I don't understand what they mean by this, what I'm sure is that I don't have multiple accounts if that's what they mean so this is just a lie!

  • Hi Slotmeister,

    Thank you for sending your account info in a private message. We have emailed The Casino Representative regarding your case. Keep an eye on this thread for the updates. 

  • Hi Slotmeister!

    I have just sent you a private message regarding your issue. Please check your inbox! :)

  • Thanks for reply

    i post your answer here;

    Hi Slotmeister!

    Thanks for reaching out to me.

    I have talked to the our support team and they described me the case.

    They forwarded your case to the security team. What they found is that the same bonus has been used from different accounts on the same IP address.

    At the moment, your case is still under investigation, so we cannot provide you a conclusive response. We will get in touch with you as soon as we have resolved your case, however.

    If you happen to have any further questions, feel free to let me know.



    Does anyone know how this can be possible when I only have one account and I am the only one playing in my house?

  • Got this answer from someone who knows more than me about this;

    "IP addresses are not unique; in almost all cases, your IP address is allocated to you from a pool owned by your ISP, and from time to time, this will change.

    It’s therefore entirely possible for your current IP to have been used there before, whether or not you or anyone in your house has been there".

    You should know this too, Casoo? so i don't see why you spent two weeks on this when i sent all of the documents etc

  • Hi, if you think of your home network. Your laptop, computer, phone, tablet, game console Tv's now all connect to your home network and get addresses like And millions of other devices have that IP address but they aren't on the same network. Your wifi router, or switch has a publicly facing IP address assigned to it by your ISP whenever it's turned on. That's the only "internet ip" you have - all of your devices are behind that IP, so it appear online to have the same IP, but all having different IP's on your home network. It's your router/switch/acesspoint that's making that possible via NAT and controlling which data heading to your public IP from the internet goes to which private IP on your home network, public wifi, etc. So if you were maybe using a computer at home but then maybe signed out and loged back in on a mobile device or tablet it could of then made it seem you had to different IPs? 

  • Hi thanks for your reply. yes it is true that i used mac logged out and logged in with iphone instead, so could that be why? 

  • Hi Slotmeister!

    I understand your concerns and I'm with you here. But since the case is still under investigation, there's not much else I can say at the moment. However, once we have more information on our side, we will get back to you as soon as possible! :)

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