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  • Hi Everyone!

    My name is Niti and I am an affiliate manager for Silver Oak, Royal Ace and Planet 7 Casinos here on LCB.

    if you have any questions or issues concerning these casinos, please feel free to mail me

    Your feedback and opinions will always be valued and appreciated!

    Many thanks



    Niti is no longer the rep, reps username is Acerevenue

    18 Jan 2016 - new brand added called Le Bon casino - geared towards French players.

  • Good to see you here!  I'm sure we will keep you busy!

  • Hi Niti,

    Welcome to LCB - glad you are here for us all.


  • Nice to meet you i enjoy your casinos , Planet 7 is becoming a favorite of mine.

  • Welcome Niti,glad to have a rep from Planet 7,Silver Oak and Royal Ace here on LCB!!!

  • Thanks Everyone!

  • I have been waiting since July, 8th, 2001 for my payout from Silveroak Casino.My payout was approved and the wait begins. Just the whole run around about business days, third party payout takes longer, blah, blah, blah. I am supposed to receive a Fed-Ex delivery this week. I will believe it when I see it.

    PS Club World/USA ripped me off for over $30,000 a few years ago stating that I had 2 accounts, due to the fact I was unaware of a sister casino they owned and did not know you have to use the same email address or you are considered a crook of sorts. CDS investigated and ruled in their favor because I did not keep a copy of the chat stating that I only had one account with Club World/USA. You see, I checked to be sure, PRIOR to deposit about only having one account with chat. Very hard lesson learned about RTG's.The worst part was, I did not even use a coupon, it was a straight $50.00 deposit.  I am VERY careful now.  By the way, I have been a silent member here for years, this is my first post.  Isabelle in the VIP department has been very nice to me, honestly.  It is just taking for-friken ever to get paid. Sincerely, MissKaron aka at Silveroak with different username.

  • 10 years is quite a long time. 

  • lol, I'd have given up and moved on 9 years ago

  • Okay. I am a dork. I meant 2011. Thanks for the corrections smiley)

  • Silver Oak
    I recently had some mis-understanding regarding a withdrawal which I hope you can resolve, I have sent you an email to the address above explaining. Thanks for being here. I hope to hear from you soon
    I'll post positive outcome here

    mark, (luckee7)

  • [quote author=luckee7 link=topic=15975.msg195690#msg195690 date=1321118869]
    Silver Oak
    I recently had some mis-understanding regarding a withdrawal which I hope you can resolve, I have sent you an email to the address above explaining. Thanks for being here. I hope to hear from you soon
    I'll post positive outcome here

    mark, (luckee7)
    I just wanted to thank you for you help in communicating this mis-understanding to your associates there at Silver Oak. It appears the error has been corrected. Thank you very much

  • Regarding Silver Oak;
    During my recent mis-understanding with Silver Oak I got the feeling the chat support person was a company man, maybe even the owner. Vincent was who I was trying to resolve the mis-understanding of my latest withdrawal with was insistent I was wrong, even after detailed explanation.
    Most people would have been cussing given the times I had to explain myself. The rep here at LCB along with multiple emails and chats to them finally did resolve the issue but whew!  Vincent did apologize deeply for his error, but I can't help but wonder what would have happened if I hadn't remained patient and polite?
    Anyway since my last transaction was a deposit, I thought I'd take advantage of the "BACKNOV" free chip. As always I ask for details prior and low and behold I got Vincent on the chat. He said please NO because I had just won........????? I knew I was entitled to it so I went back later and took it expecting to play it out until gone, because of the chat previously.
    I'm having mixed feelings about going  back there now, I did win and they have (twice) and are paying me (two more) wins. but just have this feeling that I'm going to get screwed. Anyway for what it's worth, something to learn from. huh

  • I know most of you already know this but I used the new no deposit code today and ran it up from $50 to $800+ -after several hours of play they removed almost all of the money in my account -when I asked why I was told I "abused" the no deposit coupons as I had already used one previously (which was true)..I have used coupons before on other sites and have never had this happen (when I have used 2 on the same casino)..I wasn't even trying to withdraw..anyway just an FYI for those of you who use ND codes more than 1 x in any one casino -this can happen so don't get too excited about your wins

  • and as an added note -they removed all the money from my account (initially left me with $100 of the $800) then they took it all.

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